How Many Will Be in Heaven? How Many are Finding the WAY? Only 1 in 40 — 2.5%?!!

Howard Pittman was told this 2.5% figure at the gate of heaven 30 years ago (having died on the way to the hospital) — before once-saved-always-saved was mainstream, before internet porn even existed, before the low-cut-top epidemic hit America, when more people were honest, and hate and anger wasn’t off the charts.
The figure may be less than 2.5% now.



How many will be in Heaven ?

The Bible gives us a clue below when it says that: “few there be that find it.”  We might ask, how few ?

Mat 7:13 Enter ye in at [through] the strait [the narrow] gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way [road], that leadeth to destruction [leads to eternity in Hell], and many there be which go in [enter] thereat [through it]:

Mat 7:14 Because strait [small] is the gate, and narrow is the way [road], which leadeth unto life [leads to eternity in Heaven], and few there be [only a few] that find it.

Since the Bible suggests comparing a narrow way (road) with a broad way (road) to get the answer, let’s quantify this example.

A narrow way or road such as a single lane country road may be only about 10 feet wide.

A broad way or road such as an urban expressway with numerous lanes going both ways can easily be about 400 feet wide.

The ratio in this example is on the order of 1 in 40 (400 divided by 10).  How many will be in Heaven?  This example would conclude that only about 1 in 40 goes to Heaven.

Few (1 in 40) there be that find it (eternity in Heaven).

This is only about 2.5% of the world’s population making it to heaven.

Many (the other 39, or 97.5%) go to destruction (eternity in Hell).

Let’s examine another example.  On August 3, 1979, Howard Pittman describes (in his booklet “Placebo”) his near-death experience.  While the physicians were working on him, he suffered physical death.

During this death interval, he was permitted to watch 50 saints (true Christians) enter Heaven.  It was explained to him that “at the same time those 50 saints died on Earth, 1950 other humans also died; or only 50 out of 2000 made it into Heaven.  The other 1950 were not there.”

The ratio in this example is also 1 in 40 (2000 divided by 50).

Based on this example, only about 1 in 40 is going to Heaven.  (50 in 2000)

That’s about 2.5% (saints, true Christians) going to heaven, and 97.5% going somewhere else.

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[Reverse-Christianity] Torture and the American Conscience: Most white 'Christian' evangelicals and white Catholics condone torture – Pew Forum Poll

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions. He can be reached at:
From: Lew Rockwell

Torture is a violation of US and international law. Yet, president George W. Bush and vice president Dick Cheney, on the basis of legally incompetent memos prepared by Justice Department officials, gave the OK to interrogators to violate US and international law.

The new Obama administration shows no inclination to uphold the rule of law by prosecuting those who abused their offices and broke the law.

Cheney claims, absurdly, that torture was necessary in order to save American cities from nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists. Many Americans have bought the argument that torture is morally justified in order to make terrorists reveal where ticking nuclear bombs are before they explode.

However, there were no hidden ticking nuclear bombs. Hypothetical scenarios were used to justify torture for other purposes.

We now know that the reason the Bush regime tortured its captives was to coerce false testimony that linked Iraq and Saddam Hussein to al Qaeda and September 11. Without this “evidence,” the US invasion of Iraq remains a war crime under the Nuremberg standard.

Torture, then, was a second Bush regime crime used to produce an alibi for the illegal and unprovoked US invasion of Iraq.

U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R, Tx) understands the danger to Americans of permitting government to violate the law. In “Torturing the Rule of Law,” he said that the US government’s use of torture to produce excuses for illegal actions is the most radicalizing force at work today. “The fact that our government engages in evil behavior under the auspices of the American people is what poses the greatest threat to the American people, and it must not be allowed to stand.”

One might think that the American public’s toleration of torture reflects the breakdown of the country’s Christian faith. Alas, a recent poll released by the Pew Forum reveals that most white Christian evangelicals and white Catholics condone torture. In contrast, only a minority of those who seldom or never attend church services condone torture.

It is a known fact that torture produces unreliable information. The only purpose of torture is to produce false confessions. The fact that a majority of American Christians condone torture enabled the Bush regime’s efforts to legalize torture.

George Hunsinger, professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, has stepped into the Christian void with a powerful book, Torture is a Moral Issue.

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I just heard these words while sleeping: “Why torture me? Why does the criminal government of America torture me?”

Bill Wiese talks about Hell on CBN: "He [Jesus] wept because He doesn't want to see one person go to Hell. He didn't make it for man…" "He mentioned that He was coming very, very soon"


Bill Wiese’s 23 Minutes in Hell — What is it like in Hell? — “How bad could it be? You can’t breath; you can’t eat; you can’t sleep… you’re tormented. And all this you have to endure for eternity.”
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[youtube=]WHAT COULD HELL BE LIKE? Bill Wiese talks to Pat Robertson



Whereas Howard Pittman was told by the angels in heaven that only 2.5% of people would have gone to heaven, had everyone died at that time.

And that was 30 years ago, before internet porn even existed, before the low-cut-top epidemic hit America, when more people were honest, and hate and anger wasn’t off the charts (including among pastors).

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Prophecies for Abbott Loop CC

From: Abbott Loop Community Church

ALCC Prophecy

By ALCC – Posted on 07 June 2009
If you feel that the Lord has placed a message on your heart for ALCC, there are several ways to communicate that to the leadership.
You can e-mail it to or you can come to pre-service prayer at 9:15 a.m. on Sunday mornings and share it with one of the leaders there.