Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

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Why Many Can’t Hear the Voice of God

My take:

The majority of people, including truly born-again Christians probably have evil spirits speaking to them, often in the first person, so people think it’s their own thoughts. But they’re not originating these thoughts.  They’re thoughts we hear. They’re demons speaking.

If we ask God a question and get more than one answer, only one voice can be the Holy Spirit. The demons need to be excised.

I discovered this in the early ’80s, having been being born-again in ’74, and haven’t had the problem since.

Not being truly born-again can also be a reason, but may not be the main reason. Many have been truly born-again and experience confusion when trying to hear God’s voice, like I did in the early ’80s, when God showed me what actually was going on.

(vid) Jesse Lee Peterson: Don't Give Up on Yourself — "You will have perfect peace, with no anger, and be free! You'll deal with the world and overcome issues. There is a spiritual battle for control of your life — one of good (God within), and one from evil, from your father the Devil. The voice of Satan in your head doesn't want you to be still and discover the true God within"

This previous video by Jesse is also amazing, where he goes into this more. I transcribed many of his excellent, words, summarized here:

(vid) Jesse Lee Peterson w/ Stefan Molyneux: FORGIVE & BE FREE!! – “God has it set up so when you forgive He will forgive you and make you free! He will take the *spirit of anger* away from you and give you perfect peace” — When you fall away from the light with anger you fall into the darkness. Satan starts to work. You hear voices – yourself talking to you, telling you to do things. He leads you down the wrong path • A spirit made a home within you • Once you see that and forgive, in that very moment that spirit is taken away from you, and it’s as though you have never gone through anything. It doesn’t play over and over in your mind. Your soul is NOT FEELING THE PAIN of it anymore because it has reconnected to the Tree of Life • Drop the anger so you can overcome the voices of the deceiver • Return to the quiet, still voice of God, and you’ll be guided in the right way all the time • Perfect love makes you free, gives you authority over the enemy • Once you realize ‘IF I’M THIS WAY,’ then the person you’re mad at must not have been able… • This will help you to forgive others • Perfect love is the way to go! • The only thing that will SOOTH the SOUL is forgiveness

– –
Jesse writes in his notes under this video (spell-checked by me):

You can change. There’s another reality within all of us: the kingdom of heaven within. The scripture says: Seek first the kingdom of God, and his right way, and all things will be added. You will have perfect peace, with no anger, and be free. You’ll deal with the world and overcome issues. There is a spiritual battle for control of your life — one of good (God within), and one from evil, from your father the Devil.

Most are in a fallen state, born into a messed up family, where fathers and mothers are not a living examples of what you need to watch and see —  how to deal with life.

The voice of Satan in your head doesn’t want you to be still and discover the true God within. He’s constantly trying to deceive you, feed you doubt. Instead, practice doubting every thought, and believe in the Voiceless Voice, the revelation of God — bring every thought into captivity, because every thought is a lie, and you’re overreacting in darkness. After a while, you become mentally ill, psychotic, thinking of suicide, sick, out of it, angry, frustrated, fearful.

Before you enter, you must forgive.

• • •

(1 min video) Don’t Fear What People Think – Speak the Truth No Matter What! — “Many Christians’ tongues are tied because they are concerned with what people think of them. They don’t want to be called heretics, they are concerned about losing their jobs. They are concerned about what their family members and their friends will think of them if they start testifying of the truth. The Holy Spirit is speaking but you will not be able to speak with the Holy Spirit is speaking to you unless you disconnect from what worldly people think of you. You have to stop caring what they think…”

The more disconnected you are from worldly people and their ideas, the more you will be able to be used by God and speak His truth. So many Christians are held down and their tongues are tied because they are concerned with what people think of them. They don’t want to be called heretics, they are concerned about losing their jobs. They are concerned about what their family members and their friends will think of them if they start testifying of the truth. The Holy Spirit is speaking but you will not be able to speak with the Holy Spirit is speaking to you unless you disconnect from what worldly people think of you. You have to stop caring what they think of you and be concerned about doing the work of the Spirit of God. What is your concern today? Is your concern what people think of you? Or is your concern truly the matters of the Holy Spirit and speaking in your new tongue?

• • •

More Disconnection = More Used to God

Most “Christians” Don’t Hear God’s Voice Because…



Most “Christians” (including pastors) have competing voices they’ve let in too:

Can a Christian Have a Demon? Absolutely! Most Have Many!

The Red Gate Prophecy — What If I Open It Just a Little Bit? The BELIEVERS, not the non-believers, have OPENED THE GATE TO SIN, which is why this country has deteriorated


Cartoon: Shepherd’s Voice: “I wonder why I don’t hear from the Shepherd anymore?”

With all of the voices there are in our lives, from the television, radio, internet, etc. we need to take time to listen to the voice of Jesus, our shepherd.

• • •


(video) Skousen: The Spiritual Evil Force Behind Globalism — “The acceleration really is because there is less resistance” • “We’re losing the battle because conservatives aren’t tapping into the spiritual Source Who can direct us more specifically. Things are so complex” • “FOX News has Hannity and O’Reilly who will literally excoriate a person who even hints he believes in conspiracy” • “The more you listen, and the more you use self-control to obey, the better things work out”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from this video:

“The acceleration really more is the fact that there is less resistance anymore, because of the dumbing down of the people.”

“We’re losing the battle in large part, because even our conservatives are trying to work by rules rather than tap into the spiritual Source that can direct us more specifically. … Things are so much more complex than just ‘restore the Constitution.'”

“These are glitzy, social networks with attractive, talking head women and presenters. But they’ll never talk about conspiracy — not one mention. In fact, FOX News has Hannity and O’Reilly who will literally excoriate a person who even hints that he believes in conspiracy.”

“I was a pretty good violator of conscience, relative to homework when I was growing up — always being prompted to do my homework before I went out and played. I was always violating it, got some bad grades because of it, until I learned: hey, this signal is here to help. And when I finally buckled down and started really listening, I realized: boy, this God is trying to really make you better, and He’s after you all the time.

But the more you listen, and the more you use self-control to obey, the greater the blessings come, the better things work out in life. I can hear to tell you, pushing almost 70 years, nobody is a success in life; nobody makes good decisions about children, about getting married, any of those things, unless they tie into the voice of the Lord, that still, small voice inside your mind.”

– Joel Skousen


“Undoubtedly, when we get in the quiet, still place of the Most High, which I can’t hardly stand to do….”

– Alex Jones

* * *

[youtube=]The Spiritual Evil Force Behind Violence


Part II of this interview:

(video) Skousen: Israeli Mossad Directs ISIS – with CIA to take down Assad, so Israel can bomb Iran

(audio) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’: Beyond Coincidence — “A voice said: ‘follow the compass headings that I give you’ … and he was able to fly out [of the socked in canyon] and make it home”

“A voice said: ‘follow the compass headings that I give you’ …
and he was able to fly out [of the socked in canyon] and make it home.”

– Clint Walker on the Holy Spirit saving his brother, Jerry, flying a bush plane in Alaska

* * *

Story at minute-9[youtube=]Clint Walker on the Mark Levin radio show 3-25-2011



(video) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’: Near-death experience & healing miracle! — Doctor: “Clint, you’re a medical mystery”

(video) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’: Knows ‘What’s Important’ after NDE — “When the Voice says something to me now, I listen”

(video) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’ Complete Interview 2012

Cheyenne: “I don’t hold grudges, Miss Kirby”

(video) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’: Knows ‘What’s Important’ after NDE — “When the Voice says something to me now, I listen”

Clint’s heart stopped after a skiing accident when his ski pole punctured his heart. The still, small Voice had warned him….

– –

“I should have paid attention to the warning. And I can tell you right now that when the Voice says something to me now, I listen. I pay attention.”

– Clint Walker

* * *

[youtube=]US actor Clint Walker Interview


Uploaded on Jul 11, 2009

Clint Walker is interviewed for the Extraordinary TV series, which includes an inspirational true life event. Clint has always been one of my favourite US actors. I particularly enjoyed his performance as Samson Posey in The Dirty Dozen, alongside Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson, and Sam Whiskey with Burt Reynolds. I am so pleased posting this interview with Clint has been enjoyed and been so inspirational for many of you.


(video) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’: Near-death experience & healing miracle! — Doctor: “Clint, you’re a medical mystery”

(video) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’ Complete Interview 2012

Cheyenne: “I don’t hold grudges, Miss Kirby”

(dream) Worship… Possibly Our Greatest Weapon — Excises Demons To Be Free!!!

When I first starting hearing God regularly (early ’80s) there would be other voices causing confusion. I found that if I brought my micro-cassette recorder to ‘Prayer and Praise’ in Bible School the other voices would flee during worship, so I could hear clearly, to then record the Holy Spirit’s still, small Voice’s words.

Worship excises demons!


– –

From: Prophetic Writer August 19

Worship…. Possibly our Greatest Weapon

When we worship the LORD, we place our eyes fully on Him and we see Him for who He is: All powerful. We know He can do anything and we need not be afraid of anyone. When we don’t see Him, we sink, like Peter did when he took his eyes off Jesus to look at the stormy waves.

In one particular dream, I wrestled with a demon in the spiritual realm. The demon was trying to plunge a sharp knife into my heart. I held onto his wrists as he pushed at me to kill me. In every occasion when I am in a confrontation with a demonic spirit, I rebuke it in the name of Jesus and it eventually flees. Not this time. I rebuked repeatedly, and although it wavered in strength and focus at the authority in His name, it still continued with great persistence in its efforts to plunge this knife into my heart to kill me.

As I watched the point of this razor sharp blade one inch from the skin of my chest, I thought this time it might actually kill me. I was losing strength and I knew I could no longer keep that blade from piercing into my heart.

Suddenly, the LORD took me over. He suddenly caused me to take my eyes off of this demon and his blade and to look upward toward Heaven. Then The LORD caused me to SING the NAME OF JESUS in WORSHIP!! The singing was beautiful. The more I sang the mighty name of JESUS, the more of His power and love and AWESOMENESS I felt. I began to be lifted up in flight and the demon lost all strength to hold onto me. He fell away from me and was gone. He wasn’t my problem anymore, but God’s. I just sang the name of JESUS and woke up. …


There Should Only Be One Voice (prophecy)

Can a Christian Have a Demon? Absolutely! Most Have Many!

(prophesy) A Gift that Will Set Many Free! (A Death Warrant is Out for Your Souls) — “I’ve given you the gift of tongues from My heart to you”

I’ve finally shared much of what I know about and what can be done through the TREMENDOUS and mostly misunderstood and underused gift of tongues.

Hearing God’s Voice: Brief Repeat Phrases

God’s 4-word perspective on Hollywood: “Garbage In, Garbage Out” — I was discussing Hollywood with some ‘Christians’ on Facebook who love watching movies… | Hearing God during the brief “in-between sleep and awake stage”

Are we supposed to be led by the Holy Spirit in our decisions?

The CHIEF PILLAR of Eternal Security (OSAS) Toppled – John 10:27-29! — “Only those who are hearing and following Christ right now are his sheep”

Forgiving-Others, Freedom Prayer!

God’s 4-word perspective on Hollywood: “Garbage In, Garbage Out” — I was discussing Hollywood with some ‘Christians’ on Facebook who love watching movies… | Hearing God during the brief “in-between sleep and awake stage”

I was discussing Hollywood with some ‘Christians’ on Facebook who spend a lot of their time watching movies, full nudity and all. And now they’ve adopted and teach the once-saved-always-saved mindset in which they emphasize that “fearing the Lord” and fearing eternal consequences for sin is bondage. Now they are free to do anything and still go to heaven.

And they literally laugh at me, and say I’m square when I stand up for truth.

They have become like Hollywood; though, once were on fire for God.

I’m hoping and praying, and trying to speak the truth in love no matter what.

I just now wrote to them on Facebook:

I just heard these four words as I woke up from a nap (the brief in-between sleep and awake stage):

“Garbage in; garbage out.”

So if we focus on Hollywood, a key source of The Matrix mindset programming, we’ll become Hollywood Babylon.

* * *

The brief “in-between sleep and awake stage” is a good time to hear God, by the way — especially for issues that may be close to our heart — that we may have a strong emotional bias towards — like who to marry, etc. Because our will can’t interfere while we’re still in this partial sleep state.

Hollywood is certainly not one of those emotional issues for me, but this really is a good time to focus on, trust in, and write down immediately (before we forget) what we just heard from the Holy Spirit’s still and small voice.

* * *


The Low-Cut Top Epidemic: May We Be Holy

Steve Hill: The 7 Great Lies in the Church Today — Overemphasis of Prosperity • Exaggerated View of Grace • Antinomianism = against rules, so “anything goes” (but “Jesus didn’t set us free to sin; He set us free from sin”) • Worshiping Man, not God • Challenging the Authority of the Word • Rejecting Hell • Universal Reconciliation

[9-minute AMAZING video] Arrested in Iran, horrified missionary, Dan Baumann has VISION OF JESUS in jail, Whose love SETS HIM FREE TO LOVE his torturer, who leads others to Christ. Set free in his heart, God gives Dan TOTALLY HONEST words to speak at the trial for 20 minutes. And Dan was released from Iran too! — “God gave me the grace to stand up and speak the truth. And in doing so it brought freedom in my heart. I AM FREE!!!!!!!”

“All of a sudden I realized something: I am free. I am free. So what if they kill me. My life is bought by the blood of Jesus. My home is in heaven, and no one can take that away. And I realized that in the midst of death itself, God gave me the grace to stand up and speak the truth. And in doing so it brought freedom in my heart, knowing that this life isn’t it. There is more. And I’m going home one day. And no one can take that away.”

– Dan Baumann

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

* * *

[youtube=]Christian Locked Up In Iran Sees Vision of Jesus!!


Uploaded on Jan 2, 2012

Daniel Baumann was on a visit to Iran, and on his way out, he was stopped at the border, imprisoned for weeks, beaten, and destined for execution. He reached the bottom and even considered suicide, and he had a vision of Jesus appearing to him in his prison cell!! See what happened!


Imprisoned in Iran: Love’s Victory over Fear, by Dan Baumann

Richard Wurmbrand (1909 – 2001): TORTURED FOR CHRIST in Atheist Romania — Shows his scars; but THE GLORY!: “We were beaten; we were tortured, but JUST AS SAINT STEPHEN, while they threw stones at him DID NOT SEE his murderers, did not see the stones, but saw heaven open…, so WE DIDN’T SEE anymore the communist torturers. We didn’t see that we are in prison. We were SURROUNDED BY ANGELS. We were with God.”

[6-minute video] Richard Wurmbrand (1909 – 2001): Solitary Confinement & Tortured for Christ for 14 Years — “You wonder why I smile. … I remember it as a glorious time. The bride was in the embraces of the Heavenly Bridegroom. We received His Holy Kiss. We knew His caresses. It has been one of the most beautiful times of my life!”

CORRIE TEN BOOM: PREPARED For The COMING TRIBULATION — “Daddy, I am afraid that I will never be STRONG ENOUGH TO BE A MARTYR for Jesus Christ.” My father said, “OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN KNOWS when you will need the strength…. HE WILL SUPPLY ALL YOU NEED – JUST IN TIME.“

[full movie] ‘THE ROBE’ (1953) — The GOD of ALL COMFORT! “As the SUFFERINGS of Christ ABOUND to us, OUR COMFORT also ABOUNDS through Christ!!!” (2 Cor. 1)

My Poem: The Ghost and THE RIVER! (When I also saw Jesus’ face)

Asbury Revival, 1970: “‘Dr. Kinlaw, I am a liar. Now what do I do?’ … Three days later, she came to me radiant, and she said, ‘Dr. Kinlaw, I’m free!’”

[audio] James Paris on Coast to Coast AM 1/28/13: Prayer & Finances — He started asking God what He wanted him to do. “When I realized prayer was a two-way conversation,” he recounted, “I would find myself on the beach with a yellow pad and a pen…and I would come back from these two and three hour prayer sessions with pages and pages of ideas, information, and direction…

Really important concept and only 27 minutes long. Not much is added once callers called in.

– –


Wisdom For Solving Financial Problems

James 1:5 “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives to all men generously and without reproaching, and it will be given him.”


A challenge in wisdom; find a quiet place and provide yourself with a minimum of two hours. During these two hours, bring only a pen and a notepad. Ask your family not to disturb you during this exercise. Begin by asking God for wisdom. Next, make a list of your financial problems. Go ahead, keep listing them even if it takes several pages to do so. Lastly, look over your list of “problems” and prioritize them. You might do this by making a new list and numbering them from most important to least important. An alternative would be to give each problem a rating such as “L” for low, “M” for medium, and “H” for high.

You should have at least sixty to ninety minutes left to “brainstorm.” Start by placing each one of your high priority problems at the top of a separate sheet of paper. Now, sit quietly and truly seek answers from God.

As solutions come to mind, write them down on the sheet of paper corresponding to that problem. Don’t question, don’t think of all of the reasons that a given idea won’t work, just write them down.

After you have completed this exercise, you will have dozens if not hundreds of solutions to your most urgent problems. Repeat this exercise often, taking time to deal with your medium and low level issues before they move up in the ranking. This approach also works well for any problem, financial or otherwise.

What is wonderful about this method is that we are literally giving God our problems, asking for His wisdom, and then offering a blank pad of paper for His solutions. Why don’t we just stop our busy lives and ask God for His wisdom and guidance? God is waiting right now for you to ask.

Entire Article Here


Prayer & Finances

First hour guest, author James Paris discussed how to use prayer to improve finances. A millionaire by the age of 30, he was bankrupted by his fortieth birthday, after his accountant/brother embezzled his fortune. This turn of fate led him to discover a different approach to prayer– instead of asking God for what he wanted to happen (which proved ineffective), he started asking God what he wanted him to do. “When I realized prayer was a two-way conversation,” he recounted, “I would find myself on the beach with a yellow pad and a pen…and I would come back from these two and three hour prayer sessions with pages and pages of ideas, information, and direction that I would never come up with on my own.”

* * *

Starts at minute-10:30[youtube=]Coast To Coast AM – 01-28-2013 – Paranormal Forms – C2CAM


How To Pray For A Financial Miracle: Enlisting God’s Help In Solving Everyday Financial Problems [Paperback]

Are we supposed to be led by the Holy Spirit in our decisions?

I just wrote this in a comment on Facebook. I thought I’d share it here.

– –

There is an interesting example of someone who was led by the Holy Spirit, and we are supposed to walk like he did.

Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit when he walked on this earth, having emptied himself (Philippians 2). He said:

BY MYSELF I CAN DO NOTHING; I judge only AS I HEAR, and my judgment is just, for I SEEK NOT TO PLEASE MYSELF BUT HIM who sent me” (John 5:30).

“I tell you the truth, THE SON CAN DO NOTHING BY HIMSELF; he can do only what he sees his Father doing…” (John 5:19).

We are supposed to walk like Jesus did:

“But if anyone obeys his word, God’s love is truly made complete in him. This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live IN HIM must walk as Jesus did” (1 John 2:5).

In a paper that I wrote while attending seminary A Call to Intimacy: The Holy Spirit in John’s Gospel & Epistles, I say this:

Prophets in the Old Testament prophesied that Jesus would operate by the empowering of the Holy Spirit (Ps. 2:2; Isa. 11:1-5 ; 42:1,7; 61:1-3). The New Testament also witnesses to the fact that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:35), LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT (Matt. 4:1, Mark. 1:12, Luke. 4:1), EMPOWERED to preach, cast out demons, and heal the sick BY THE HOLY SPIRIT (Matt. 12:28; Luke 4:14, 18, 19; 11:20), and resurrected by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 8:11; 1 Pet. 3:18,19).

Jesus often went to lonely places to spend time with his father, so he would know what to do. His cry at Gethsemane was “Not my will, but yours be done.”

After he died, he sent the counselor, the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth so we could walk like Jesus did:

“But THE COUNSELOR, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, WILL TEACH YOU ALL THINGS…” (John 14:26).

“But when he, THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, comes, he will GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH…” (John 16:13).

“But YOU HAVE AN ANOINTING from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth…. But as HIS ANOINTING TEACHES YOU ABOUT ALL THINGS and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit –just as it has taught you, REMAIN IN HIM” (1 John 2:20,27).

Being led by the Holy Spirit is the normal Christian life.


Hearing God’s Voice: Brief Repeat Phrases

Jesus’ Heart-Cry: “Let Us Be ONE”

[2-minute video] Francis Chan: Important concepts God will teach us when we look up what He subtly tells us

One of the greatest ways to learn from God!

This has also happened to me many times. I’ll just realize I heard (in my mind – not audibly – just a thought that I know I didn’t originate) “Psalm 20,” for example, and I’ll look it up. And sometimes I’ll hear this same chapter later, even many times until I get it.

Francis recorded this almost four years ago, when he was almost certainly still teaching once-saved-always-saved. God was helping Francis be balanced in his understanding, and Francis was listening, and looking up what he subtly heard from God’s still, small voice. And now look at the fruit from Francis hearing and obeying!!!

Let’s all hear and obey. God is trying to balance us, bringing us into truth so we can be ‘ONE’ with each other, abiding in Him. Then the world will know — and we’ll be so happy!!!

jeff : )

– –

[youtube=]morning devotions

Uploaded by on Jan 29, 2008

what God taught me this morning in Psalm 90

John Paul Jackson: Learning to distinguish between what is spirit and what is soul in order to overcome!

 There is a huge factor not covered here.

This is often the choice between
following the Holy Spirit and/or what we know is right to do
or familiar spirits we’ve allowed in through willful sin.

If it’s just our soul nature not wanting to do the right thing
it won’t be a driving compulsion to sin,
which happens when demons drive people to sin.

Demons drive ‘Christians’ to lust, lie, deceive —
to even try to control others through James-3 curses,
what can also be called power over instead of power under.

This is very common among ‘Christians’ and church leaders today.
Many never do what it takes to get free from bondage.

* * *

[youtube=]Stimulus and the Moment of Choice

Uploaded by on Jul 29, 2009

John Paul Jackson discusses the soul, the spirit, and how they impact the choices you make in your life.


Can a Christian Have a Demon? Absolutely! Most Have Many!

Robert Shank: Erroneous “2 natures of the believer” doctrine — Romans 7 is before Paul’s ‘life in the Son’

John Paul Jackson: The Art of Hearing God Course

More info on the course

[youtube=]Art of Hearing God

Uploaded by on Oct 13, 2009

Promo for an intensive study to be held at Word Alive Gadsden beginning 10-24-09

Bob Mumford’s classic guidance book is still available: “Take Another Look At Guidance”

I read this book in the early ’80s after hearing Bob speak about guidance at Abbott Loop. I loved this book, which had a big impact on me, after Bob taught us at Abbott Loop to always have a lighted pen by our bedside to write down what God tells us while we’re in bed.

[If I remember correctly, having not read this gem in decades, I probably wouldn’t fully agree with everything, like fleeces. I’m pretty sure I still have it buried in a box somewhere; otherwise, I’d take a look to make sure.]

Isn’t it interesting and sad that books about being led by the Holy Spirit are few and far between? Even most charismatic churches are now just barely charismatic.

When Willow Creek and others pioneered the seeker friendly movement, I never thought they would adversely influence so many churches that should have known better, having experienced the real thing. The Holy Spirit hardly has a role these days.


– –

From: Lifechangers (Bob Mumford’s website)

Take Another Look At Guidance

Take Another Look at Guidance provides biblically-based counsel about how to find and follow God’s guiding path through life. That council has proven sound for the more than 20 years this book has been in print. Some of the chapter titles are: Luck . . . or Happenstance? Knowing the Will of God The Holy Spirit Speaks and Signs and Fleeces You will also learn about the three harbor lights of Guidance: Word of God Holy Spirit Circumstances

Purchase Here (Only $10; otherwise, used copies are selling for big bucks at Amazon)


Bob Mumford (2009): Secrets of the Fathers Conference — “If we learn how to put our sail and learn how to turn this thing we will see light in Goshen while there is darkness in Egypt”

Bob Mumford (2009): Secrets of the Fathers Conference — “We are entering the most serious, complicated, undefined period in church history.”

Hearing God’s Voice: Brief Repeat Phrases

All of my Hearing God’s Voice posts in reverse-chronological order

Michael Galiga: How to get your life and your business unstuck

From: Sid Roth

This Week’s Guest
Michael Galiga

April 19-25, 2010

Michael Galiga has received supernatural revelation on how anyone, whether a corporation or single individual, can live a life of victory and success. In the tumult of your day-to-day life, you can have the power to defeat all your fears and conquer the obstacles you face. You Can Win Every Battle! Watch this special interview as Michael gives you keys to begin living a life of victory today!

Watch the video here
The radio interviews are here. And I really like this segment (day 2), in which he talks about journaling what God says, and his breakthrough through worshiping, which reminds me of what happened to Terry Law:

“If you want to go someplace you’ve never been you have to do things you’ve never done.”

From: TV show transcript

SID: Some of the principles that you teach on, I mean, each one is a key and you put an amazing warranty, if you will, for major corporations.

MIKE: Yes.

SID: What do you challenge them with?

MIKE: Yes. And I really want somebody to challenge me on this. I dare people. It’s called the corporate challenge. Nobody has taken me up on this yet, but I know they will. The corporate challenge is as if there is large American corporation that is generally widely known and it’s dying, and we can think of some off the top of our heads, but we won’t name names. But if one of those companies will do what I wrote about in this book and they agree to do that I will go at my own expense to their headquarters and walk them through this process with a guarantee that their company will be revived.

SID: Michael, you talk about curses here. And curses pass on from generation to generation, to generation. And you talk about some of the companies, General Motors and Ford. And there was a story about that you talk about, about a car that I was not familiar with called the Tucker Torpedo. What was that?

MIKE: Yeah. The Tucker Torpedo was created by a man that used to work for one of the big three automobile companies, and it was really a breakthrough, highly innovative, technologically advanced automobile. And we don’t know, Sid, whether, you know, some of these things that were said about what maybe some of the big three did to Mr. Tucker did are true or they’re not true. The point is that every person in every company has baggage, things they’ve done wrong, things they’ve said wrong; things they’ve thought wrong. And when that happens it creates a break in their prosperity. And so if you–

SID: So let’s assume that what Tucker said was true. What did he say?

MIKE: Basically, that his company was poised to take a significant market share from the current automobile manufactures, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, and they didn’t want that to happen. So if that’s true, that would have hurt them and they, through political connections and lawsuits and different things, they basically strung him out and diverted his attention from his company into the lawsuits and the political maneuvering and testifying in Congress. And by the time he could get back to looking at his business, his company was bankrupt.

SID: Well it certainly makes logical sense to me. So assuming that was true and if it is true, his company was bankrupt. It is true that he had a superior vehicle. So it kind of rings a bell of truth to me. So assuming that’s true, what would someone like Ford or General Motors have to do to get that cloud off of them?

MIKE: Well, you know S[id], I’m a businessman. I’m not a prophet. I’m not a preacher. I didn’t go to seminary. I’m strictly involved in making large dollar decisions and I cannot afford a mistake. Okay. I want to clarify that. But with a company like General Motors, assume this was true, and I can’t prove it, but if it was true or something like it was true and there could be hundreds, if not thousands of these sorts of things that have to be dealt with. And when they’re dealt with and you go basically to your Maker and say, “Hey, I’m sorry we did that.” Well I didn’t do it. The guys that ran the company 50 years ago did it, but still, I’m responsible. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. We’re turning away from that. Okay. We admit our guilt. We’re gonna move on. At that point those curses then are broken and the prosperity can flow. There’s a spirit called lack. It’s very real. I’ve experienced it, Sid. I’ve been on both sides of these deals. And so the spirit of lack has, because you’ve opened a door, you’ve opened that door of that curse because you’ve done something wrong that the spirit of lack comes in and chokes you. It chokes off your finances. It hurts retirees and pensions, and health benefits. All those things melt down. Everything goes wrong until that core thing is fixed.

Asbury Revival, 1970: “Dr. Kinlaw, I am a liar. Now what do I do?”

Corey Russell: Overcoming lust & sexual immorality — "It's not just the overt pornography…but the seeds of toleration that are found in the sitcoms … bit by bit opening our spirits up, growing curiosity in us" "It's completely desensitizing us. It's shutting our prophetic senses. … We can't even hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying."

How do the demons get in?

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“A movie that was ‘R’ 10 years ago is PG-13 today.”

“We’re getting desensitized and we don’t even know it.”

Corey Russell, IHOP teacher

[youtube=]Overcoming lust & sexual immorality, by Corey Russell

You can watch the entire video here:…

My Lust Freedom posts
Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way
Who are the Children of God?

I’ve finally shared much of what I know about and what can be done through the TREMENDOUS and mostly misunderstood and underused gift of tongues. A reader thankfully put me over the edge : )

I finally spilled the beans about what I know about praying in tongues. It started with this very much appreciated comment by Monica, where I lay it out.

I first respond by talking about forgiving to get free, and then share what I’ve learned and refined since the early ’80s about how to get free by praying in tongues, how to pray for others to get free — even how we can know who is cursing us (bullies beware), lying to us, etc..

And it’s all related to this part of the Let Us Be ONE prophecy: A Gift that Will Set Many Free! (A Death Warrant is Out for Your Souls)

Someday, I’ll probably write this up more formally. But this should help many a lot — those who choose to read this cutting edge, freedom producing overview of what tongues is really about and why it’s for everyone!

God bless!

Jeff Fenske : )


(audio) Speaking in Tongues to Drive Out Demons — A Christian’s powerbase! Authority over temptations. “You can win, and win big!!”
Nightline: Speaking in tongues medical study PROVES Holy Spirit praying

How to speak in tongues as the Holy Spirit enables you

How to speak in other tongues as the Holy Spirit leads you

Jim Feeney: Why Speak in Tongues? (Is Speaking in Tongues of God? Is It for Today?)

The SCIENCE of Divine Healing – by John G. Lake: “At one time I submitted myself to a series of experiments. It was not sufficient to know that God healed; I had to know how God healed.”

Forgiving-Others, Freedom Prayer!

This is the forgiving-others prayer that I use. It’s based upon the prayer that my Wellspring-Ministries-trained counselor had me pray numerous times. [Art Mathias’ version is in his book: Biblical Foundations of Freedom Destroying Satan’s Lies With God’s Truth]. The process continues as long as we still are hated on and James-3 cursed.

Both Jesus and Stephen prayed forgive-them prayers out loud for those who were physically acting out their curses on them, violently killing them. How could they do this unless they had been praying for their ‘enemies’ in this way all along.

This prayer is a little bit more detailed than theirs. Perhaps the more we grow in Christlikeness, the more we are full of the Holy Spirit, the simpler our prayers can be. But for now, it seems that praying this more detailed prayer out for all of those who have or are hurting us seems to be more effective in releasing the Mt.-18 tormentors from our lives.

Jesus said the tormentors will be allowed to torment us unless we forgive everyone from our heart. Matthew 18:

21 Then Peter came and said to him, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Until seven times?” 22 Jesus said to him, “I don’t tell you until seven times, but, until seventy times seven.

23 Therefore the Kingdom of Heaven is like a certain king, who wanted to reconcile accounts with his servants. 24 When he had begun to reconcile, one was brought to him who owed him ten thousand talents. 25 But because he couldn’t pay, his lord commanded him to be sold, with his wife, his children, and all that he had, and payment to be made. 26 The servant therefore fell down and kneeled before him, saying, ‘Lord, have patience with me, and I will repay you all!’ 27 The lord of that servant, being moved with compassion, released him, and forgave him the debt. 28 “But that servant went out, and found one of his fellow servants, who owed him one hundred denarii, and he grabbed him, and took him by the throat, saying, ‘Pay me what you owe!’ 29 “So his fellow servant fell down at his feet and begged him, saying, ‘Have patience with me, and I will repay you!’ 30 He would not, but went and cast him into prison, until he should pay back that which was due. 31 So when his fellow servants saw what was done, they were exceedingly sorry, and came and told to their lord all that was done. 32 Then his lord called him in, and said to him, ‘You wicked servant! I forgave you all that debt, because you begged me. 33 Shouldn’t you also have had mercy on your fellow servant, even as I had mercy on you?’ 34 His lord was angry, and delivered him to the tormentors, until he should pay all that was due to him. 35 So my heavenly Father will also do to you, if you don’t each forgive your brother from your hearts for his misdeeds.”

Paul also showed how not-forgiving gives demons a right to enter our lives. Ephesians 4:

25 Therefore, putting away falsehood, speak truth each one with his neighbor. For we are members of one another. 26 “Be angry, and don’t sin.” Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath, 27 neither give place to the devil.


Repentance Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, in the name of The Lord Jesus, I purpose and choose to forgive (name) from my whole heart for (what they did).

I release (name). I cancel their debts and obligations to me in this issue.
Dear Lord, I ask you to forgive me for my bitterness toward (above name) in this situation.

In the name of Jesus, by the power of Your blood, I cancel all of Satan’s power and authority over me in this issue, because I have forgiven them, and You have forgiven me. It is done and over with.

Holy Spirit, please come and heal my heart. And please tell me your truth about this situation.

I now purpose and choose to forgive myself.
The counselor then gives the person praying an opportunity to speak what God often says. This is a great way to hear God’s voice!

Then mine asked:

Do you feel any guilt or condemnation?

Does it hurt anymore?

If there is still pain in the memory then there is still unforgiveness, Art Mathias and Wellspring teaches.

Also, the prayer my counselor had me pray says this:

[speak out loud so the dark side can hear it]

I don’t know if this is necessary or not, but it’s probably a good idea. The main thing, I think is to mean what we say and forgive even from the bottom of our hearts — to let God deal with them.

It’s amazing to me that to Jesus, it is so important for us to be right in our hearts toward everyone that He willfully allows us to be tormented by demons until we purpose and choose to forgive those who hurt us, just like He and Stephen did. Then we’ll be free!

By the way, I purposely redden the word, heart in many of my posts to emphasize that this literally means from our actually pumping hearts, that are more than just pumps. They’re the center of our emotions. And forgiving or loving others from the bottom of our hearts can even mean from a place deeper than that, which is why I have the “heart, soul, mind, gut?” category. Scientific studies show there is brainlike tissue not just in the heart, but also in the gut.

The Bible talks about the heart about 1,000 times!

Forgive and be FREE!


Art Mathias on It’s Supernatural: Spiritual Roots of Disease — Healed Through Forgiving

A Crossless Church; A Christless Gospel

From: acidri’s blog

The spiritual ignorance of the modern day believer is cushioned by social media and mass television programming that never talks about sin, righteousness or judgement. It’s no wonder when Paul writes of such a time as when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions. 2 Tim 4:3,  2Pe 2:1-3, 1Tim 6:8-10, Heb 13:5

There’s hardly any difference between the pursuits of the secular and Christian believers. Materialism is the preoccupation of the spiritually deluded and lost. When self importance and temporary life enhancement  preceed self denial and good discipleship then man begins to wonder into pursuit of a seemingly moving target.

Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons 1 Tim 4:1

For many, of whom I have often told you and now tell you even with tears, walk as enemies of the cross of Christ. Their end is destruction, their god is their belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things. Phil 3:18-19

There indeed was once a time when the deepest urge of a Christian was to be like Christ. But like the Laodicean Church we have said I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing, not realizing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked. Jesus beckons, “I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, so that you may be rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself and the shame of your nakedness may not be seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, so that you may see.” Rev 3:17-18.

The most gut-wrenching bit about all this is that the Church in Laodicea  seemed to have locked Christ out of “Church” as in the next verse He earnestly pleads and says I stand knocking on the door if any one hears my voice and opens the door I will come and eat with him and he with me.

Remember those who have run the race and fought the fight and have passed on ahead into glory. Remember their parting sermons and songs. They stayed true to the calling; true to the word of God. It’s time to get back to scripture and seek God like never before. We need a sense of urgency that only the Holy Spirit can give. Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Entire Article Here

A. W. Tozer (1897-1963): "What is needed DESPERATELY today is PROPHETIC INSIGHT. Scholars can interpret the past; it takes PROPHETS to INTERPRET the *PRESENT*"

Ephesians 4:

10 He who descended is the one who also ascended far above all the heavens, that he might fill all things. 11 He gave some to be apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, shepherds and teachers; 12 for the perfecting of the saints, to the work of serving, to the building up of the body of Christ; 13 until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a full grown man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ; 14 that we may no longer be children, tossed back and forth and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in craftiness, after the wiles of error; 15 but speaking truth in love, we may grow up in all things into him, who is the head, Christ; 16 from whom all the body, being fitted and knit together through that which every joint supplies, according to the working in measure of each individual part, makes the body increase to the building up of itself in love.

From: Revival School

-by A.W. Tozer.

If Christianity is to receive a rejuvenation, it must be by other means than any now being used. If the Church in the second half of this century is to recover from the injuries she suffered in the first half, there must appear a new type of preacher. The proper, ruler-of-the- synagogue type will never do. Neither will the priestly type of man who carries out his duties, takes his pay and asks no questions, nor the smooth-talking pastoral type who knows how to make the Christian religion acceptable to everyone. All these have been tried and found wanting.

Another kind of religious leader must arise among us. He must be of the old prophet type, a man who has seen visions of God and has heard a voice from the Throne. When he comes (and I pray God there will be not one but many), he will stand in flat contradiction to everything our smirking, smooth civilization holds dear. He will contradict, denounce and protest in the name of God and will earn the hatred and opposition of a large segment of Christendom. Such a man is likely to be lean, rugged, blunt-spoken and a little bit angry with the world. He will love Christ and the souls of men to the point of willingness to die for the glory of the One and the salvation of the other. But he will fear nothing that breathes with mortal breath.

This is only to say that we need to have the gifts of the Spirit restored again to the Church. And it is my belief that the one gift we need most now is the gift of prophecy.

“Of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred” -1 Chr 12:32. A prophet is one who knows his times and what God is trying to say to the people of his times….

Today we need prophetic preachers; not preachers of prophecy merely, but preachers with a gift of prophecy. The word of wisdom is missing. We need the gift of discernment again in our pulpits. It is not ability to predict that we need, but the anointed eye, the power of spiritual penetration and interpretation, the ability to appraise the religious scene as viewed from God’s position, and to tell us what is actually going on….

Where is the man who can see through the ticker tape and confetti to discover which way the parade is headed, why it started in the first place and, particularly, who is riding up front in the seat of honor?…

What is needed desperately today is prophetic insight. Scholars can interpret the past; it takes prophets to interpret the present. Learning will enable a man to pass judgment on our yesterdays, but it requires a gift of clear seeing to pass sentence on our own day….

“Lord, I pray for that gift of prophetic insight. Move me beyond the knowledge You’ve enabled me to gain through education, reading, and study. I pray that I might lead as one ‘who has seen visions of God and has heard a voice from the throne.’ Amen.”


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Former Hitler Youth and WWII Veteran: "It was my unchristian life which made me a tool of the Nazis … Real progress can only come out of committed PEOPLE WHO LISTEN to God"

“It was my unchristian life which made me a tool of the Nazis.”

The center of my life is not myself, but God. And I serve God. And for me, God’s service is day in and day out. I’ve also learned that any real progress can only come out of committed people who listen to God.”

— Hilmar von Campe

[youtube=]Former Hitler Youth and WWII German veteran. 700 Club story on Hilmar von Campe

Hilmar von Campe’s story about being raised under the Nazis, his time as a Hitler Youth and German WWII soldier, POW camp and escape, and life changing experience following the war when he committed his life to God. His book, Defeating the Totalitarian Lie, is also presented. The book is part autobiography and part warning not to repeat – especially in America – the mistakes that lead to a totalitarian system. If you’d like to read more about him, visit

Hilmar Von Campe: America’s Nazi Future — America’s collective turn away from God is greasing the skids for state takeover
Former Hitler Youth and WWII Veteran: The real threat to America is Godlessness

(video) Ex Porn Star's Amazing Story: "For eight years, I battled the Devil for my life with the Word. I'd fall … I fell a little bit less … and I started WALKING TALL, like a CHAMPION!!!"

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

Hurt people hurt people.

“Jesus says, ‘come to Me all you who are weary and need rest. Learn from Me. My burden is light.'”

‘Shelley, you can do it. What does My Word say? Try again.’ I’d fall. ‘Get back up and try again, Shelley.’ I’d fall. ‘Get back up and try again.’ I’d fall, again. I fell a little bit less. I’d fall less. And I started walking TALL, like a CHAMPION!”

For those of you who are viewing pornography right now, are you contributing to the destruction of human lives—little girls who always just wanted Dad to love them?

“Confess your sins so you may be healed.”

He’s humbling us for GREATNESS. He wants to conform us into the image of His Son!”

[youtube=]Ex Porn Star’s Amazing Story

Ex Porn Star Shelley Lubben shares the truth about porn
and her amazing story in Anaheim California in 2008.

Links to video source:…

“That’s how rebellious I was. My mother … never spanked me. See, I never had any discipline as a child. So by the time I’m a teenager, I’m the teenager from hell. … That’s why I have so much compassion for teenagers nowadays. When they act like that, I’m not mad at them. Where are the parents? Where are the fathers of this world? …

Well, the pimp became my new father. … I just wanted a hug growing up. I just wanted to feel special, and the pimp made me feel very special.”


Her daughter, Tiffany is in the audience.

“How many times God saved this ‘blessed assurance’ [from physical death]? I can’t even tell ya. Probably hundreds. … I used to think I was invincible. I found out later on in recovery it wasn’t me who was invincible. It was Somebody who was saving me—and sustaining me. Because, if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ I’d be in hell right now. I came close to death many, many times.”


For those of you who are viewing pornography right now, are you contributing to the destruction of human lives—little girls who always just wanted Dad to love them?

“They are made for greater things than porn, and so are you.”


When her husband-to-be (also in the audience) reached out to her with real love:
“He was a really nice guy. … I knew how black-hearted I was, and all the trauma. It was intense. It would hurt so bad that when someone got close to me I literally would have physical heart pain. ‘Oh…this guy’s showing me love. … Get out of here, get out of here, you’re bad for me, you’re bad.’ No, because you have that defense…. But the love…. He had Jesus in him.”

“That’s the big question in the sex industry… ‘where’s God?‘”


Shelley went to a church:
“[The pastor] just looked at me out of all the people and just said: ‘Do you know there’s a champion inside of you?’ You have to understand I hated myself, and this guy just spoke life in me!

“…either God’s going to heal me or I’m going to die. And for eight years, I battled the Devil for my life with the Word. … I’m totally healed from all the effects of the sex industry. I had horrible nightmares, constantly…. I stood on that Word until it became reality for me. I said, ‘no, this is what God says about me! … ‘You’re more than a conqueror through Christ! You can do all things through Christ!‘”

Recovery…, ‘I’m no good at it. It’s really hard. I can’t do it.’ And God would say, ‘Shelley, you can do it. What does My Word say? Try again.’ I’d fall. ‘Get back up and try again, Shelley.’ I’d fall. ‘Get back up and try again.’ I’d fall, again. I fell a little bit less. I’d fall less. And I started walking tall, like a CHAMPION!

“Jesus says, ‘come to Me all you who are weary and need rest. Learn from Me. My burden is light.'”


“He’s everything to me. He helps me. He gives me power, boldness, to make me a bold witness — fills me with His Spirit!

“…Daddy needs to keep me humble. … He’s humbling us for greatness. He wants to conform us into the image of His Son.”

I don’t care what sin you’ve done. … The Word says: ‘confess your sins so you may be healed.’ ‘Pray for one another that you may be healed.'”

Christ died to give you freedom. … He’s not here to beat you up. … In Galatians, it says, ‘you who are spiritual, gently restore the one who’s caught up in their trespasses.’ And it better be gentle! The Lord is the ‘Lord of gentleness.'”

(video) Ex Porn Star Tells the Hardcore Truth About Porn
Former Porn Actress Shelley Lubben: Porn is Not Glamorous and Destroys Lives — “I used to brag endlessly to fans and pornographers about how I loved making porn movies. I lied 100% of the time to 100% of the people”
(video)Ex Porn Star Shelley Lubben’s FREEDOM Testimony: The Champion in You!!!
(video) Shelley Lubben Former Porn Actress Finds Freedom in Christ — “I had to forgive everybody”
[ video ] Ex Porn Star Shelley Lubben Speaks at Bakersfield Christian High School — “Do you know that you’re a CHAMPION?!”
Ex Porn Star Shelley Lubben on The Howard Stern Show: Porn Stars are Demon Possessed!
Twelve Steps of Sex Addicts Anonymous involves getting right with those who’ve been hurt — so we can BE FREE! | I’m ADDING MORE STEPS.
(video) Freud, Zionism and Sexual Revolution: Resentment against Christ and Gentiles is a motivating factor in promoting sexual degeneration and pornography
[Lust “the poison that kills the soul” FREEDOM] My experience: How DEMONS DRIVE heterosexual and homosexual lust in ‘Christians’ — The bad news is that demons drive lust. The good news is that demons drive lust, because…
All of my Lust Freedom! posts. We can be free!!!
Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way We must be free!!!

The Cross: The Arthur Blessitt Story — "The SAFEST PLACE to be is in the will of God"

From: Charisma Magazine

The Cross: The Arthur Blessitt Story

For almost 40 years Arthur Blessitt has walked around the world carrying a cross and sharing the love of Christ. Matt Crouch, CEO of Gener8Xion Entertainment, has known Blessitt for many years and realized last year that it was time to tell his story. The result is the documentary The Cross: The Arthur Blessitt Story, which opens March 27 in theaters nationwide.


With footage from years of traveling, including images of him and Billy Graham together in Ireland, the film chronicles Blessitt’s journey around the world. The Mississippi-born evangelist has traveled to 315 countries and walked more than 38,000 miles. He began his ministry on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and became known as the “Sunset Strip Minister.” Because he loved the people he met on the Strip, he was reluctant to leave when he sensed God calling him to walk around the world carrying a wooden cross. But God reminded him that Sunset Strip stretches around the world.

Blessitt was ready to obey. Two weeks before he was to leave Los Angeles, however, doctors discovered he had a brain aneurysm. He explains in the film that circumstances don’t change the call of God. Facing possible death, Blessitt decided he would rather die while in God’s will than to live out of it. He left on schedule—Christmas Day 1969.

Moviegoers will be inspired by Blessitt’s passion and commitment to not only answer God’s call but also to persevere even in the midst of incredible danger. Blessitt says he learned along the way to see hardships and difficulties not as stumbling blocks but as stepping stones. “The safest place to be is in the will of God,” he says onscreen.

Blessitt has traveled through 52 war zones, been beaten and also arrested 24 times. His first arrest was in Jackson, Miss., for holding a black man’s hand while witnessing to him. Blessitt remained undeterred and has seen many miracles as God protected him, kept him alive and brought him through. Throughout his lengthy mission, he’s had the opportunity to minister to countless people. That now includes millions more who, in watching The Cross, will undoubtedly be inspired by the lessons he’s learned and the relationship he developed with the Lord-both conveyed powerfully onscreen in this 90-minute documentary. Ultimately, Blessitt says, it’s all about loving God and people.

It was Crouch, as the movie’s director and narrator, who best summed up this film: “It’s not about the cross carrier; it’s about what the cross did to the cross carrier.”

To read more about The Cross: The Arthur Blessit Story, click here.

Arthur Blessitt’s autobiography released earlier this year. Click here to purchase The Cross (Authentic Publishing).

[WordPOWER!] In Psalm 50 God Warns: "You have done these things, and I kept silent. You thought that I was just like you. … Now consider this…lest I tear you into pieces and there be none to deliver" (Hell?)

Praise God for giving us His Holy Spirit, Who will “lead us into all truth”—if we listen carefully, wanting to hear His “still, small voice.”

On occasion, while thinking of whatever, I’ll softly hear a chapter and a verse, or just a chapter, and I almost always find the text significant.

‘Psalm 50’ is one of those quiet promptings that I’ve heard a number of times, years ago, and kept looking it up each time. I’m still learning from it.

Two things struck me as significant each time I read it. The first related to the people who consider themselves children of God and who James-3 curse other people. I knew this was happening to me every day. Psalm 50 helped me understand that some of these James-3 cursers actually think God condones their behavior. But the reality is that if they don’t repent before they die, they’ll end up in a place of extreme torment from which no one will be able to deliver them. During the funeral, the pastor will probably say they are in heaven, but in reality, they’re being torn to pieces (v. 22), or something even worse!

I had a prophecy for a pastor who really had an evil part to his heart (many do in this evil age). The word was that the flames would be neck high if he didn’t repent and do what God said.

Psalm 50 is part of the old covenant, where God winked at behavior in comparison to what He holds us accountable for now, because now we know better; we have the Counselor, the Holy Spirit to “lead us into all truth!” Paul said in Acts 17:30:

“And the times of this ignorance (old covenant) God winked at; but now (new covenant) commandeth all men every where to repent.”

Jesus also taught that the new covenant is far stricter than the old saying in the sermons of the mount, Mt. 5:

21 “You have heard that it was said to the ancient ones, ‘You shall not murder;’ and ‘Whoever shall murder shall be in danger of the judgment.’ 22 But I tell you, that everyone who is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment…; and whoever shall say, ‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of the fire of Gehenna.

27 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery;’ 28 but I tell you that everyone who gazes at a woman to lust after her…. For it is more profitable for you that one of your members should perish, than for your whole body to be cast into Gehenna.

And even though Psalm 50 is old covenant, when God “winked at” sin in comparison to now, people who thought they were covered with the blood were actually headed for eternal torment simply for saying deceitful and slanderous things!
See for yourself:


“Learn to listen to God’s voice and obey Him.
Wherever he wants to send you,
whatever He wants you to do – do it.

And I pray that not only will you be one who ‘survives’
this crisis, but one who ‘thrives’
– to the glory of God the Father.”

From: Revival School (Andrew Strom)

Since I believe (like others) that 2009 is going to be a year that “All hell breaks loose” (-Yes – you can quote me on that), I believe it is very important that God’s people come to grips with the key things that will help us survive – and even thrive – through this dark period of great Shaking. The following keys are taken from my book, “SURVIVE the DEPRESSION”-

(1) SPIRITUAL PREPARATION. As has been intimated all the way through the book, the most important keys to surviving and thriving in this present crisis are ‘SPIRITUAL’ in nature. The root causes of this mess are things like greed, apathy and the ‘Love of money’ – which are all SPIRITUAL diseases. And thus the answers are mostly spiritual also. Those who merely prepare in physical or practical ways will find this out to their great cost. If you want to survive and thrive, prepare yourself ‘spiritually’ above all else. Spend time seeking God, get rid of all sin, obey Him implicitly, help the poor, leave behind the shallow ‘junk’ of our culture and become a radical disciple of Jesus. If you have a family to care for, put the same principles into practice. Become a RADICAL FAMILY for Christ! Don’t delay. We are out of time. Such ‘spiritual’ preparations are by far the most important answer to surviving and thriving in these dark times. But don’t just selfishly seek God so you can ‘survive’. Seek Him for His own sake. Become a true disciple who lives for Christ – not for what you can ‘get out of it’ – but because your deepest desire is to utterly glorify Him.

(2) POSITION YOURSELF. Sometimes Christians can get away with being in the wrong place for quite some time. But not in a crisis like this. Every Christian needs to ask themselves right now, ‘Am I exactly where I am meant to be? Am I am with the people that God wants me with? Am I in the right group, the right city?’ If you know that God has been whispering to you for quite some time that you are meant to be in a different place, then do not delay. Get yourself and your family into the place that you know is in the very center of His will – even if it means losing money, or leaving behind friends, a well-paid job, or whatever. This is no time to be caught anywhere but in the exact center of God’s will for your life. Pray about it and take action. Don’t put it off!

Read Entire Article

ALCC Reinstates Group Prayer? [short lived] | My Thoughts on the Worship Room Concept | Joyner’s Vision: "One of the Greatest Adventures of All Time!"

Update 7/24/23: Preservice group prayer never was fully reinstated at Abbott Loop, now called “Unite Church.” Josh’s tightly structured version didn’t last long, probably only months, and he stopped attending. Since then, there has either been just a handful praying, or no group prayer at all. There used to be hundreds!

UPDATE 2/24/09: When I wrote this, a number of months ago, I didn’t realize that Josh’s concept of prayer seems to be quite different from the let-it-rip style of before. It would be nice to have a combination of both relational and let-it-rip. And the more the better.


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Dear holiness, revival hungry friends,

Josh Tanner, new head pastor of Abbott Loop Community Church in Anchorage, announced last week that pre-service prayer will be reinstated in the gym, 9:45 am. Service starts at 10:30.

I call this a milestone because I think this is one of the milestones that helped ALCC get freed up, able to in many ways overcome years ago, and now will again. And it’s great to see Josh have the vision for the need for corporate prayer! For my guess is that for many people, this is the only time they will pray in tongues. And since I have yet to knowingly meet someone who forgives everyone, everywhere from their entire heart 100% of the time, most people need to pray in tongues to get free from the tormentors (Mt. 18).

This is huge! Way more important than most Christians realize, partly because of the false doctrine taught that demons can’t influence Christians directly, which is one of the greatest deceptions Satan has largely pulled off. Most people have demons influencing their thoughts and emotions and affecting their bodies. This can be proven clinically and Biblically. Praying in tongues is one of the greatest ways to get free and to free others. From my “Let Us Be ONE” prophecy: A Gift that Will Set Many Free! Satan hates tongues, and will do everything he can to keep people from praying in this crucial way. Thankfully, things are changing at “the Loop” — “a place of peace again.”

For those of you who are skeptical of the importance in praying in tongues and attended ALCC’s Bible school, please consider this. Remember when Frank used to “blow out the carbon” before classes and Prayer and Praise. What do you think we were blowing out?

Also, some people get cursed more than others. Prophetic people (like Frank was. Thank you, Lord for Frank!!!) will be among those getting hit worst, which is why he so often recognized the need. Selah.

Josh also said they’re hoping to soon build a prayer room that can be used during the hours that the building is open. Francis Frangipane’s church building has a prayer room that is accessible 24/7 for those who can be trusted with the combination code:

We also have a prayer room which is accessible 24 hours a day. Simply stop by our office to request a copy of the lock combination for the prayer room door.

A friend of mine and I utilized this incredible after-hours opportunity awhile back. The entrance is between the building’s two sets of entrance doors. The outermost is left unlocked.

And I’d like to put in a plug for something I’ve been greatly longing for: a worship room—a place where people can come and hang out where freedom reigns through worship!

Worship is another way to be free, a way to excise demons. And it’s a significant, direct way of doing the Greatest Commandment, to love the Lord, our God, with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. And when people worship God together in Spirit and in Truth [unhypocritically, having clean hands (right with all) and a clean heart. We can’t worship in Spirit if we aren’t worshiping in truth], God is greatly honored and His manifest presence will be there. “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts…” (James 4:8). See what happened during the Asbury Revival: VIDEO: The Asbury Revival

International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City has a dedicated, 24/7 prayer room in which people can come anytime to participate, or just hang. There are even tables where people can study with their laptops. I like this model very much, but I think it can only be successful in God’s sight if worship in Spirit and in Truth is achieved through holiness—being right with God and right with each other—so we are worshiping in truth. Until holiness is more consistently realized among believers in general, it’s crucial that those leading worship need to be going-to-heaven, right-with-God-and-all-people children of God [see: Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way]. Or the anointing won’t come, and it will mostly be in vain. Somebody has to lead the people out of the yuck and into God’s great light. Musical talent, alone, cannot do this. The musicians must be right with God to be able to lead. It’s better to have one person who is holy lead than many who aren’t. It’s even better to have an anointed CD playing than an unanointed worship leader leading, which would be totally cool, but the CDs would have to carefully be chosen by those who are sensitive to what is truly worshipful. Many are deceived by demon-anointed ‘worship,’ today. Which I think is similar to what Rick Joyner’s “The Final Quest” vision illustrates: demons riding on ‘Christians,’ who think this is the anointing of God. [Warning: grossness factor ahead. But it really is this gross in today’s average ‘Christian.’ It’s time to wake up!]

The most shocking part of this vision was that this horde was not riding on horses, but on Christians! Most of them were well-dressed, respectable, and had the appearance of being refined and educated. These were Christians who had opened themselves to the powers of darkness to such a degree that the enemy could use them and they would think that they were being used by God. …

Even worse than the vomit from the vultures was a repulsive slime that these demons were urinating and defecating upon the Christians they rode. This slime was the pride, selfish ambition, etc., that was the nature of the division they were a part of. However, this slime made the Christians feel so much better than the condemnation that they easily believed that the demons were messengers of God, and they actually thought this slime was the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

But here is the great part, when ONE happens, Jesus’ heart-cry for us in John 17:

When we reached the level called “The Unity of the Brethren,” none of the enemy’s arrows could reach us.


When we reached the level called “Galatians Two Twenty,” we were above the altitude that the vultures could fly. At this level the sky above almost blinded us with its brightness and beauty. I felt peace like I had never felt it before. …

The “Galatians Two Twenty” level was so wide that there was no longer any danger of falling. … Faith, Hope and Love…were now so large that I knew people far beyond the battle area could see them. Their glory even radiated into the camp of prisoners who were still under a great cloud of vultures. The exhilaration continued to grow in all of us. I felt that being in this army, in this battle, had to be one of the greatest adventures of all time.

People who are right with God and who have a keen gift of discernment of spirits should oversee this venture—just like William Seymour carefully oversaw the goings on during the Azusa Street revival. Most who are gifted pastorally do not have a keen discernment gift that can smell the rat, and few pastors really appreciate and utilize those who are so gifted—those who can watch their backside and help keep the church clean so God can inhabit His people again. One former pastor even told me once that I was ‘weird.’

Incidentally, I had a dream, once, in which the people all spontaneously worshiped God without having to be led from the platform to enter in. I believe this day is coming, but isn’t here yet. Until it does, we need worship leaders who are right with God, first, and all people, so they can lead the people into worship.

Practically speaking, the prayer room concept could start by just having one worship-only service per week. Again, those on the platform must be holy (living in Gal. 5:22-24, really), or it won’t get off the ground. And it could probably be done in the auditorium if it got too big to fit in the chapel.

This is also a great time for people to hear from God. During Prayer and Praise in Bible school, I would often speak what God was telling me quietly into a micro-cassette recorder. I found I could more easily hear from God then. I suggested to two pastors about 20 years ago that a worship-only service could be done, which could incorporate a quiet time in which people could be encouraged to record or write down (or in this day and age, laptop users could type out) what God would speak to them. I knew this would work for many because it worked for me. So few ‘Christians’ hear from God regularly, or at all (because of demonic interference, I believe); though, this should be basic, fundamental, Christianity 101, because “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27).

By the way, the two pastors I suggested this to did start worship-only services, but instead of encouraging the people to hear from God during a quiet time, the one had people come up and prophecy, and the other prophesied to the people himself. Both of these things are okay, but I was greatly disappointed that the people, themselves weren’t encouraged to learn to hear from God. One pastor called it a Celebration Service, but there wasn’t yet time to celebrate. Oneness with God and each other wasn’t yet close to being realized, and that church no longer exists. James 4 has to happen before we can in Spirit and in truth celebrate.

We can get it right this time, encouraging the people to directly connect in this glorious, pure-pipeline way. It’s easy to hear from God when the competition is gone, the demonic impostors that almost all ‘Christians’ currently have.

Guess where I think revival will start in America, y’all? But we must be right with everybody — forgiving everyone from the heart.

“May this never again be found in our midst”:

This is Satan’s ultimate deception, and his ultimate power of destruction is released when he uses Christians to attack other Christians [James-3 cursing?]. Throughout the ages he has used this army, but never has he been able to capture so many to be used for his evil purposes. [also from Joyner’s vision]


Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee————-dom!!!!!!!!!!! Power to the people and glory to God as we get freed up, together — lifting up truly HOLY hands in thanksgiving!!! God bless America as we worship in Spirit and in Truth — finally! Glory!!!

Jeff Fenske : )

By the way, if you’d like to leave a comment, it’s okay to be anonymous, and registration is not required. Please be kind. “People aren’t the enemy.” ONE can happen in our midst!



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Hearing God's Voice: Brief Phrases, Later Repeated

This begins a new category, called Hearing God’s Voice. I’d like to share some things I’ve learned through almost 30 years of personal experience as well as some things from others, so all of us can be better hearers of God, the Holy Spirit—so we can be ONE with each other in Christ!!! (John 17)
And please feel free to leave comments about your personal experiences or whatever. And I found out recently that you not only don’t need to use a real name in order to leave comments, but you don’t need to register a real email address either, if you prefer not to, for WordPress doesn’t check them. And I don’t care, myself. The main thing is to get the dialog going.
Even though Jesus said: “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me,” it’s surprising how few Christians really do hear God’s voice on a regular basis and follow Christ in this way.
Jesus told his disciples in John 14 that it’s better that He leaves them, because “the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and will remind you of all that I said to you.”
John wrote in 2 John: “As for you, the anointing which you received from him remains in you, and you don’t need for anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is no lie, and even as it taught you, you will remain in him.”
One of the main reasons that people have trouble hearing God’s voice is that there is more than one voice speaking to the person. I’ll get into this more, later, but it’s crucial that we have no willful, obvious sins in our lives which gives the Devil a place, or more specifically: demons a right to be in our bodies speaking to us or giving us dreams. “Submit to God; resist the Devil and he’ll flee,” James says.
There should be only one voice besides our own thoughts that we actively originate.
Having said that, in addition to the other ways that God speaks to us verbally and visually, one thing I’ve noticed increasingly happening to me especially in the last few years is hearing short phrases that repeat themselves every so often—usually days apart. The wording is usually identical each time.
I think this is probably one aspect of the word of knowledge that Paul speaks of in 1 Cor. 12, for these words of knowledge are repeated over time. And they can also include names of people God wants us to pray for — which happens to me a lot — a subject I’ll have to discuss another time. It’s possible that my situation is unique, so I’m hearing these repeat, short phrases more than what is the norm, but I’m not sure. It would be interesting to hear from others their experiences.
Right now, in our community, it seems that the Devil has succeeded in dividing up the body of Christ pretty thoroughly. Jesus prayer that we would be ONE isn’t happening yet. And during this dry time, I think the Holy Spirit is trying to orchestrate unity by telling us specific things that will help point us in the right directions or even just encourage us in some specific ways, telling us some things that are happening.
And by the way, I’m more of an audio learner than a visual learner, so I hear God a lot more than I get pictures from Him. But others seem to see pictures more than they hear. We’re all diverse, and God is very creative in how He treats us all uniquely. But I suspect that many are experiencing what I am. And many are probably hearing these phrases but don’t recognize them as being from God, so hopefully this will help you.
Recently, I started writing down some of these phrases that I’m hearing more than even just a few times. So far, I’ve written down more than a dozen. And for me, these phrases are very short and to the point, varying from just two words (a verb and a noun) to about six words. And sometimes one phrase is directly followed by another, which seem to be related.
Now, what’s really cool about this way of God speaking is that I know I’m not making these phrases up. For I usually just hear them out of the blue, when I’m not thinking about this person or this subject that this phrase is addressing.
And when I hear this same exact phrase many times, the consistency factor leads me to believe that I can trust what I’m hearing—even if it’s a subject that I’m emotionally biased towards hearing a certain answer. For when we hear the same thing a number of times said the same way when we weren’t even thinking about this thing or this person, this is pretty good confirmation that we can count on what we’re hearing.
So this is a particularly helpful way to hear God’s perspective on for example a person or people we care about; though, communication has broken down for some reason. When God tells us the same things over and over over a long period of time, and they’re consistent with one another, this is solid guidance that we can count on, especially if it lines up with dreams we’ve had, and with longer, but unique words from God, and etc..
Does this make sense? Are some of you experiencing this too? If you have been hearing this kind of thing but didn’t know it was the Holy Spirit speaking, it may be helpful to write them down and keep track of them over time.
Also, a big key is to always sleep in total quiet if possible. I know of people who sleep with the radio or TV on, for example, which makes it a lot harder to hear God when we’re in this half-awake-half-sleeping state. This is often a great time to hear God’s voice, especially when you know you weren’t thinking about really anything, and all of a sudden you hear: “Psalm 20,” which I’ve heard many, many times, myself.
I forgot to say that God may give us the chapter or chapter and verse of scripture that are important for us to understand for whatever we’re going through, or whatever. If you hear a scripture reference that you know you weren’t thinking about on your own, please look it up, for God, the Holy Spirit, the maker of heaven and earth wants you to read this for some important reason.
And if we’re only perhaps half awake, it’s easy to think: “I’ll look it up later, after I fully wake up.” Or “I’ll write down what I believe God just told me later.” But it’s usually gone from our memory then. Jesus isn’t pushy; He speaks in a still, small voice. If we don’t want to pay attention to what He’s saying, it’s easy not to. Most don’t, but: “you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” (Jer. 19:13)
Just by doing simple things like sleeping without audio distractions, we can create an environment where we can more easily hear God when He does speak.
And by the way, I think this kind of hearing from God may be useful if we ever totally lose our rights in this country, which may happen sooner than we think. I’ve heard how some house churches in communist China don’t even announce meetings. The Holy Spirit tells each of them when the meetings will be, and then they show up, together. Cool! God is good!
I hope what I’ve written makes sense to you, and if you have any questions, suggestions, corrections or whatever—even criticisms, please comment below.
May we be ONE with each other in Christ!
We need each other to be the fully functioning body of Christ for we all have unique gifts – 1 Cor. 12. None of us are complete in ourselves. We need each other, y’all—hearing and obeying!
Thank you, and God bless you!
Jeff Fenske : )
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