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Let Us Be ONE Index — a 34-part prophecy

Intro: “Let Us Be ONE” — how it came about

Part 2: A Kindness that I Want to Flow From My Body

Part 5: The Sheep Stealers Rob the Sheep—Hypocrites Cannot Lead

Part 6: Why 9/11? | Forgiveness is the Key to Repentance

Part 13: A Gift that Will Set Many Free! (A Death Warrant is Out for Your Souls)

Part 34: ‘Let Us Be ONE’ Prophecy Continues 10/8/08: “It’s TOO LATE to REVERSE what’s been done for MY MEN have been REJECTED … Now is the Time to OVERCOME and GET RIGHT With ALL … FREEeeeeeeeeeeeee———DOM at last … Your HEART will SWELL with LOVE and it will be EASY to REMAIN In Me when others are On The BOAT With You”

Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way

Hearing God’s Voice: Brief Repeat Phrases

The Low-Cut Top Epidemic: May We Be Holy

The Day that Tithing Ended—To Now Be Led By the Holy Spirit

The Boot-Camp Factor: The Hate & Anger Factory Where Men are Programmed to Kill and Then Become Our Dads?!! Our Pastors?!!!

A Call to Intimacy: The Holy Spirit in John’s Gospel & Epistles
Fenske on Chuck Norris’ “Would Jesus Support War?” – A God of War & *a* Prince of Peace

My Poem: The Ghost and THE RIVER!

ALCC Reinstates Group Prayer? | My Thoughts on the Worship Room Concept | Joyner’s Vision: “One of the Greatest Adventures of All Time!”

My Dream: The Name of the Antichrist Revealed?

My Theory on Divorce and ‘Marriage’: It’s time to get out of unbiblical ‘marriages.’ “God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterers.” We must all be clean.
My $1,500 Challenge! I will give $1,500 to anyone who can refute my “Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way” article


Dr. Stanley Monteith on Sarah Palin: “She’s saying all the things we believe; and she well may believe them, but she’s totally under their control. When you take 10, 12 million dollars in nine months from these people why you’ve sold your soul. She will do their bidding.”
[enhanced screenshot] Wes Hall: “I live to lift Your Name; I breathe to sing Your praise!”
Theologian David Ray Griffin: Did the U.S. Have the Moral Right to Invade Afghanistan? — “Is the war in Afghanistan justified by the 9/11 attacks?”
Most ‘Christians’ are in THE MATRIX! G. Edward Griffin’s description applies to ‘Christians’ also. Let’s take the red pill and get free from the trance!

Bob Chapman explains the massive money and gold scam: How they’re doing it to us. Why it’s a house of cards, here and in Europe, ready to collapse — lies on top of lies. For America and Europe it will be a 10!
Chuck Colson concluded from his own White House experience: There was no group that was easier to control than ‘Christians,’ because ‘Christians’ are terribly seduced by power
My response to: have any of you researched about the “reptilian bloodline” or the “illuminati” or the U.F.O. “illusion”…?
What is Anchorage’s new statue sitting there thinking? “Why does Alaska still support Sarah Palin, the OPPOSITE OF RON PAUL on foreign interventionism?” — & — “Why did ‘Christians’ in this town vote for George W. Bush, the OPPOSITE OF JESUS on foreign interventionism, TWICE?”
Dr. Stanley Monteith on why the media is frantically suppressing 9/11 truth: “The ‘other side’ is frightened to death that the American people are going to learn the truth. …killing all those people in the twin towers…so that we would go to war.”
Architect Richard Gage on 9/11 truth: “98% of those who watch this presentation end up agreeing with us…. We really only get called conspiracy theorists and kooks by those who are UNWILLING TO LOOK at the evidence.”
Select Lying Quotes
Alex Jones: “They can do whatever they want because the public will not face up to evil”
Retired FBI Chief, Ted Gunderson: Child Trafficking Epidemic — “The F.B.I.’s been infiltrated by the Illuminati.” “There’s 50-60,000 human sacrifices per year in this country.”
Ted Gunderson: Many of our congressmen and senators have been blackmailed through children, sex and drugs…”and we don’t have enough people like Kucinich and Ron Paul to stand up.”
My third “getting right with those we’ve hurt” dream – 4/23/10
Cathy O’Brien: A freed Presidential mind-control slave gives specifics on how America is getting jacked!
The Didache (70-100 AD): Reconciliation was required to attend early church meetings! “How upside-down the ‘church’ is today.”
Benjamin Franklin told us: we’ve given you a republic, if you can keep it. We haven’t kept it. – Hoppy Heidelberg, Grand Juror for OKC Bombing
Mike Bickle: The most miserable people in the whole earth = TOO MUCH GOD TO ENJOY SIN; TOO MUCH SIN TO ENJOY GOD. WholeHEARTedness: it’s the only way we can function right.
Kevin Trudeau on government mandated ‘health care’: “Now, the government is going to take money out of your pocket, whether you like it or not, and give it to the drug companies — so the drug companies can then give drugs to more and more people. Hospital stays will go up. Costs will go up. But the quality of a person’s health is not going to go up.”

James — Demons WITHIN drive ‘Christians’ to curse people. “If you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition IN YOUR HEART” you’re probably a James-3 curser. If so, “don’t lie against the truth.” Instead, be a PEACEMAKER, “for they shall be called children of God.” – Jesus
Jeff Fenske: Update — On being single all of my life; The Third Great Awakening (‘ONE’) can happen in Alaska; etc.
[screenshots] Jaye Thomas leading worship at the IHOP Awakening 3/26/10
My Theory on Divorce and ‘Marriage’: It’s time to get out of unbiblical ‘marriages.’ “God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterers.” We must all be clean.
Patrick Henry —> Jeffrey Fenske: When a people *forget* God, tyrants forge their chains —> America has *forgotten* God because of the false doctrine of “once saved, always saved” and “it’s hard to lose one’s salvation.” Here come the chains!
The History of Reverse-Worship: The Focus is On Us, Not HIM — A Disturbing Trend
[Screenshots] IHOP Real-Worship Leader: Jaye Thomas!!!

My 1990 Key-to-Revival Prophecy: “There is might and there is power and there is glory, but it is being withheld until these relationships are made right, until we love our brother enough to…”
Jaye Thomas [IHOP real-worship leader]: “We join with the four living creatures. We sing the song that the angels sing. We want to know what they know. We want to see what they see when they cry ‘holy, holy, holy!’”
Glenn Beck Bashes Jesse Ventura: “What a dope this guy is … nothing but a big, fat, dumb bully. … He’s big, he’s dumb, he’s slow.” Ha, ha, ha, ha …
Wes Hall [IHOP] on William Seymour’s 1909 prophecy of the shekinah glory returning to the church in 100 years: “Let me tell you about the church in the book of Acts. …the fear of God was on the community, and no one dared join them. But they were highly esteemed. Why did no one dare join them?” | My theory …
[Screenshots] Ryan Kondo MAXIMUM Worship! The Way I Always Want To LIVE!
Abbott Loop CC Cross: We MUST Die In Order To Live!!!
Ryan Kondo (IHOP worship leader): “Business as usual will not do anymore. … The hour is late, the need is great, will you answer My call?”
FOX News Illustrated: “We Spin, We Decide” — Because Sometimes You Can’t Handle the Truth
Bohemian Grove
At the Monteith’s
Joe Schimmel
Rachael’s Testimony: “I didn’t know it was depression. I tried to always put on this happy face, try to make everyone happy. I was very good at wearing masks. I was very good at being a chameleon. … When that spirit left, I didn’t even know that it was there. … I feel so bright, and I feel like clean before the Lord. I feel like I can love others so purely…”
The Spirit of Suicide — Wes Hall: “There are some of you here who wrestle under a spirit of torment, depression and suicidal thoughts. And the Lord wants to set you free! … Some of you have been involved in sin, and the shame of that sin has led you into depression and thoughts of suicide, and that you’re never going to make it to God’s standard.”
Daniel Rodes and Me in Alaska
“Jeff, would I be correct in surmising that you subscribe to Oneness Pentecostalism?” My answer …
Wes Hall: Many ministers weren’t even called into the ministry. “The reason you’ve gone to seminary is to prove to God…how dedicated you are.” • “Some of you should have been in ministry, and you went into business; and you tried to become the best you could to earn your father’s approval in the natural.”
Wes Hall: “God can deliver us from everything except an unrepentant heart.” Let’s forgive and be free!
FALSE DOCTRINE: Why won’t Christian leaders even mention Hebrews 10:26? An IHOP example — so close and yet so far away — from full REVIVAL 🙁
Wes Hall: “Beloved, grace has nothing to do with freedom to sin. … Grace is the power to be free from sin. … Examine yourself to see if you are in the faith.”
FALSE DOCTRINE: Why won’t Christian leaders even mention Hebrews 10:26? An IHOP example — so close and yet so far away — from full REVIVAL!
Wes Hall: “Beloved, grace has nothing to do with freedom to sin. … Grace is the power to be free from sin. … Examine yourself to see if you are in the faith.”
Dr. Stanley Monteith: Steven Rockefeller, the nephew of David Rockefeller, is the guy who is really running America today
[Screaming for REVIVAL?] The Who ended their Super-Bowl-Half-time set with these words (after Roger Daltrey screamed “Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”): “Don’t you get fooled … again”
Wes Hall to church leaders: “There’s a cry in your heart saying ‘I am not prepared to walk forward another step in dead works and dead religion”
My notes: R. T. Kendall’s last 2010 AK conference message — “Total Forgiveness Part 2: Forgiving Yourself”
My notes: R. T’s 4th message at Muldoon A of G: ~ on being tomorrow’s man or woman
R. T. Kendall’s 3rd message at Muldoon Community Assembly: My notes — “The Anointing: Today’s Man”
Watching R. T. Kendall via live webstream: My notes — “The Anointing: Yesterday’s Man”
George Hunt: The Inner Workings of a One-World, New Age Government. Globalists Plan to Collapse and Take Over All Banks in 2012. “If you don’t cooperate you won’t be able to buy or sell!”
The Prayer Room at IHOP: How to navigate the Archives player to watch different sessions or to pause, repeat, …
Mike Bickle: Making a Purity Covenant so the HOLY Spirit can come and we won’t get zapped … to bless His heart — that we may be ONE!
Amazing coincidence or conspiracy? Alaska’s TV cable monopoly GCI drops TruTV before the landmark 7-part “Conspiracy Theory” series completely airs!

Wes Hall: It’s Not Just Porn! “You’re asking for power and there are areas of hidden compromise in your life. … I’m not talking about the R-rated movies. I’m talking about the PG-13s … certain sitcoms, TV shows where your spirit is being defiled.”
Watch the IHOP revival (Wednesdays – Saturdays) or the 24/7 prayer room FREE…
John Tesh: Find Your True Calling — Get Over Your Fear. “Ask yourself, ‘If I had nothing to lose what would I do?’”
My Theory on Divorce
The Didache (70-100 AD): Reconciliation was required to attend early church meetings! “How upside-down the ‘church’ is today.”
All people want to do is party or watch football while our country is getting jacked! — Alex Jones
Wes Hall: IHOPU Awakening Testimony — “I was leading that first class … We had some skeptics who came in … I was one of them” — “THAT RIVER that flows from the throne”
Wes Hall: Why do people laugh and shake under the power of God? “The Lord has released a revelation of the Father’s love I’ll never forget”
A Biblical altar call = Wes Hall: Do you want to be free from that heavy yoke? The way out of that prison is by making Jesus Lord: “I am going to follow Him instead of follow my own ways for the rest of my life.”
Bill O’Reilly Flips Out — Truly ‘Fair and Balanced’ People Don’t Do This
God cares even more than we do of our well being!!!
There is A RIVER, the streams of which make the city of God glad! “Drink from THE WELL that will never run dry! Drink from THE WELL that will never run dry! Drink from THE WELL that will never run dry!!!”
IHOP revival leader on God’s provision during martyrdom: “When we’re in the presence of the Lord, martyrdom doesn’t seem like such a bad deal”
Art Mathias on It’s Supernatural: Spiritual Roots of Disease — Healed Through Forgiving (If there is pain in a memory there is unforgiveness)
Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory: 9/11 Episode exposes ‘found’ black boxes
Boot camp kills the conscience so soldiers can do evil without being convicted in their hearts
Alex Jones: Rush Limbaugh’s job was to keep you asleep while the NWO was being built. He acts like a patriot just enough to fool the people because he’s “a creature of the New World Order”
A lesson from Star Wars — the conflict within | The Holy Spirit: Let go of your hate Vs. Satan: Give in to your anger. With each passing moment you make yourself more my servant
George Humphrey: For all of my liberal friends who still listen to NPR: Wake Up! This is the Matrix
Finally — where I stand on Catholicism
Icon, NWO Historian G. Edward Griffin: The NWO’s Master Plan is Underway! “If you understand the mentality of the criminal mind, then you can see what it is they have planned”
I’ve finally shared much of what I know about and what can be done through the TREMENDOUS and mostly misunderstood and underused gift of tongues. A reader thankfully put me over the edge : )
Chuck Crismier: The “CONSPIRACY” of COMPROMISE — How the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We know Jesus said “Narrow is the way;” we just really don’t quite believe it. The majority SEEM comfortable, but DEEP IN THEIR HEART is this haunting suspicion that something is wrong. It’s as if truth doesn’t matter anymore
Forgiving-Others, Freedom Prayer!
Dr. Scott Johnson: Pharmakeia — Sorcery, Pharmaceuticals & the Roots of Modern Day Drug Industry. “You cannot drug your body into good health.” “Drugs are not going to take the demons away.” “They’ve swept the symptoms under the rug for so long that now they’re a surgical candidate.”
Ichabod; The Glory has Departed…But The Show Must Go on
Lindsey Williams on the Two Year Globalist Timetable: “They have some definite plans. Now whether they will succeed and accomplish it or not is another story. I hope they don’t, but on the other hand, that is their timeline”
Dr. Stan: “The reason many people tune into Radio Liberty is because we’re going to tell you the information Rush Limbaugh is payed so much not to tell you”
LRAD Weapons Used in Pittsburgh: “It’s like serving notice to the American people that THE AGE OF PEACEFUL PROTEST IS OVER”
“The Perfect Storm” by John Paul Jackson. What to expect in the next 10 years. To overcome, we must be right with each other: “You must have clean hands and not harmed others. And if you have, you must repent so that you can be clean” | My experience at Trinity
The Great Lutheran Deception Illustrated! A letter from the Lutheran high school I attended: “All graduates know that their life forever in heaven is secure”
Masonry: Conspiracy Against Christianity — “After the 30th degree, every Mason takes a vow with the sword in his hand to destroy Christianity”
When attacked & cursed, tune into your heart, tune into Love; take it cheerfully and say: ‘Thank you, God.’ In the end you get it all back many times over!
Chuck Crismier with Mike Bickle: An incorrect understanding of Romans 8 closes one’s ears to truthers and opens the door to PARALYZED Christian PASSION. ‘Worship’ then is a game. ~50% of ‘Christians’ are Heart Adulterers!
Assembly of God ‘Christian’ and President Bush’s Attorney General: John Ashcroft’s ‘Christian Mafia,’ power-OVER, cult membership. “By their fruits you will know them”
QUIZ: Which part of Rush Limbaugh’s brain does he tie behind his back? | Where is the fear of God in America?
Master Communicator, Katherine Albrecht Summarizes the Hegelian Dialectic (Problem > Reaction > Solution) in 10 Seconds — How They Do It To Us
Alan Keyes Psychoanalyzes the Global Elite and President Obama’s Mind-set: Inherent Superiority & Self-Worship
Something Good is Going to Happen? Abbott Loop CC Cup — “Jesus is Lord.” We MUST Die In Order To Live!!!
Sad 🙁 A Pastor-Cursing-People Example Here in Anchorage, Alaska! | The Theology of James-3 Cursing
“No Hate,” Himself (John Wooden) Recognized as the Greatest Coach! Why?
‘Presidential Secrets’: Former CIA Operative Chip Tatum Speaks About Drug Running, G.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Oliver North, Neutralizing Ross Perot, Task Force 160’s Darkest Green (’Black’) Helicopters, Assassinations
Gerald Celente on “people ripping off people at every level”: “We cannot move forward as a nation and succeed unless we bring our morality to the level it should be at”
Col. Bob Bowman: God’s Prescription for National SECURITY. The WARhorse is a Vain Hope for Victory. We Should Have Repented Instead
GMO means “God Move Over” | The major reason for the documented decline of health in the last 13 years | The “100% Natural” thing
David Icke: Break FREE from ‘The Matrix’ Mind-Control Programming. Break Out of the TRANCE!
Ron Paul: Too Little, Too Late? “My guess is that we’ll have the Crisis” before necessary changes will be made
Gerald Celente: Timeline Update — Temporary Reprive; Global Depression Still Coming
Alaska’s Road System Compared to Los Angeles’
Top architect explains why 9/11 buildings were brought down by controlled demolition and Al Qaeda didn’t have the technology or access to do it. Who did? Two months before the ELEVATOR MODERNIZATION PROJECT, Nick ROCKEFELLER predicted a 9/11-like event to trigger war!
Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations INTENTIONALLY ALTERED AMERICAN HISTORY in Order to Merge America Into a Monopoly They Control
How the previous post, “What the Lord’s Prayer really says about FORGIVING…,” came about
What the Lord’s Prayer really says about FORGIVING. Jesus made it clear right after “Amen”: “IF YOU DON’T forgive…” vs. Luther’s Catechism: “God forgives WITHOUT CONDITION,” even “REVENGE!!!”

Pat Robertson Supports Torture? Who Would Jesus Torture?

Christians are Being Lied To and Manipulated to Carry Out Occult Secret Societies’ Agenda — Benjamin Franklin and the Hellfire Club >>> Skull & Bonesmen Presidents George Bush I & II and Bohemian Grove

Ted Haggard: I’d still rather be the way I am now—broke, a man of disrepute—than have “that HORRIFIC INTERNAL STRUGGLE”

Ex Porn Star’s Amazing Story: “For eight years, I battled the Devil for my life with the Word. I’d fall … I fell a little bit less … and I started WALKING TALL, like a CHAMPION!!!”

Ex Porn Star Shelley Lubben’s FREEDOM Testimony: The Champion in You!!!

Dr. Stan & Ted Gunderson on How “They’re” Able to Do It: “Once you understand the things that actually go on at Bohemian Grove…” — “This Satanic element has infiltrated all levels of our government”

Alex Jones’ ‘Lord of the Rings’ FREEDOM analogy: Satan is real and is manifesting. Saruman-like elite worship Lucifer. People are literally UNDER a SPELL!

Alex Jones: How a confidence man works — PEOPLE go along because they DON’T WANT TO ADMIT THEY WERE CONNE

Is Murdoch’s NIV the ‘N’ew ‘I’lluminati ‘V’ersion? Has the Word of God Been Corrupted to Bring US Into the New World Order?

Gerald Celente April 2009: False Flag Recovery

Lindsey Williams on The Infowarrior with Jason Bermas 4/9/09: HyperInflation Coming in 6-9 Months, Maximum 1 Year!!

Alex Jones Predicts 9/11 on 7/25 (2001)

Patrice O’Neal: Racial SEPARATION, HATRED helps the NWO! | We need to COME TOGETHER at the bottom of this pyramid | This country is NOT TEACHING HISTORY (where the banks came from, etc.) | WHO’S WORSE? The PEOPLE AT THE TOP… or the AVERAGE CITIZEN who helps these dudes DESTROY OTHER PEOPLE?

Bob Chapman — “TIMELINE: I Expect Real, Real Trouble NEXT YEAR”

Gerald Celente: “The MEDIA is really basically made up of CON MEN and CLOWNS” / Jim Cramer / “People don’t have the DIGNITY or respect TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES” / “By this time NEXT YEAR, everybody will know”

Pro-Peace Rapper Demonstrates Awesome Christlike, Stephen-like Forgiveness When Struck — Stop the Violence Within — We Can Do It!!!

KRS One: Wake Up!!! “They put a black face on the New World Order … They want us to be enraged, angered. Peace is a revolutionary strategy … Stop the violence in yourself”

U2 — ‘Magnificent’ Live on Letterman!!!!!!! “Till we die, you and I will magnify The Magnificent!”

My Dream: The Name of the Antichrist Revealed?

To forgive is to move forward. Georgia rule.

Any Idea Why President Obama Looked Away From the Audience on Leno Last Night?

People Cursing People with Insomnia

Katherine Albrecht on Libertarianism: “People Have a Right to Sin”

Photo of My Prez | My Prez’s Photo of Me

Dennis Cramer: “Most ‘Christians’ curse for the purpose of retaliation and vindication … ‘Christian’ leaders are even more vulnerable”

Asbury Revival, 1970: “Dr. Kinlaw, I am a liar. Now what do I do?”

[1988] Feisty Ron Paul Castigated for Opposing CIA Drug Running, Shouting for State’s Rights!

Popularity & Lying: The ‘Best’ Liars the Most Popular?

America’s Missed Opportunity: Dr. Ron Paul was Right

Trends Forecaster, Gerald Celente: The GREATEST Depression coming — “This is the time for innovation” … “The best of times for the people of a higher moral character”

Ron Paul on Real Time with Bill Maher 2/20/09 — “The real problem is we need to do a lot less”

Celente: The People Who Will Survive This Greatest Depression

David Icke: Truth and Suppresion of Information

Celente: The Greatest Depression — Using 1930’s Models to Get Us Out of This is Really Stupid”

Wealthiest Americans NOT Gates or Buffet: Rockefellers Worth $11.48 TRILLION in 1998!

AMAZING!!! Historians Twist History of the Great Depression(s) to Make Gov’t Intervention Appear Desirable

Dr. Stan: Powerful spiritual forces work behind the whole one-world government movement

What is Real Revival?

Strand: Most ‘Christians’ James-3 Curse & Matthew-5 Lust

“Blessed Subtractions” = Pastors ‘Praying’ People Out of Their Churches

‘Pastor’: You can pray AGAINST people too. “It’s well worth it!” – Vs – God: “Bless and don’t curse;” “This wisdom is…DEMONIC;” “Overcome evil with good,” “that you may be children of your Father”

Martin Luther James-3 Cursed? “The maladies I suffer are not natural, but Devil’s spells”

Paul Meier: “The most deceitful thing in God’s universe is our own hearts”

“Breaking Christian Curses: Finding Freedom from Destructive Prayers” by Dennis Cramer

Celente: The Presidential Reality Show — People who drink the Kool-Aid will go down with the ship

Smith Wigglesworth: “Stephen…manifested the very same compassion for his enemies that Jesus did”

Gerald Celente: Top Trends During The Collapse of 2009 — Whole Health Healing, Quality, The Sharp Look …

Alex Jones, InfoWarrior: Concerned

Kucinich: The Problem and the Solution — “The Federal Reserve is No More Federal Than Federal Express … Take That Power Back”

Andre Eggelletion: “What’s so wrong with admitting when you’re wrong?”

Randy Stonehill: “Shut Do Do, Keep Out De Devil”

Have-We-Forgiven Gauge: “If There is Pain In a Memory There is Bitterness”

My Favorite Phil Keaggy Song: “March of the Clouds” — The Ascent Towards Heaven!

FreedomQuotes: “If you’re not catching flack you’re not over the target”

Jesse Colin Young: “Come on People Now, Smile on Your Brother; Everybody GET TOGETHER, Try to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, Right Now”

Who Picks Obama’s Cabinet? Why Did Jimmy Carter Cry?

Chapman Money Tip: How to Pay Off Your House During Hyperinflation

Andre Eggelletion: The Only Bullets the ‘Fed’ Has Left is PRINT, PRINT, PRINT, PRINT!

Ron Paul: Governments DISHONESTLY Terrorize People’s Hearts With FEAR to Take Over

Quincy Jones: My Self-Worth

Had Only America Known: U.S. Intelligence Assassinated General Patton, Who Wanted to Free Eastern Europe Before Coming Home

Media Distorts the News: CNN Omits the Most Persuasive Words the Shoe Thrower Said

Bush: The Bible isn’t Literally True; Evolution is Scientifically Proven; Jesus isn’t the Only Way

Willful Ignorance: Actively Resisting the Truth and Truth-tellers

Louie Giglio: How GREAT Is Our GOD — The Heavens Proclaim the GLORY of GOD!

Katherine Albrecht: The MISTAKE, the Intentional LIE of Equating GOODness with BORINGness

Ron Paul: How We Bully the World — “You do it our way & we’ll give you money. If you don’t do it our way we’ll bomb ya”

An Incredibly Repeatable Song: “Breath In”

Nick Begich: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit Demonstrate What’s Possible for Human Beings

Mind-Control on ‘Coast’ Tonight, 11/9/08 | My Theory | Recap

Dr. Stanley Monteith: “You can’t have limited government unless you have moral people”

[Audio] Mysterious Death of Congressman Sonny Bono: Bob Fletcher on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ 10/4/08

‘Christian’ Voter’s Guides: What’s Missing? Who’s Missing? What this Nearly Single Issue Litmus Test Has Done to America

Ron Paul: “I’m supporting Chuck Baldwin” & “the most difficult group to recruit has been the evangelicals who supported McCain and his pro-war positions”

Joe the Plumber’s Reverse-Freedom Logic: Iraq war is “like someone coming to Jesus and becoming saved”

Nick Begich: Founding Fathers on Iraq — People Have a Right to Self-determination

Alex Jones Learning To Be Free — No Hate!

My EMP Dream (10/23/08): All Cars Suddenly Stopped From Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon?

Abbott Loop CC’s New Colors!

Goodbye-to-Our-Job? Party Photos
Satire: You Might Be a Neocon …
Nick Vujicic: Joy No Matter What!
Voting for the ‘Lesser of Evils,’ Thinking We’re Going to Heaven

Michael Franti: “We Don’t Have to Choose Sides”

Paul Newman Has Left Us—Not Having Seen the Revival Come

REVIVAL at ASBURY College 1970–God Showed Up Big-Time!

HeartQuote Video: “Without inner peace, it is impossible to have world peace”
Michael Franti in Alaska: LOVE to the HATEFUL!
Tony Rebel: If Jah is standing by by my side, then why should I be afraid? … Your best you try to harm I & I … But I LOVE YOU STILL!
John Mayer: Just Keep Me Where the LIGHT Is … to Walk On Through
Chuck Missler: The Return of the Nephilim
Bill Wiese’s 23 Minutes in Hell — What is it like in Hell?
The Good Friday Earthquake, Anchorage, Alaska (1964): Reverend Elliot was reciting a prophetic verse, “…and the earth shook and the rocks were split”
Wishing Others Well: Tony Hawk’s The First 900
Nat Geo Photographer Dewitt Jones on gratitude: I taught my students to say ‘thank you’ out loud — ‘Thank you;’ ‘Thank you;’ ‘Thank you’ … all the way down the ridge
‘Christian’ Leaders James-3 Cursing People Example: Jesse
Martin Luther: Sin Boldly — “No sin can separate us from Him, even if we were to kill or commit adultery thousands of times each day”
Martin Luther’s Subordinate Bible Books: Hebrews, James, Jude & Revelation
Ed Young: God Designed Sex in Heaven — Augustine & Luther Followed Plato into Error
Tomorrow (5/11) on ‘Coast’: “Bob Fletcher will talk about Sonny Bono’s mysterious death” (First Hour) | DVD Ordering Info from Bob
Brandi Chastain: Lying to Win — America’s End-Justifies-the-Means Morality
Travis Pastrana’s Appretiation of Colin McRae’s Heart to Give [1968-2007]
Rethinking Matthew 24: “…then the end will come” — after the Pete Townshends “know”?

Ron Paul’s Biggest Eye-Opener: ‘Christian’ Evangelicals Pushing Preemptive War in the Name of Spreading Christian ‘Love’

John Tesh & Friends: How Important is FORGIVENESS in a Relationship? | FORGIVING: Our GREATEST OPPORTUNITY to SHOW the LOVE of Christ!

Martin Luther: Sin Boldly — “No sin can separate us from Him, even if we were to kill or commit adultery thousands of times each day”

Martin Luther’s Subordinate Bible Books: Hebrews, James, Jude & Revelation

Martin Luther Cursed from His Heart Catholic Leaders, ‘Every Day’

Ed Young: God Designed Sex in Heaven — Augustine & Luther Followed Plato into Error

The Source of Christian Love Within Us. Where is the ‘Heart’?

Shawn Phillips: The HEARTBEAT of America is a TRUCK—Frightened to Death of the TRUTH

Shawn Phillips: The Ballad of Casey Deiss | Shawn Exiled from USA’s Garbage-FM

Ken Duncan (Photographer): “When we SEE THE BEAUTY of CREATION…PEACE” | “The HARDEST PART about photography…”

Travis Pastrana’s Appretiation of Colin McRae’s Heart to Give [1968-2007]

Michael Reagan in Full, Reverse-Christianity Mode—Twisting America into Full Disgrace

Actress Christine Ebersole: People are NEVER the ENEMY—King Even Called White Supremacists His “BROTHERS”

Rethinking Matthew 24: “…then the end will come” — after the Pete Townsends “know”?

Dr. Blaylock: The Chemical Dumbing Down of America—”That’s What They Want”

Total Energy of the Stars in the Universe!
It’s Okay To Be Lonely For Now: The Spiral Staircase Vision
Lust: A Discussion Within––BODY (heart?), MIND & SPIRIT
Greg Boyd’s Prayer: Teach us to be free, forgiving even our worst enemy
Greg Boyd: In the kingdom of God, we are not allowed to have any enemies
‘The Robe’ (1953) — The God of All Comfort!
Ed Young: Joseph—Betrayal, Forgiving, Trust, Patience & Loyalty—”Let God Take Care of Revenge”

[Warning] Men: May we not lust watching the Super Bowl today

Martin Luther Found Some Freedom Through Prayer & Resisting the Devil
Erroneous “2 natures of the believer doctrine”: Rom. 7 before Paul’s ‘life in the Son’ – Shank
Glenn Beck Show Scrolls Huckabee’s “Paul Is Dead” Message During Ron *Paul* Interview

Starring Ron Paul & Ed Griffin: “Fiat Empire—Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution”

Real-World Inflation Illustration: Sports Cars

Nick Begich: China’s incremental “Art of War”

Why is Pat Robertson Supporting Giuliani?

Ron Paul at Falwell’s ‘Liberty’ U: The Heart of the Problem?

Pat Robertson’s Deceptive Tithing Doctrine: ” an irreducible MINIMUM,” “ANTICIPATORY tithing”

Carlos Santana: “If you fight with joy, you’re the solution”

Joe Sample’s Decision: “I’m NOT GOING TO HATE the white man. I’m going to the piano & CREATE THE LIFE that I want TO LIVE!”

NIU Shooter’s Girlfriend: “He did stop taking Prozac” & sent her ‘The Antichrist’
Possible scenario: oppressed > Prozac prescribed to feel better > oppression & conscience dulled > easier to sin > more demons come > quits Prozac to feel more alive > worse oppression fully felt > violence/suicide

WordPOWER SERIES (Gleanings from Scripture)

[WordPower • Psalm 50] God Warns: “You have done these things, and I kept silent. You thought that I was just like you. … Now consider this…lest I tear you into pieces and there be none to deliver” (Hell?)


WordPower: Loving Others More than Ourselves to Love Others as Much? The Greatest Key to Forgiving & Holiness?

WordPOWER: It’s not just a head thing — we must be clean deep within
WordPOWER: In the Last Days, PERILOUS Times Will Come — But “We Will OVERCOME!”*

WordPOWER: Repay No One Evil for Evil — Don’t Curse — Give Place to God’s Wrath

WordPOWER: The Remedy for James-3 Cursing & Partysville in Today’s Church is James 4

WordPOWER: Withhold Nothing to Obtain the Kingdom of Heaven

WordPOWER: Better to Be a Poor Man than a Liar — Getting Treasure by Lying is a Fleeting Vapor, the Pursuit of Death

WordPOWER: “If you love those who love you, what reward do you have?”

WordPOWER: Jesus Ups the Ante

WordPOWER: Blessed are you when people insult you, falsely