(VID) China demolishes hundreds of churches and confiscates Bibles during a crackdown on Christianity — Xi wants absolute allegiance to himself

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From: Daily Mail
China demolishes hundreds of churches and confiscates Bibles during a crackdown on Christianity
7 August 2018

  • Locals in Henan stated concerns of a move by the atheist ruling Community Party to control Christianity
  • Residents were asked to replace posters of the cross and Jesus Christ with portraits of President Xi Jinping
  • Experts say the government is waging the most severe systematic suppression of the religion since 1982
  • Chinese leaders have ‘always been suspicious of the political threat’ that Christianity poses to the regime

‘Chinese leaders have always been suspicious of the political challenge or threat that Christianity poses to the Communist regime,’ said Xi Lian, a scholar of Christianity in China at Duke University. ‘Under Xi, this fear of Western infiltration has intensified and gained a prominence that we haven’t seen for a long time.’

Officials once largely tolerated the unregistered Protestant house churches that sprang up independent of the official Christian Council, clamping down on some while allowing others to grow. But this year they have taken a tougher approach that relies partly on ‘thought reform’ – a phrase for political indoctrination.

Last November, Christian residents of a rural township in south-east Jiangxi province were persuaded to replace posters of the cross and Jesus Christ inside their homes with portraits of Xi, a local official said.

‘Through our thought reform, they’ve voluntarily done it,’ Qi Yan, a member of the township party committee, told the AP by phone. ‘The move is aimed at Christian families in poverty, and we educated them to believe in science and not in superstition, making them believe in the party.’  …

‘Xi is a closet Maoist – he is very anxious about thought control,’ said Willy Lam, a Chinese politics expert at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. ‘He definitely does not want people to be faithful members of the church, because then people would profess their allegiance to the church rather than to the party, or more exactly, to Xi himself.’

Various state and local officials declined repeated requests to comment. But in 2016, Xi explicitly warned against the perceived foreign threats tied to faith, telling a religion conference: ‘We must resolutely guard against overseas infiltrations via religious means.’

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(video) KrisAnne Hall in Anchorage Alaska: Must a Christian Always Obey the Government? 8/21/16

Constitution teacher KrisAnne Hall in Anchorage, Alaska 8/21/16 at Anchorage Baptist Temple

I was blessed to be there, and was able to discuss something I think she didn’t get quite right here.

Important topic. Many good points. Romans 13.

Being Holy Spirit led is key, and then: “We ought to obey God rather than men.”

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Special Guest KrisAnne Hall 8/21/16


Corrie Ten Boom: Beware of False Teaching of Pre-Tribulation Rapture

From: Z3News.com

Corrie Ten Boom: Beware of False Teaching of Pre-Tribulation Rapture

In 1974 Corrie Ten Boom wrote the letter shown below to warn Christians about the false teaching of the pre-tribulation rapture. This teaching is very popular in America, even though there is no scriptural basis for it. Many believers have bought into it because they have heard it taught by their pastor or by other Christian leaders, but we must study the scriptures for ourselves.

God has promised to deliver His people from the wrath of God, which will be poured out near the end of the seven-year tribulation period. However, there is a big difference between the persecution of Christians and the wrath of God. God never promised us that we would be protected from persecution. In fact, He promised us we would be persecuted just as Jesus was also persecuted.

The pre-tribulation rapture is a dangerous teaching because it will cause believers to be confused and even abandon their faith when they see tremendous persecution coming upon them during the tribulation. Many will fall away at that time, which is also foretold in the Bible. It is called the apostasy. I am posting Corrie Ten Boom’s letter to help warn people while there is still time.

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CORRIE TEN BOOM: PREPARED For The COMING TRIBULATION — “Daddy, I am afraid that I will never be STRONG ENOUGH TO BE A MARTYR for Jesus Christ.” My father said, “OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN KNOWS when you will need the strength…. HE WILL SUPPLY ALL YOU NEED – JUST IN TIME.“

(video) The Immediate Results of an EMP! – Vincent Pry on The Jim Bakker Show

Remember Jim Bakker? He’s doing well now, and is one of the few telling the truth on TalmudVision (TV). I’m recording all episodes.

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WATCH THE FULL EPISODE: http://bit.ly/1Q9o3JY

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The Immediate Results of an EMP – Jim Bakker Show

‘Not Appointed Unto Wrath’ – What Scripture Is Really Saying — According to the preponderance of the evidence, the text is therefore telling us that the “orge” wrath that we are saved from is not the same type of wrath that we find during Great Tribulation. The “orge” wrath that we are saved from is only found immediately after the tribulation at the Second Coming of Christ. As such, even if the rapture does not happen until immediately after the tribulation we are still saved from the “orge” of God as promised, yet still present to witness the “thymos” wrath of the first six trumpets and vials/bowls upon Antichrist, Antichrist’s kingdom, and Antichrist’s people

From: midnightwatcher.wordpress.com

Lost in Translation: ‘Not Appointed Unto Wrath’ – What Scripture Is Really Saying

Buy a book written by virtually any popular Bible prophecy teacher today and you are guaranteed — at some point within the confines of its pages — to read a sentence or two that sounds a little something like this: “The Bible says that we are not appointed unto wrath, which means that Christians are not destined to suffer the wrath of God. Since the Tribulation is the wrath of God the Church must therefore be removed from the earth before the Tribulation begins. Otherwise, the Bible is lying.” You get the idea. It sounds reasonable, right? Because if the premisses are true then the conclusion must be sound, correct? In theory, yes, but only if all of the premisses are true. So allow me, if I may, to take a closer look at the “not appointed unto wrath” proposition that leads many of us to conclude “removal from the earth”, and join me as together we delve a little bit more into the text in an effort to better understand the wrath that we see in the Book of Revelation, and the wrath that we specifically are not appointed unto. Something very, very important has been lost in translation.

First, let’s begin by looking at all the verses which tell us that we are not appointed to wrath, or are saved from wrath:

  • 1 Thess 1:10, “And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, [even] Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come.”
  • 1 Thess 5:9, “For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ”
  • Romans 5:9, “Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him.”
  • Eph 5:6, “Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.”


The “Orge” Wrath of God in the Book of Revelation – When Does It Begin?

Next, let’s examine the wrath of God that is described in Revelation. The word “wrath” itself is found 13 times in English translations of Revelation, but what many teachers of Biblical prophecy fail to delineate is the fact that, in the original Greek, the word translated as “wrath” is not just simply from the Greek word “orge”. It is from two separate words — “orge” and “thymos.”  Since many Christian teachers fail to identify this significant distinction they also then fail to realize that the “orge” wrath of God that we are promised to be saved from according to the verses above is itself only found six times in Revelation. And here’s the kicker:  Each time “orge” is found it is always used in a post-trib context only:

1 and 2. It is mentioned AFTER the cosmic signs and the revealing of Christ Jesus (Revelation 6:16-17). Jesus tells us in no uncertain terms that these signs happen immediately AFTER the tribulation (Matthew 24:29).

3. It is found AFTER the SEVENTH trumpet (Revelation 11:18). When the 7th and last trump begins to sound we find the rapture described in Revelation 10, which is explained in detail here.

4. It is used to describe the final torment of unbelievers in hell (Revelation 14:10, the wine of the “thymos” of God is poured out into “the cup of His indignation“- orge).

5. It is found AFTER the SEVENTH vial/bowl (Revelation 16:19). (The trumpets and bowls are two sides of the same coin. They are separate descriptions of the same events whereby the trumpets are the cause and the vials/bowls are the effect).

6. It is used in connection with Christ’s Second Coming (Revelation 19:15).


What is the Difference Between “Orge” and “Thymos” Wrath?

When presented with this reality, some will then incorrectly assume that both the “orge” and “thymos” wrath of God must somehow have essentially the same meaning. If that were the case, however, then why did the Holy Spirit inspire the writers of the New Testament to use them both? Why were they both used at times in the same verse? Why does God-breathed Scripture only tell us that we are saved from the “orge” wrath? Obviously, although both “orge” and “thymos” could have similar meanings they must still be qualitatively distinct. Here are some examples where they are both used in the same verse:

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12 Reasons NOT To Expect a PRE-Trib Rapture

(audio) David Pawson: Will Christians Escape by Secret Rapture? — “Let’s get ready for trouble, realizing that when it comes, it’s only for a short while, and then He’s coming back” (Dispensationalism birthed this false doctrine that’s leading so many into false hope)

Why There is No Pre-Trib or Mid-Trib Rapture: Jesus will destroy the Lawless One at the same time he is gathering the saints to meet him in the air

Dumitru Duduman: The Russian Invasion of America — “It will start with the world calling for ‘peace, peace.’ Then there will be an internal revolution in America…. The government will be busy with internal problems. Then, from the oceans…” — The rapture will occur AFTER America is destroyed, as God destroys the enemies of Israel!

Dave Macpherson, author of “The Rapture Plot”: Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty — John Darby, Edward Irving, Cyrus Scofield, Tim Lahaye, John Walvoord, Jerry Falwell, Chuck Missler, Hal Lindsey, Jack van Impe, Grant Jeffrey …

(video) Will Hagee Have A Rapture? — “If you’re not a Christian, don’t you dare fly with a Christian pilot. He’s going up and you’re going down” – Hagee

[7-minute video] The RAPTURE will take place “AFTER THE TRIBULATION” — “Christians, today, are NOT BEING WARNED about the events they will face in the great tribulation. To learn the truth about the rapture, we must look within the pages of the Bible, itself”

Corrie Ten Boom: Prepared for the Coming Tribulation “There are some among us teaching there will be no tribulation, that the Christians will be able to escape all this. These are the false teachers that Jesus was warning us to expect in the latter days.”

Warmongers Unite: Rapture Ready – The Christians United for Israel Tour with ‘Pastor’ John Hagee

John Hagee – Enforce UN Thought Crimes Law

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Alex Jones: The pre-trib rapture doctrine is a big, sickening, psyop, bringing US into tyranny! “Most of you are a bunch of torture loving, war loving people…” — Truthful commentary by a non-pastor

Mike Bickle’s (IHOP) prophetic dream: “What is coming is so much more intense than we imagine.” “We must experience manifestation of His majesty that makes us tremble and His kindness that moves us to repentance and servanthood.” “We will receive angelic assistance and great power…”

After America Went Down Music: Our Demise Theme [Barber: “Adagio for Strings”] / The Demons Rejoice Dance Mix [Dj Tiesto] ||| WWWIII ||| “Once saved always saved” + pre-tribulation rapture + old covenant law tithing + “Support Bush no matter what”/dis the peacemakers and Ron Paul = Doomsday! ||| Where were the Bonhoeffers and therefore the disciples of Christ?!!

Baruch: “Not only is DECEPTION of the church possible, it was PROPHESIED TO HAPPEN!” — Jesus said “IN THE LAST DAYS THE MAJORITY WILL BE DECEIVED, take heed that it doesn’t happen to you” — “FALSE TEACHERS are actually SPEAKING SPELLS with the words of their FALSE DOCTRINES!”

Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God?