Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

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Mike Winger: “Buy a sword” – Jesus

Why does Jesus tell the disciples to buy swords? Is this Jesus supporting violence in self-defense?

5 Reasons Why Hell is Eternal – Bill Wiese: “What God’s word says is what matters. If you still don’t believe hell is eternal then you are calling God a liar”

“It doesn’t matter if you think an eternal hell is unfair. Your feelings have nothing to do with it. What God’s word says is what matters. He said it’s eternal, so He is right, as Deuteronomy 32:4 states. If you still don’t believe hell is eternal, then you are calling God [the Father] and Jesus Christ a liar. Do you really think that’s a wise decision?” – Bill Wiese

Michael Brown – Why I speak in tongues and John MacArthur doesn’t get charismatics

Good, quick description!

The True History of the Rapture + Dispensational Eschatology with JSlayUSA Jeremy Slayden

NOTE: I don’t necessarily agree with all of this. A lot of ground and ideas are covered! Luther was no saint himself and helped originate the false doctrine of “only believe.”

Interesting that John MacArthur supports the rebuilding of the third temple with the blasphemous animal sacrifices, which Paul warns us of in 2 Thess. 2. MacArthur also pushes hard the cessation of the gifts of the Spirit and OSAS/”once saved always saved.” He’s a major false teacher.

– –

-What is dispensational premillennial eschatology?
-When did it originate?
-Did it originate with John Nelson Darby or were there others before him?
-How does the rapture theology play a role in Zionism?
-How did C.I. Scofield play a role in spread this theology?

(short) How The New Covenant Works According to and Old Testament Scholar

Once Saved Always Saved? A Documentary Film – Full

Michael Brown Vs Corey Minor on Speaking in Tongues

NOTE: I definitely do not support all of Michael Brown’s views and practices. Michael supports the anti-Christ, NWO, Talmudic system that’s taking us down, while having admitted that Jesus strongly rebuked the Pharisees, who were Talmudists.

Most of what he says here is good, but his idea that the apostles were speaking in Armenian in Acts 2 and not in tongues is bizarre.

Biblically speaking, tongues are mainly people’s personal prayer language in which the Holy Spirit speaks through people mysteries that “no one understands,” which builds up the speaker.

The most popular, current false teaching says it can only be an Acts-2 experience in which foreigners understand, which the rest of the texts clearly refute.

Michael Brown mentions the blessing with the spirit aspect (verses 16 and 17).

I would add that I believe a main reason that Christians are built up when praying in tongues is because tongues is often perfectly praying against evil spirits, perhaps to angels in their language, who then deal with the demons. And this may be why Paul says tongues are praying in the language of men and angels in 1 Cor. 13:1. Praying in the Spirit can set us and others FREE!

Nice ending:

Brown: “Can we both agree and say ‘Father, we want everything that You have for us in the fullness of the Spirit to glorify Jesus and nothing that’s not from You. … I pray that for you. You pray that for me. Fair enough?”

Minor: “Fair enough.”

Doug Wilson vs. Michael Brown: Are the gifts of the Spirit still in operation?

Cessationism, the idea that the gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased in 70 AD really is “entirely unscriptural.”

Bodies Will Not Burn Up In Hell – Bill Wiese, “Man Who Went To Hell” Author of “23 Minutes In Hell”

If God can prepare such a glorious heavenly body for us, He can certainly prepare a body that will not be consumed by the fires of hell.

Can’t stop sinning? Where will you go?

“Whoever practices sin is dominated by the enemy of God, the Devil.”

“By keeping yourself busy you ignore the true state of your soul.”

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” – James 4:7

Eternal Call

Is Smoking Marijuana a Sin? — Marijuana dulls consciences so people no longer recognize the Holy Spirit’s warnings

(video) Is It Sinful to Wear a Bikini At a Public Pool? — “Men lust after women and women lust to be lusted after by men”

Quotes I transcribed from the video (beneath their tweets):

“We’re not even talking about skinny jeans here. This is as easy as it can possibly get to where it would violate that standard. … That’s not legalism to obey God. … This is only a discussion that only takes place in a society that has basically chucked any concept of modesty. “

“What’s the motivation to want to wear something like that in the first place? Are we really to believe that the motivation is ‘well I think I’m glorifying God?’

The sin of a man is to want to get physical gratification out of people that you shouldn’t be. The sin of a women is to arouse interest that you shouldn’t want.”


Men lust after women and women lust to be lusted after by men.

Sin is serious, Paul told born-again believers “they will die if they live according to the flesh” (that means to die spiritually)

A screenshot I made from what Jason Herrington wrote on Facebook.

Great to see people getting it! About 90 New Testament verses refute “once saved always saved,” “only believe,” and “it’s hard to lose one’s salvation.”

My article that I’m again offering $6,000 to anyone who can refute it: Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God? — “There is therefore now *no condemnation* to those who are IN CHRIST Jesus, who don’t WALK according to the flesh, but ACCORDING TO THE SPIRIT”

– –

Sin is serious, Apostle Paul told born again believers in (Romans 8:13) “they will die if they live according to the flesh.
(that means to die spiritually)

New Testament Proof! Unrepentant Lusters Cannot Enter Heaven! — “Those who practice such things will not inherit the Kingdom … Those who *belong to Christ* have crucified the flesh with its passions and lusts”

Jesus warned us in Matthew 5 in the strongest language that if we look at a woman to lust for her we’re committing adultery with her in our hearts. So He said we need to do whatever we have to control our eyes and our “right hand” so our whole bodies will not be thrown into hell when we die.

“You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery’ [old covenant].But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell. And if your right hand [masturbation] causes you to sin, cut it off and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell. (Mt. 5:27-31)

Origins Of Christian Zionism Exposed: Dispensational Eschatology Contradicts 2K Years Of Doctrine

Jeremy Slayden is here to talk about how Christian Protestantism was subverted by Manuel Lacunza, Darby, and Scofield which resulted in modern day Christian Zionism.

Irenaeus Taught that the Church Would Face the Antichrist – Did NOT Teach the Pre-Trib Rapture

Irenaeus Taught that the Church Would Face the Antichrist

The God Who Cursed the Tree

Lies About Hell – Bill Wiese “The Man Who Went To Hell” “23 Minutes In Hell”

EXCELLENT Analysis!!!

Steve Hill was probably the main person responsible for the Brownsville Revival. He had a dream showing 7 great deceptions in the church today. Rejecting hell is #6:

Spiritual Avalanche – Steve Hill: The 7 Great Lies in the Church Today — Overemphasis of Prosperity • Exaggerated View of Grace (grace-changers nullify all divine warnings) • Antinomianism = against rules, so “anything goes” (but “Jesus didn’t set us free to sin; He set us free from sin”) • Gazing Upon Man, not God • Challenging the Authority of the Word (God didn’t really mean what He said) • Rejecting Hell • Universal Reconciliation

Adam and Eve’s children produced children with each other. Why was that okay at the start, long before Moses prohibited incest?

Was the world populated through incest…

Here is Ryrie’s comment on this issue from his book Basic Theology (1986 ed):

We know that Adam and Eve had other sons and daughters in addition to Abel, Cain, and Seth (Gen. 5:4), and if there was only one original family, then the first marriages had to be between brothers and sisters. Such marriages in the beginning were not harmful. Incest is dangerous because inherited mutant genes that produce deformed, sickly, or moronic children are more likely to find expression in children if those genes are carried by both parents. Certainly, Adam and Eve, coming from the creative hand of God, had no such mutant genes. Therefore, marriages between brothers and sisters, or nieces and nephews in the first and second generations following Adam and Eve would not have been dangerous.

Many, many generations later, by the time of Moses, incest was then prohibited in the Mosaic laws undoubtedly for two reasons: first, such mutations that caused deformity had accumulated to the point where such unions were genetically dangerous, and second, it was forbidden because of the licentious practices of the Egyptians and Canaanites and as a general protection against such in society.

Entire Article

Beware of creating a god in your own image

Most pastors teach an unbalanced version of God. They only teach the kindness aspect, never the SEVERITY of God, which Paul clearly taught:

Romans 11:20 ..Don’t be conceited, but FEAR; 21 for if God didn’t spare the natural branches [the truly ethnic Jews], neither will he spare you. 22 See then the GOODNESS *and* SEVERITY of God. Toward those who fell, severity; but toward you, goodness, IF YOU CONTINUE in his GOODNESS; OTHERWISE YOU WILL ALSO BE *CUT OFF* [like in Mt. 7:19 and John 15:6].

What Is The Book Of Life? Whose Names Are In It?

This seems to be a subject that won’t be fully understood until we see Jesus face to Face, when we know fully even as we are fully known (1 Cor. 13).

We know for sure that all born-again Christians have their names in the Book of Life, and only the overcomers do not have their names removed from it when they’re judged by Jesus.

This article makes key points:

It is good to have your name written in the Book of Life

The apostle Paul addressed his fellow believers as, “…my fellow workers, whose names are in the book of life” (Philippians 4:3 ESV).  This clearly tells us that Christians have their names written in the Book of Life.

“The one who conquers will be clothed thus in white garments, and I will never blot his name out of the book of life. I will confess his name before my Father and before his angels” (Revelation 3:5 ESV). This passage tells us that perseverance is essential to one who has his or her name written in the Book of Life. Faithfulness to God is crucial to having one’s name secure in God’s kingdom. This verse also reinforces the fact that it is Jesus who determines whose name is, or is not, in the Book of Life. …

Holiness is not legalism | Doing what you want is not grace

Holiness is normal Christianity. Willfully sinning without fully repenting is leaving Christ, being a prodigal son.

Abiding in Christ is required to not be cut off, thrown into the fire and burned. We must overcome by God’s enabling grace.

WITHOUT HOLINESS, no one will see the Lord, but will FALL SHORT OF THE GRACE OF GOD!

“Follow after peace with ALL men, and the SANCTIFICATION WITHOUT WHICH NO ONE WILL SEE THE LORD, looking carefully lest there be any man who FALLS SHORT OF THE GRACE OF GOD; lest any ROOT OF BITTERNESS springing up trouble you, and many be DEFILED by it.” – Hebrews 12:14-15

God’s holiness standard, Ephesians 4:11-16

11 He gave some to be apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, shepherds and teachers; 12 for the PERFECTING of the saints, to the work of serving, to the building up of the body of Christ; 13 *UNTIL WE ALL* ATTAIN to the UNITY of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a FULL GROWN man, to THE MEASURE OF THE STATURE OF THE FULLNESS OF CHRIST; 14 that we may no longer be children, tossed back and forth and carried about with every WIND OF DOCTRINE [“once saved, always saved” (OSAS), “it’s hard to lose one’s salvation,” “only believe,” don’t have to actually abide in Christ to be “in Christ,” etc.], by the TRICKERY of men , in CRAFTINESS, after the WILES OF ERROR; [repeating the OSAS greatest hits verses over and over, taken out of context; ignoring the 80 that tell the truth] 15 but speaking TRUTH in love, we may GROW UP IN ALL THINGS INTO HIM, who is the head, Christ; 16 from whom all the body, being fitted and knit together through that which every joint supplies, according to the working in measure of each individual part, makes the body increase to the building up of itself in LOVE.

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are children of God.” – Romans 8:14

Jim Feeney: Do All Liars Go to Hell? Do Any Liars Go to Heaven?

Do All Liars Go to Hell? Do Any Liars Go to Heaven?

Summary:  This article is not enjoyable to write. But if God uses it to change even one person’s eternal destiny from hell to heaven, I will be thrilled. The point according to Scripture? Unrepentant, habitual liars go to hell when they die. The first three verses we’ll look at below make that very clear. I urge you to set aside any “but, but” reactions until you see what the Scriptures say about the practice of lying. Some ask: Do liars go to heaven? The answer is found by examining the negative — that is, to answer biblically the question: Do liars go to hell? More specifically, do all liars go to hell? The Bible has answers. There are only two destinations, heaven or hell. Your choices in this life determine where you end up.

Jim Feeney: God Hates Some People

Does God Hate Some People? Yes, Check It Out

Summary:  Does God love every person and everything? No! In fact, Scripture reveals a number of things and people that God hates! You may be among those who are surprised to discover from Scripture that God does hate some people.

To U.S. Military: ALWAYS obey the Holy Spirit, NEVER immoral gov’t orders, regardless…

To U.S. Military: ALWAYS obey the Holy Spirit, NEVER follow immoral gov’t orders, regardless…

— In-Christ, going-to-heaven, REAL Christianity!

Life in the Son!

Jesus Commands His Servants to Judge Righteously by Marc White

For many years now we’ve often heard the statement, “Don’t judge!” used illogically and unbiblically.

Did that person make a judgment to make that statement?

Of course!

What we think Jesus meant in Matthew 7:1 when He said: “Do not judge lest you be judged..” was be certain of our heart attitude in the way we judge. He meant don’t be self-righteous, hasty, unmerciful, prejudiced or condemning without cause…like the Pharisees, the religious leaders of His day.

Let’s look at the Biblical record

Ted Pike: Replacement Theology Needlessly Repels Zionist Evangelicals


24 March, 2014 By Rev. Ted Pike

False teacher Jack Hibbs: “You cannot separate yourself from the love of God”

My analysis of Jack Hibbs message: That You May Know – A

Baptist pastor dies; told he hadn’t made Jesus Lord, but served self. Denied entry!!

This is Howard Pittman, a BAPTIST PASTOR whom I often mention when talking about how FEW are GOING TO HEAVEN now. In 1979, he DIED in the ambulance on his way to the hospital. At the gates of heaven, the angels told him he HADN’T MADE JESUS LORD. He had served self, so couldn’t enter, and that only 2.5% were entering heaven then, 44 years ago. Imagine how much lower the percentage is today. THIS IS SERIOUS!

How Many Will Be in Heaven? How Many Find the WAY? Only 1 in 40 — 2.5%!?!!

Replacement Theology: Easy Target for Zionists Vs. The Balanced Biblical View, by Ted Pike

National Prayer Network


By Rev. Ted Pike
14 May 12

Michael Brown: Can Christians Really Live Holy Lives? — “In Jesus, you know longer have to be a slave to sin”

I definitely don’t agree with Michael Brown on ‘Christian’ Zionism*, and he’s been too loose on salvation. But this is mostly good, after he gets going. My first comment below corrects one thing he said.

* (vid & text) Gaza Made Simple For Christians by Ted Pike (2009) — Real history & God’s CONDITIONAL terms still apply to Israel

– –

Michael Brown starts this statement by quoting Romans 6:1-2:

“‘What shall we say then, SHALL WE GO ON SINNING so that grace may increase? BY NO MEANS! We died to sin. HOW CAN WE LIVE IN IT ANY LONGER?’

OH! THIS IS A SPIRITUAL REALITY. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A SLAVE TO SIN. In Jesus, you don’t have to be a slave to sin. It’s a lie. It’s a lie that your mind is telling you. It’s a lie that church tradition has told you. It’s a lie that the world tells you. It’s a lie that the Devil himself tells you. In Jesus, you know longer have to be a slave to sin.”

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