Bill Wiese: Are We Believing Deceptive Lies? – “Anything else should be questioned. The Bible is God’s truth”

Exceptionally wise and pertinent words to overcome during these deceptive last days!


“The deception in these last days is overwhelming.”

“The enemy’s … primary weapon is subtle deception. He comes at us with carefully crafted arguments that stir up our emotions, and he often mixes in a little truth into the lies he promotes, causing us to question our God-given instinct. He comes back again and again until we are offended and angry. He knows that an offended person has compromised judgment.”

“The media has become the most powerful vehicle of lies, evil and confusion of our time. … And if you disagree with them you become ridiculed, hated, slandered.”

“We must stop and question the information being planted in our hearts and minds. We must each investigate the other side of the story.”

Romans 16:18 “By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.” BSB

The Bible says numerous times “take heed that no one deceives you.”

“If we are moved by feelings and feed on lies how are we to discern the truth” as the delusion increases with more serious birth pain events?

We should ask ourselves in humility:
• Have I been siding with evil?
• Do I really want to know the truth?
• Am I offended?
• Has my heart been hardened?
• Has my love gone cold?

“Anything else should be questioned. This [lays his hand on the Bible] is God’s truth.”

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[music vid] ‘Blest Are They’

David Haas – ‘Blest Are They’

Blest are they, the poor in spirit
Theirs is the kingdom of God
Blest are they, full of sorrow
They shall be consoled

Rejoice, and be glad!
Blessed are you, holy are you!
Rejoice and be glad!
Yours is the kingdom of God!

Blest are they, the lowly ones
They shall inherit the earth
Blest are they, who hunger and thirst
They shall have their fill

Blest are they, who show mercy
Mercy shall be theirs
Blest are they, the pure of heart
They shall see God!

Blest are they, who seek peace
They are the children of God
Blest are they who suffer in faith
The glory of God is theirs

Blest are you, who suffer hate
All because of me
Rejoice and be glad, yours is the kingdom of God
Shine for all to see

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Why I Will ALWAYS Expose “Once Saved Always Saved”

no matter how many Scriptures I brought up, even when I bring the salvational words of Christ Himself, even when I mention passages like John 15 that says that “the branch IN CHRIST that will not bear fruit will be cut off and BURNED”, even then, it will not convince the majority of professing Christians who got deceived by that lie.

It is because they WANT to believe the lie….

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