Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from:

Bob Mumford – FRI PM – Secrets of the Fathers Conference
Nashville Tennessee, January 2009

Interviewed by James Goll

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* * *

“I think all of us know you can’t control the wind, but you can adjust the sail.

Father was asking for us to take a different tack. You know we all want to run on a fair wind. Isn’t that right? We just want to put the sail up and go. But when the opposing forces come at us, what He is asking us to do is to find each other corporately and learn how to tack into the wind and make the change that’s coming.

I personally believe this present financial crunch is designed to help us find each other.”

* * *

“When I am no longer independently wealthy I am then relationally dependent.”

* * *

“If we learn how to put our sail and learn how to turn this thing, we will see light in Goshen while there is darkness in Egypt.”

“It isn’t A to Z line. And that’s a skill of sailing. And that’s why we need fathers, why we need leadership, why we need each other.”

* * *

“God does not tease. If He has given you a hunger for something He will bring it to pass.”

* * *

“‘At minimum, 500 million tongue speaking believers in the world.’ That’s in my lifetime.”

“What we’ve got to do is become global Christians.”


Bob Mumford’s classic guidance book is still available: “Take Another Look At Guidance”

Bob Mumford (2009): Secrets of the Fathers Conference — “We are entering the most serious, complicated, undefined period in church history.”