Andre Eggelletion: "What's so wrong with admitting when you're wrong?"

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from Andre Eggelletion’s 12/18/08 broadcast on US Talk Network
Andre was talking about President George W. Bush’s lack of repentance, and then said this about those of us who elect the Presidents.

What’s so wrong with admitting when you’re wrong?

How quick are you to apologize when you’ve done something wrong, and say, ‘you know something, I messed up. … I’m sorry, man. I was just wrong. Forgive me. …

Why don’t you stop lying and just say, you know something, I overreacted. I was wrong. …

Admit when you’re wrong, okay? There’s nothing wrong with it. It cleanses the soul. … It renews you; it restores you. Make the atonement. Go ahead; put yourself on that altar.

It’s easy to pay 10% of your money, and think you’re going to get into heaven…. No, admit when you’re wrong. Make ammends for it. Apologize. Say, ‘I’m sorry.’ …

I can be vain enough to walk over you and think that it’s okay. But it’s not okay. Just admit when you’re wrong. Be a virtuous person.”

– Andre Eggelletion

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REVIVAL at ASBURY College 1970–God Showed Up Big-Time!

This is the most inspiring revival video I’ve seen, “A Revival Account Asbury 1970.”
The students and faculty got right with each other, publicly confessing their sins. God showed up so powerfully that they shut down classes, the media showed up, and this was a hot topic on campus when I attended seminary the first time, during the ~1989 Vineyard revival.
The key was getting right with each other. That was the focus.
See: VIDEO: The Asbury Revival
I bought videos many years ago from here.
This is a must see!
ONE Can Happen!
Jeff Fenske : )
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