Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“Life is precious. … You’ve heard all of the arguments…. But as an OB doctor, let me tell you: life does begin at conception.

Also, it’s very legal….”

* * *

“During the 1960s…, cultural changes were occurring. and that is when abortion became commonplace. So the people change before the laws change. So morality has a lot to do with legislation.

We don’t have abortions today because the law permits it. That’s made it worse, but the law accommodated the social changes that occurred. It was the breakdown of our social system at that time.”

* * *

“It is getting to be epidemic that the family values, and the families have broken down, and this is where our real problems come from. We would like to think all we have to do is elect the right politicians and everything is going to be okay. But believe me, the government is a reflection of the people. That’s why the burden is on people like you to make sure that we have those values.”

* * *

Citing 1 Samuel 8, Paul recalls how Israel wanted a king as a substitute for God:
“I don’t think we need a king and we don’t need Washington to act as if they’re the king!”

* * *

“What about a biblical understanding about what honest money is about? What about honest weights and measures and no paper currency and no Federal Reserve that destroys our currency? There’s nothing moral about our financial system and our monetary system. And this recent breakdown of our system is proof positive of it.”

* * *

“Since the Crash of 2008, our dollar actually has been devalued 50% against gold. So therefore look out for trouble. The odds of us cutting back over on the hill and live sensibly aren’t very good. So we are going to be challenged.

We are going to be challenged because we will not be able to depend on our king. … You’re going to have to depend upon yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors and your church to be prepared.”

* * *

“The people that ought to be sacrificing are the people who ripped us off in the building up of the bubble, and then we went and bailed them out and they’re making big bucks again. And the people who are suffering is the middle class. They lost their jobs; they lost their mortgages; they lost their houses. A moral society would not let that happen.”

* * *

“The educational system should be through the family and the church. We should be promoting home schooling and private schooling and not depending on our public school system!”

– Congressman Ron Paul

* * *

Description from Daily Paul:

CSPAN recorded the live feed from the Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference in Washington, DC. Ron Paul gave a great speech:

[youtube=]Ron Paul “We Should Not Have These Perpetual Wars!”

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June 03, 2011 C-SPAN


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