God will RUN
when we come back to Him!

• •

The only safe place —
life in the Son!

The place of fullness and joy!

* * *

I first heard this wonderful song played at the Evanston [Ill.] Vineyard in about 1990, during the pastor’s message, entitled ~”The Father-Heart of God.” It’s one of my all-time favorite songs, and the other renditions I see online aren’t anywhere nearly as powerful as Benny Hester’s original version, which I’m very pleased to see is again on YouTube!

• • •

When God Ran

Written by: Benny Hester & John Parenti

Almighty God,
The Great I Am
Immoveable Rock,
Omnipotent powerful

Awesome Lord,
Victorious Warrior
Commanding King of Kings
Mighty Conquerer,

And the only time,
the only time I ever saw Him run
Was when

He ran to me,
Took me in His arms, held my head to His chest
And said “My son’s come home again”.
Looked in my face, wiped the tears from my eyes
With forgiveness in His voice
He said “Son, do you know I still love you?”

It caught me by surprise when God ran

The day I left Home,
I knew I’d broken His heart

When God Ran by Benny Hester


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