Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from Radio Liberty broadcast: March 13, 2005—”Dr. Robert Klenk – Apostate Church”
The topic is what the church growth movement is doing to the church, and what happens when a member stands up to it. See: What’s Wrong with the 21st Century Church? By Dr. Robert Klenk

Caller: If you are in a particular denomination and you may see some problems, should you jump out and look for one that’s more perfect, or should you stay and grow where you’re planted?

Dr. Kenk: There’s not a Scripture for staying in a church that has apostate teaching. Always, the Scripture says mark those who cause divisions contrary to the doctrine which we have left you, and separate yourselves from them. Come out from among them. …

Dr. Stanley Monteith: But, of course, the other thing is, if you are a trouble-maker, and you’re speaking out against what’s going on, they will get rid of you, won’t they?

Dr. Klenk: Absolutely, and Rick Warren says, when you set the vision you decide who leaves. So when you are setting the vision for the church, the pastor is determining who’s coming and who’s going. Absolutely, and he also endorses another book, called “Transitioning: Leading the Church Through Change.” And in that book, they describe that you have three choices with the power brokers. They say: either get them on board; fight them; or run them off.

He also talks about blessed subtractions. And I’ve actually even heard of a pastor in a church growth church here in southern California who told his congregation that he was praying people out of his church. He was praying that the Lord would take them out, because they weren’t going along with the process.