Try teaching forgiving others out of the NIV, the New International Version. Many of the key texts are either altered or missing.

If American evangelicals truly were a forgiving people as Jesus taught, possessing Jesus’ “blessed are the peacemakers” heart, many wouldn’t have been deceived by Fox News into supporting reverse-Christian, post-9/11 policies that are by-design destroying America in just about every way imaginable.

America’s getting jacked, and the NIV is at the heart of the problem. Destroy God’s written word and America’s soul is destroyed, people stumbling around, directionless, as if sheep without a Shepherd—vulnerable to attack—defenseless — ‘had’ — ie.: Why 9/11? | Forgiveness is the Key to Repentance.
Rupert Murdoch owns:

Zondervan PublishingThe NIV ‘Bible’

FOXFamily Guy & other heart darkening, prime-time, anti-humanity filth!

FOX NewsMADE FUN OF and/or wouldn’t air true-conservative & pro-LIFE-to-the-max Ron Paul in 2008 (who could have saved America from the depression); pushed President Bush’s anti-constitutional, anti-American, illegal, immoral, reverse-Christian policies (torture, wire-tapping, extraordinary rendition, the ‘Patriot’ Act, reversing Posse Comitatus, “kill them over there” wars, etc.); promoted fear in order to bring in the police state and Satan’s NWO agenda (NAFTA, GATT, open borders, North American Union, the Amero, etc.); MADE FUN OF ‘conspiracy theorists‘ who are trying to expose Satan’s one-world-government agenda [much of this is proven in detail at my site: ToBeFree and also partially at ONEcanhappen]

The Wall Street Journal — to control business-think

National Geographic Channelmajor anti-‘conspiracy theory,’ history-altering, disinfo fabrications so Americans would lower their guard and allow the United States to be turned into a police state

European tabloids — contain nudity