“Why should the last generation of Christians expect to do less
cross-bearing than previous ones?”

– Ben Witherington
Asbury Theological Seminary 

* * *

“Proponents of the rapture have taken particular passages and removed them from their context in order to support their theological ideas. Such theology distorts the message of the Bible. Christians trade the message of Revelation as a call of discipleship in a fallen world for escapism.”

“Rather than viewing natural disasters and wars as horrific events that require Christian action, many embrace these events as exciting signals that Christ will soon rapture His church. Many fear that these views are shaping American culture and political beliefs.”

(transcribed by Jeff Fenske)

* * *

Witherington stated it this way in his book, Revelation and the End Times: Unraveling God’s Message of Hope —

“Why should the last generation of Christians be exempt from suffering or martyrdom when no previous generation of the faithful have been?”

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