Let Us Be ONE, Part 25 of 33

Now is the Time to Get Ready, Full of Me
A way that is right for a man is not My way. You must obey.
No heroes,
no John Waynes,
none that disobey,
thinking they are so cool.
I hope you see this, that the world can’t give you life. It’s not full, and pride will cease. Watch it get squashed when the end-times come, the final days the world will see. I will come with a sword, and few will recognize that I am the one who died for their sins, and be thankful, because then it will be too late. Now is the day of salvation. Now is the time to get ready, full of Me.
Strengthen your loins. Make haste to obey. Fill yourselves with righteousness for all to see. Then they will be glad, because you obeyed. Many will follow when the time is right.
Now many are weary. They mistrust. They judge without love. They need to respect My opinion. Then they can relax, once they are in Me — anger no more. Rebellion will cease.
A new way has come, leading many into victory, where they can stay in Me and never get out. We can be one. Many will see it and be glad—for you obeyed.
© 2008 Jeff Fenske

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