Let Us Be ONE, Part 24 of 33

There Should Only Be One Voice
Let’s pray: lead us not into temptation, but fill us with wine — the milk of iniquity far from us — leaving it behind, where it belongs, in the garbage. Throw it out, never to see it again. If you don’t it will create havoc. You’ll feel it in your heart, giving you life, but yukky. It’s a substitute for the real thing. Learn to distinguish what is right from what is wrong. Learn the ways of God, so you can minister full of pride no more. Then life will come.
Few find it; many let go way too soon. It takes time to grow up. Be My people, set apart — a new wine that tastes good to all who watch — independent no longer, but listening to Me as you pray. Feel My love give you life. And be not afraid. Rest in Me, knowing what to do, because you watched and prayed, learning to hear My voice teach you about little things as you pray. I want to tell you so much, but you are not listening. Few do. There are so many yukky things inside giving contrary orders, confusing My bride.
There should only be one voice, that should lead you into all truth. The others are from another source, and they confuse: “get rid of the Holy Ghost; don’t listen to that voice.” They remain inside, taunting, teaching iniquity, causing confusion, because My body is weak, giving into temptation.
Learn to rest in Me. There is no other. No one can give life. It’s all death. All these other voices have evil intent, but they sound good. They are deceptive. Few follow and listen to the One that remains once holiness happens from deep inside. This is My goal for you, to become clean deep within, where it counts. Then everything you say will be according to My will.
© 2008 Jeff Fenske

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