Let Us Be ONE, Part 29 of 33

Pioneers Leading a New Wave of Rebellion
Start. Let it begin, this new day that everyone is looking for but few find. It can begin with you—in your heart—you first. Don’t wait for your brother. Stop sinning and live a life of love. Watch it magnitudingly quadruple as you obey. It will spread like wildfire. All will be glad but the scoffers. Pray for them too.
Hurt nobody, anymore, no matter what the excuse. There is none. Feel free. Let go of your hurts. Obey Me.
I love My people. I love to see you free. Freedom comes at a price. You must be vigilant to obey. It takes time. Start now. Get off the boat of resentment—always making excuses. Don’t blame others. You obey. You tell them the truth. You walk in love. Then others will follow and be glad they obeyed. For fruit will remain when it’s done right.
There is no other way. No programs will do this. I am the way. In Me there is life. We are one. That is how it should be. Let Me fill you with life; no other. Don’t settle for a substitute that will drive you to drinking. Many have gotten off the boat of love and into a life of hate. “Christians,” I’m talking about. You. Some of you are living in anger and filth in your way of thinking, and it wreaks. I hate it. It gives Me a bad name. They think you are “Christians”, but you are not if you live this way. It is not possible.

Key texts: Gal. 5:19-21 with 6:7-9; Heb. 10:26-39; Rev. 3:1-6; Mt. 7:21-23; Rom. 11:20-22, much of 1 John

Speak up, those who obey. Show them how it’s done. Show them how love can exist in these mortal bodies before decay sets in, before they meet their maker. Show them the way. Take them aside into truth. Let them be friends, gently leading and prompting their hearts into a way more pleasing, where we can be one, all together on the same road to happiness, where I reign, where sin dies—one after another, all in time to My voice, leading a new wave of rebellion into a life more pleasing—rebelling against the crowd that goes the other way.
See Me; get to know My Word. Study, and wait. Life will come.
© 2008 Jeff Fenske


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