Nahum 3: Is This America Today? "There is no healing your wound, for your injury is fatal"

Phrases regarding some Old Testament prophecies applying to not only then:

Prophecy is cyclical

Already, but not yet

Concerned citizens,
About a month ago, half awake, I quietly heard “Nahum 3.” I wrote it down, and looked it up later, aghast!
Is this America today? Have we become prideful and haughty like Nineveh, under the evangelicals’ watch, so we are also doomed (v. 19)?
Wikipedia says this about Nineveh:

Nineveh was the flourishing capital of the Assyrian empire (2 Kings 19:36; Isa. 37:37). The book of the prophet Nahum is almost exclusively taken up with prophetic denunciations against this city. Its ruin and utter desolation are foretold (Nahum 1:14; 3:19, etc.). Its end was strange, sudden, tragic. (Nahum 2:6–11) According to the Bible, it was God’s doing, his judgement on Assyria’s pride (Jonah Nah). In fulfilment of prophecy, God made “an utter end of the place”. It became a “desolation”.

Nahum 3

1 Woe to the bloody city! It is all full of lies [lying is rampant even among ‘Christian’ leaders] and robbery. The prey doesn’t depart.

2 The noise of the whip [heard by many who now hate America], the noise of the rattling of wheels, prancing horses, and bounding chariots,

3 the horseman mounting, and the flashing sword, the glittering spear, and a multitude of slain, and a great heap of corpses, and there is no end of the bodies [not just through our military and black ops ventures throughout the world, but consider all of those who have been James-3 cursed even by ‘Christians.’ Many who have been cursed have gotten sick and even died]. They stumble on their bodies,

4 because of the multitude of the prostitution of the alluring prostitute, the mistress of witchcraft, who sells nations through her prostitution, and families through her witchcraft [lust demons run amuck even in the church, not just in the filth we export from Hollywood and over the internet to peoples, including innocent children everywhere].

5 “Behold, I am against you,” says Yahweh of Armies, “and I will lift your skirts over your face. I will show the nations your nakedness, and the kingdoms your shame. Continue reading “Nahum 3: Is This America Today? "There is no healing your wound, for your injury is fatal"”

THE END of EMPIRE AMERICA — "Change has come to America"

From: Revival School (Andrew Strom)

NOTE from Mario Liu:  On 16 October 2008 I was in a prayer
meeting with Robert Holmes, and Kurt Pfanstiel, who was visiting
us from the USA. Robert shared with us a vision he has recently
received. Robert had a vision of Alexander the Great standing
victorious in the middle of USA.

We discussed about Robert’s vision in some details. Alexander
the Great in the vision was a foreign looking man. He was
surrounded by many US citizens, who seemed to welcome
Alexander as their leader. I asked Robert whether there were any
signs of violence and Robert said no.

I remembered God has given similar visions before about
Alexander the Great conquering USA and we did not understand
God’s meaning then. Now that God repeated this vision, I felt that
there is significance in this and asked God for more revelations,
such as which country is conquering USA, who is Alexander etc.
But God did not give us any clear revelations apart from saying
that “Alexander took Babylon without bloodshed.”

After the US election, Robert recognised that the Alexander he
saw was Obama
. Then God revealed more information. These
revelations are enclosed below… We need to pray. Continue reading “THE END of EMPIRE AMERICA — "Change has come to America"”

[WordPOWER!] Philippians 2: Loving Others More than Ourselves to Love Others as Much?

Is this possibly a significant key to being able to forgive everyone, everywhere, 100% of the time, from our entire heart, to be free??!!! (Mt. 18)
Others’ happiness should at least be as important (the second greatest commandment), which perhaps is easier to achieve (of course, via God’s grace, His enablement for us to be able love even our greatest enemies) by considering others even more important….

“Love is when the other person’s happiness
is more important than your own.”

– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

The Sahara Version

Paul thought of it this way: “consider others better than yourselves.”

Philippians 2:1 If there is therefore any exhortation in Christ, if any consolation of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any tender mercies and compassion, 2 make my joy full, by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind; 3 doing nothing through rivalry or through conceit, but in humility, each counting others better than himself; 4 each of you not just looking to his own things, but each of you also to the things of others. 5 Have this in your mind, which was also in Christ Jesus, 6 who, existing in the form of God, didn’t consider equality with God a thing to be grasped, 7 but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men. 8 And being found in human form, he humbled himself, becoming obedient to death, yes, the death of the cross. 9 Therefore God also highly exalted him….

12 So then, my beloved, even as you have always obeyed, not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling [by obeying in this way]. 13 For it is God who works in you [the Holy Spirit enables us to love others unconditionally from our heart] both to will and to work, for his good pleasure.

Is this perhaps also one of the greatest keys to being safe to not fall from grace, regarding salvation—because we always consider others better—so we succeed at loving each other as much—fulfilling the second greatest commandment?!!!
Power to the people!
“Is this it?”
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Andrew Strom's New Book: "SURVIVE THE DEPRESSION—The Shaking Has Begun"

From: A Revival School Email

Those who have been on this List for awhile will remember Andrew
Strom’s series of articles and sermons starting over 2 years ago –
predicting both a Housing Crash and then a disastrous Depression.
Many simply did not believe it could get that bad – but now every
news headline confirms the accuracy of what was spoken. Andrew’s
new book, “SURVIVE THE DEPRESSION” goes much further,
giving vital insights into the “big picture” of what is really going on,
and how it will affect every one of us. Here are some of the topics
covered in this brand new book-

-What is still to come and how bad things will get
-The global “big picture” of what it all means
-How to survive and even “thrive” in such challenging times
-Spiritual preparation vs. “physical” preparation
-What should we do?
-How this crisis ties in with a massive “shaking” and Reformation
of the church
-The response that God is looking for from His remnant
-What you need to be focused on at this time
-And much more…. Continue reading “Andrew Strom's New Book: "SURVIVE THE DEPRESSION—The Shaking Has Begun"”

ALCC Reinstates Group Prayer? | My Thoughts on the Worship Room Concept | Joyner's Vision: "One of the Greatest Adventures of All Time!"

UPDATE 2/24/09: When I wrote this, a number of months ago, I didn’t realize that Josh’s concept of prayer seems to be quite different from the let-it-rip style of before. It would be nice to have a combination of both relational and let-it-rip. And the more the better.
– –
Dear holiness, revival hungry friends,
Josh Tanner, new head pastor of Abbott Loop Community Church in Anchorage, announced last week that pre-service prayer will be reinstated in the gym, 9:45 am. Service starts at 10:30.
I call this a milestone because I think this is one of the milestones that helped ALCC get freed up, able to in many ways overcome years ago, and now will again. And it’s great to see Josh have the vision for the need for corporate prayer! For my guess is that for many people, this is the only time they will pray in tongues. And since I have yet to knowingly meet someone who forgives everyone, everywhere from their entire heart 100% of the time, most people need to pray in tongues to get free from the tormentors (Mt. 18).
This is huge! Way more important than most Christians realize, partly because of the false doctrine taught that demons can’t influence Christians directly, which is one of the greatest deceptions Satan has largely pulled off. Most people have demons influencing their thoughts and emotions and affecting their bodies. This can be proven clinically and Biblically. Praying in tongues is one of the greatest ways to get free and to free others. From my “Let Us Be ONE” prophecy: A Gift that Will Set Many Free! Satan hates tongues, and will do everything he can to keep people from praying in this crucial way. Thankfully, things are changing at “the Loop” — “a place of peace again.”
For those of you who are skeptical of the importance in praying in tongues and attended ALCC’s Bible school, please consider this. Remember when Frank used to “blow out the carbon” before classes and Prayer and Praise. What do you think we were blowing out?
Also, some people get cursed more than others. Prophetic people (like Frank was. Thank you, Lord for Frank!!!) will be among those getting hit worst, which is why he so often recognized the need. Selah.
Josh also said they’re hoping to soon build a prayer room that can be used during the hours that the building is open. Francis Frangipane’s church building has a prayer room that is accessible 24/7 for those who can be trusted with the combination code:

We also have a prayer room which is accessible 24 hours a day. Simply stop by our office to request a copy of the lock combination for the prayer room door.

A friend of mine and I utilized this incredible after-hours opportunity awhile back. The entrance is between the building’s two sets of entrance doors. The outermost is left unlocked.
And I’d like to put in a plug for something I’ve been greatly longing for: a worship room—a place where people can come and hang out where freedom reigns through worship!
Worship is another way to be free, a way to excise demons. And it’s a significant, direct way of doing the Greatest Commandment, to love the Lord, our God, with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. And when people worship God together in Spirit and in Truth [unhypocritically, having clean hands (right with all) and a clean heart. We can’t worship in Spirit if we aren’t worshiping in truth], God is greatly honored and His manifest presence will be there. “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts…” (James 4:8). See what happened during the Asbury Revival: VIDEO: The Asbury Revival
International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City has a dedicated, 24/7 prayer room in which people can come anytime to participate, or just hang. There are even tables where people can study with their laptops. I like this model very much, but I think it can only be successful in God’s sight if worship in Spirit and in Truth is achieved through holiness—being right with God and right with each other—so we are worshiping in truth. Until holiness is more consistently realized among believers in general, it’s crucial that those leading worship need to be going-to-heaven, right-with-God-and-all-people children of God [see: Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way]. Or the anointing won’t come, and it will mostly be in vain. Somebody has to lead the people out of the yuck and into God’s great light. Musical talent, alone, cannot do this. The musicians must be right with God to be able to lead. It’s better to have one person who is holy lead than many who aren’t. It’s even better to have an anointed CD playing than an unanointed worship leader leading, which would be totally cool, but the CDs would have to carefully be chosen by those who are sensitive to what is truly worshipful. Many are deceived by demon-anointed ‘worship,’ today. Which I think is similar to what Rick Joyner’s “The Final Quest” vision illustrates: demons riding on ‘Christians,’ who think this is the anointing of God. [Warning: grossness factor ahead. But it really is this gross in today’s average ‘Christian.’ It’s time to wake up!]

The most shocking part of this vision was that this horde was not riding on horses, but on Christians! Most of them were well-dressed, respectable, and had the appearance of being refined and educated. These were Christians who had opened themselves to the powers of darkness to such a degree that the enemy could use them and they would think that they were being used by God. …

Even worse than the vomit from the vultures was a repulsive slime that these demons were urinating and defecating upon the Christians they rode. This slime was the pride, selfish ambition, etc., that was the nature of the division they were a part of. However, this slime made the Christians feel so much better than the condemnation that they easily believed that the demons were messengers of God, and they actually thought this slime was the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

But here is the great part, when ONE happens, Jesus’ heart-cry for us in John 17:

When we reached the level called “The Unity of the Brethren,” none of the enemy’s arrows could reach us.


When we reached the level called “Galatians Two Twenty,” we were above the altitude that the vultures could fly. At this level the sky above almost blinded us with its brightness and beauty. I felt peace like I had never felt it before. …

The “Galatians Two Twenty” level was so wide that there was no longer any danger of falling. … Faith, Hope and Love…were now so large that I knew people far beyond the battle area could see them. Their glory even radiated into the camp of prisoners who were still under a great cloud of vultures. The exhilaration continued to grow in all of us. I felt that being in this army, in this battle, had to be one of the greatest adventures of all time.

People who are right with God and who have a keen gift of discernment of spirits should oversee this venture—just like William Seymour carefully oversaw the goings on during the Azusa Street revival. Most who are gifted pastorally do not have a keen discernment gift that can smell the rat, and few pastors really appreciate and utilize those who are so gifted—those who can watch their backside and help keep the church clean so God can inhabit His people again. One former pastor even told me once that I was ‘weird.’
Incidentally, I had a dream, once, in which the people all spontaneously worshiped God without having to be led from the platform to enter in. I believe this day is coming, but isn’t here yet. Until it does, we need worship leaders who are right with God, first, and all people, so they can lead the people into worship.
Practically speaking, the prayer room concept could start by just having one worship-only service per week. Again, those on the platform must be holy (living in Gal. 5:22-24, really), or it won’t get off the ground. And it could probably be done in the auditorium if it got too big to fit in the chapel.
This is also a great time for people to hear from God. During Prayer and Praise in Bible school, I would often speak what God was telling me quietly into a micro-cassette recorder. I found I could more easily hear from God then. I suggested to two pastors about 20 years ago that a worship-only service could be done, which could incorporate a quiet time in which people could be encouraged to record or write down (or in this day and age, laptop users could type out) what God would speak to them. I knew this would work for many because it worked for me. So few ‘Christians’ hear from God regularly, or at all (because of demonic interference, I believe); though, this should be basic, fundamental, Christianity 101, because “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27).
By the way, the two pastors I suggested this to did start worship-only services, but instead of encouraging the people to hear from God during a quiet time, the one had people come up and prophecy, and the other prophesied to the people himself. Both of these things are okay, but I was greatly disappointed that the people, themselves weren’t encouraged to learn to hear from God. One pastor called it a Celebration Service, but there wasn’t yet time to celebrate. Oneness with God and each other wasn’t yet close to being realized, and that church no longer exists. James 4 has to happen before we can in Spirit and in truth celebrate.
We can get it right this time, encouraging the people to directly connect in this glorious, pure-pipeline way. It’s easy to hear from God when the competition is gone, the demonic impostors that almost all ‘Christians’ currently have.
Guess where I think revival will start in America, y’all? But we must be right with everybody — forgiving everyone from the heart.

“May this never again be found in our midst”:

This is Satan’s ultimate deception, and his ultimate power of destruction is released when he uses Christians to attack other Christians [James-3 cursing?]. Throughout the ages he has used this army, but never has he been able to capture so many to be used for his evil purposes. [also from Joyner’s vision]


Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee————-dom!!!!!!!!!!! Power to the people and glory to God as we get freed up, together — lifting up truly HOLY hands in thanksgiving!!! God bless America as we worship in Spirit and in Truth — finally! Glory!!! Jeff Fenske : ) By the way, if you’d like to leave a comment, it’s okay to be anonymous, and registration is not required. Please be kind. “People aren’t the enemy.” ONE can happen in our midst!



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Chuck Baldwin: Conservatives Lost More Than An Election

From: News with Views

That Barack Obama trounced John McCain last Tuesday should have surprised no one. In fact, in this column, weeks ago, I stated emphatically that John McCain could no more beat Barack Obama than Bob Dole could beat Bill Clinton. He didn’t. (Hence a vote for John McCain was a “wasted” vote, was it not?) I also predicted that Obama would win with an electoral landslide. He did. The real story, however, is not how Barack Obama defeated John McCain. The real story is how John McCain defeated America’s conservatives.

For all intents and purposes, conservatism–as a national movement–is completely and thoroughly dead. Barack Obama did not destroy it, however. It was George W. Bush and John McCain who destroyed conservatism in America.

Soon after G.W. Bush was elected, it quickly became obvious he was no conservative. On the contrary, George Bush has forever established himself as a Big-Government, warmongering, internationalist neocon. Making matters worse was the way Bush presented himself as a conservative Christian. In fact, Bush’s portrayal of himself as a conservative Christian paved the way for the betrayal and ultimate destruction of conservatism (something I also predicted years ago). And the greatest tragedy of this deception is the way that Christian conservatives so thoroughly (and stupidly) swallowed the whole Bush/McCain neocon agenda.

For example, Bush and his fellow neocons like to categorize and promote themselves as being “pro-life,” but they have no hesitation or reservation about killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people in reckless and unconstitutional foreign wars. By the same token, how many unborn babies were saved by six years of all three branches of the federal government being under the control of these “pro-life” neocons? Not one! Ask the more than eight million unborn babies who were killed in their mothers’ wombs during the last eight years how “pro-life” George W. Bush and John McCain are.

As a result of this insanely inconsistent and pixilated punditry, millions of Americans now laugh at the very notion of “pro-life” conservatism. Bush and McCain have made a mockery of the very term.

Consider, too, the way Bush and McCain have allowed the international bankers on Wall Street to bilk America’s taxpayers out of trillions of dollars. Yes, I know Obama also supported the Wall Street bailout, but it was the Republican Party that controlled the White House for the last eight years and the entire federal government for six out of the last eight years. In fact, the GOP has won seven out of the previous ten Presidential elections. They have controlled Supreme Court appointments for the past thirty-plus years. They have appointed the majority of Treasury secretaries and Federal Reserve chairmen. They have presided over the greatest trade imbalances, the biggest deficits, the biggest spending increases, and now the worst financial disaster since the Great Depression.

Again, the American people look at these so-called “conservatives” and laugh. …

But the worst calamity of this election was the way conservatives–especially Christian conservatives–surrendered their principles for the sake of political partisanship. The James Dobsons of this country should hang their heads in shame! Not only did they lose an election, they lost their integrity!

Across the country, rather than stand on principle, hundreds of thousands of pastors, Christians, and pro-life conservatives capitulated and groveled before John McCain’s neocon agenda. In doing so, they forfeited any claim to truth, and they abandoned any and all fidelity to constitutional government. They should rip the stories of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego out of their Bibles. They should never again tell their children, parishioners, and radio audiences the importance of standing for truth and principle. They have made a mockery of Christian virtue. No wonder a majority of the voting electorate laughs at us Christians. No wonder the GOP crashed and burned last Tuesday.

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The Price Paid for the Republican Rejection of Ron Paul

From: Lew Rockwell, 11/4/08

On Sunday nights, our pastor has been preaching a series of sermons from the first and second books of Kings, which chronicles the decline and ultimate destruction of Old Testament Israel. There is a consistent theme, and that is the fact that both the Northern and the Southern kingdoms rejected the prophets who tried to bring the message of justice and righteousness.

While I hardly am going to liken Ron Paul to Isaiah or claim that the USA is Biblical Israel, nonetheless there is a parallel. Ron Paul for many years has tried to provide an example for Republicans, especially in the years following 9/11. He has called for liberty, for sound money, and for real justice.

What has been the Republican response? They first tried to defeat him by paying people to run against him in primaries. When that did not work, they marginalized him. During the campaign, they made false accusations against him….

Ron Paul had a message that works. Had the Republicans listened, they would not be facing the massacre they face today. The Republicans had an opportunity, but they rejected it. Today, the voters will reject them.

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‘Let Us Be ONE’ Prophecy Continues 10/8/08: “It’s TOO LATE to REVERSE what’s been done for MY MEN have been REJECTED … Now is the Time to OVERCOME and GET RIGHT With ALL … FREEeeeeeeeeeeeee———DOM at last … Your HEART will SWELL with LOVE and it will be EASY to REMAIN In Me when others are On The BOAT With You”

'Christian' Voter's Guides: What's Missing? Who's Missing? What this Nearly Single Issue Litmus Test Has Done to America?

In the church bulletin I was handed a few weeks ago was the Alaska Family Council Voter’s Guide: In my experience, this is a fairly typical of the voter’s guides that steer probably the majority of Evangelicals towards who they will vote for. For example, this one is somewhat similar [2013 update: apparently the 2008 voters guide I linked to is now replaced by another on this same page, and is different].
For the office of President, there were 7 “where they stand” questions and 2 candidates. 5 of the 7 questions had to do with abortion or homosexual marriage. The other 2 showed where they stand on cloning and the death tax.
Where are the rest of the questions? Republican candidates have learned how to play this game decades ago.
Under each of these questions, 2 candidates’ positions were listed: Barack Obama and John McCain. 6 candidates are on the ballets in enough states to be able to theoretically win. Of all 6, including John McCain, Chuck Baldwin is the only true pro-life candidate running. See: Chuck Baldwin: John McCain Pro Life? What a Joke.
Why are only non-Christian, pro-war, pro-big brother/big government, pro-New World Order, pro-open borders, anti-Constitution and untrustworthy candidates in this ‘Christian’ guide?
Isn’t this a little bit deceptive?
Was also-pro-life-to-the-max and Christian, Ron Paul excluded from the 2008 Presidential Primary ‘Christian’ Voter’s Guides? Probably. Ron Paul was God’s gift to America who could have easily won had the ‘Christians’ just paid attention. And he could be leading us out of this mess that is probably now irreversible. America is on a death spiral which both Voter’s Guide candidates will ensure.
‘Christian’ Voter’s Guides are significantly responsible for the coming police state. Voters who vote based upon this tiny litmus test are aiding and abetting the destruction of America. Consider what the previous “values voter’s guide” endorsed President did: President Bush — “Bad Fruits versus Good Fruits” List.
It’s time to vote clean this time—to not be responsible for the evil caused by this next Constitution gutting administration.
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