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Andrew Strom's New Book: "SURVIVE THE DEPRESSION—The Shaking Has Begun"

From: A Revival School Email

Those who have been on this List for awhile will remember Andrew
Strom’s series of articles and sermons starting over 2 years ago –
predicting both a Housing Crash and then a disastrous Depression.
Many simply did not believe it could get that bad – but now every
news headline confirms the accuracy of what was spoken. Andrew’s
new book, “SURVIVE THE DEPRESSION” goes much further,
giving vital insights into the “big picture” of what is really going on,
and how it will affect every one of us. Here are some of the topics
covered in this brand new book-

-What is still to come and how bad things will get
-The global “big picture” of what it all means
-How to survive and even “thrive” in such challenging times
-Spiritual preparation vs. “physical” preparation
-What should we do?
-How this crisis ties in with a massive “shaking” and Reformation
of the church
-The response that God is looking for from His remnant
-What you need to be focused on at this time
-And much more….


As always, we are making it available for *ANY* donation – or
even just the cost of postage
(-which is only $1.80 to the USA).
We do not want anyone missing out just through lack of finances.
If you are able to send a “donation” that is great. But otherwise
just send the ‘postage’ amount. The best thing to do is simply
pray and send whatever God leads you to send.


First, please REPLY to this email so that we know that you
want this book.

Second, simply SEND YOUR DONATION to us.

-Probably the best way is to use PAYPAL to donate to us securely
online. Simply go to the following webpage to do that-

OR you can simply send a check (or cash) to the following
address (-Yes, all U.S or UK or European checks are fine):

Andrew Strom,
PO Box 21-904,
West Auckland 0650,
New Zealand.

(-Please remember to include your ADDRESS.. Checks to be
simply made out to “Andrew Strom”.. And we will get the book
off to you ASAP).

We look forward to your reply if you want this book, my friends.

God bless you all.

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to friends or other groups, blogs, boards, etc. Go for it!

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  1. Debbie

    A few years ago right around the time the y2k thing came out i realized i wasnt ready for any kind of disaster that would befall our population and i started looking for ways to stock my pantry for hard times… finding food co ops and wholesalers of bulk foods was my first step
    and being a retired culinary professioinal it was all about being able to cook healthy meals on a budget if it came right down to it
    I married.. and an opportunity came to move to the country and we did..
    we also opted out for a simpler life and bought enough land to raise a lot of food on
    now we moved farther north an farther away from the big cities let alone the smaller towns
    hunting.. foraging canning and dehydrating our own food..
    money comes in but we are still trying to pay off credit cards from our first year of marriage
    its a small step at a time and its a slow crawl but we’re at least trying
    we also realized that we may need alternative transportation and we felt that either vehicles would become obsolete or the gas would be priced so high that ordinary folks like us wouldnt be able to afford it
    so we managed to get some horses and gear and bought a sleigh/buggy/wagon that was custom made.
    take off the wheels and attatch the runners and its good for all seasons
    we dont know which steps are next but we’re doing what we can
    we have a place we rent for 200 a month which has a wood burning cook stove for eating and one in the basement for heating we dont have to be depending on may not be available
    some may feel we are going overboard.. i say hope for the best prepare for the worst

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