Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)


“Learn to listen to God’s voice and obey Him.
Wherever he wants to send you,
whatever He wants you to do – do it.

And I pray that not only will you be one who ‘survives’
this crisis, but one who ‘thrives’
– to the glory of God the Father.”

From: Revival School (Andrew Strom)

Since I believe (like others) that 2009 is going to be a year that “All hell breaks loose” (-Yes – you can quote me on that), I believe it is very important that God’s people come to grips with the key things that will help us survive – and even thrive – through this dark period of great Shaking. The following keys are taken from my book, “SURVIVE the DEPRESSION”-

(1) SPIRITUAL PREPARATION. As has been intimated all the way through the book, the most important keys to surviving and thriving in this present crisis are ‘SPIRITUAL’ in nature. The root causes of this mess are things like greed, apathy and the ‘Love of money’ – which are all SPIRITUAL diseases. And thus the answers are mostly spiritual also. Those who merely prepare in physical or practical ways will find this out to their great cost. If you want to survive and thrive, prepare yourself ‘spiritually’ above all else. Spend time seeking God, get rid of all sin, obey Him implicitly, help the poor, leave behind the shallow ‘junk’ of our culture and become a radical disciple of Jesus. If you have a family to care for, put the same principles into practice. Become a RADICAL FAMILY for Christ! Don’t delay. We are out of time. Such ‘spiritual’ preparations are by far the most important answer to surviving and thriving in these dark times. But don’t just selfishly seek God so you can ‘survive’. Seek Him for His own sake. Become a true disciple who lives for Christ – not for what you can ‘get out of it’ – but because your deepest desire is to utterly glorify Him.

(2) POSITION YOURSELF. Sometimes Christians can get away with being in the wrong place for quite some time. But not in a crisis like this. Every Christian needs to ask themselves right now, ‘Am I exactly where I am meant to be? Am I am with the people that God wants me with? Am I in the right group, the right city?’ If you know that God has been whispering to you for quite some time that you are meant to be in a different place, then do not delay. Get yourself and your family into the place that you know is in the very center of His will – even if it means losing money, or leaving behind friends, a well-paid job, or whatever. This is no time to be caught anywhere but in the exact center of God’s will for your life. Pray about it and take action. Don’t put it off!

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  1. yes that is what the Lord is speaking to me and it has been very sweet. He is Lord after all and we are His so whether we live or die Christ will be magnified.
    I don’t know what you mean about the shaking of the things or the year that all hell will break lose .. i have not seen all hell breaking loose yet but what is great is AGainest the builded church the gates of hell will not prevail… so we need to get with others to pray. By the way i saw an email that you were going to be in wisconsin have i missed that? If not when will that be? Krista Voysest

  2. Paddy

    Hi Andrew,
    I received an e-mail from my devout servant of God Pastor regarding the Kundalini spreading amongst our astute Pastors worldwide.
    I am somewhat surprised that these servants of God are blinded by this wickedness and have the evilness to “spread” this amongst our brothers and sisters so eager to seek God. Then again its the teachings from Derek Prince and the passion of my Pastor Milo who’s made me more aware of the enemy and how blessed we as children of God are that we have SUPER natural powers more powerful then the ANGELS themselves used for the Glory of our Father in heaven.
    I pray and thank our Father for His Love, His Mercy and Faithfulness and thank for his forgiveness of our sins. May the Lord continue to bless you Andrew and your family, we say this through our Lord, Jesus Christ, King of Kings, AMEN.

  3. robert stiner

    On this day of my birth, 7 and 40 years ago the Lord God forced me into this world. Now my earnest prayer begins! Holy Father, smite this nation with Your holy rod! Cast fire upon this land, cast earthquakes upon this land and cast wind upon this land, that we may all be forced to our knees. May a foreign land occupy us, may we be enslaved and abused! Give us our worst life now, give us 40 days of misery! We have mocked Your Holy Name and we have not agreed to hate that which You hate, rather we have embraced all the evils Satan has to offer. We have invented many new ways to mocking Your holy Name. We have stood on the pinnacle of the temple and bowed down to the Devil and our actions prove it. Now Holy Father God Your hour has come. Holy Father, do whatever is necessary to prepare us for eternity! Break our right arm, take our voice from us and make us suffer. And I shall praise Your name in the midst of it all! We have collectivly said we will not wait on You, we will not wash our brothers feet, we will not hear Your voice, we will not seek Your face so may shame find its rightful place in our hearts! My nation loves to murder the very ones we are supposed to be protecting, the unborn! Flatten us oh God, I beg Your Holiness! Take our blessings and give them to that New Zealander. This is my earnest prayer! We have ignited the false fire, burn us to the ground with it. Then and only then, bring Your revival!
    robert scott stiner, homeless worm

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