I’ve been trying to understand why people don’t believe what the Bible says about who goes to heaven. Here, Chuck Crismier takes a pretty good shot at it; though, this isn’t the whole story.

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from Chuck Crismier’s Viewpoint, 11/18/09 (audio linked below)

“In reality, the Road to Hell begins at what I call, Compromise Corner. Compromise Corner is at the intersection, really of all the major roads of our lives.  The decisions that we make, the terms that we negotiate at Compromise Corner inevitably lead toward what I call the Multi-lane Expressway to Destruction, even while we still believe that we’re heading in God’s general direction.

All compromise as it relates to God’s truth is compromise. And all compromise on issues of truth is deceptive and very, very seductive. [I would say because it’s actually often demonically empowered from within – ed.]

The great danger is that few travellers on this great Autobahn of Compromise, the ‘wide road,’ as Jesus called it — few travellers realize the seriousness of the seduction that they’re engaged in because they measure themselves and the correctness of their decisions by the overwhelming majority who seem to be headed with clarity and certainty toward the multi-laned expressway to hell [Did Chuck mean ‘heaven’? – ed.].

Now, you think about that. Jesus said, “straight is the gate; narrow is the way; few there be that find it.” But somehow, today, even though we know that. We know that’s what Jesus said; we just really don’t quite believe it. Why is it that we really don’t believe it? Because political correctness and its corollary of religious correctness have convinced us that in reality, the gate is very wide and the road is very broad, because God is such a loving God.

Well, that’s a new form of religious correctness. It’s contrary to what the Bible says. God is not just a loving God, but He is a God of truth and justice and judgment.

So there is this massive religious correctness that actually compels us to believe a half-truth. And it’s the half-truth that opens up the floodgates, the broad gate to Compromise Corner and then to the Road to Hell.

People reason that if popular pastors, para-church leaders and the seeming majority seem comfortable with their direction it must be okay; even though, deep in their heart they have this haunting suspicion that something is wrong.”

It’s as if truth doesn’t matter anymore.


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