Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

Adrian and his wife's dreams: Saved though and then from the coming destruction?

I do not receive many dreams from the Lord except for one i remember to this day. I will also share a dream my wife had.
My dream is as follows.
I boarded a jet to the U.S.A.. Around me were many people whom i know and others i do not. Whilst praying in the plane, it began to spin out of control. Instead of staying put, people began to try to escape and were being flung from side to side – I meanwhile sat calmly in my seat.
I looked from the window and could see green grass. It was actually a football field. I sat in my chair watching the ground spin toward me saying “In the name of Jesus i shall live and not die.” Then there were flames everywhere, burning bodies and screams of pain. As the smoke and flames cleared, i saw the wreckage i was sitting amongst, the bodies of others everywhere. Yet, all i could say was ”In the name of Jesus i shall not die but live.” I calmy unbuckled my seatbelt and walked away. At this point i awoke, sweat dripping from me, the bed soaked with sweat.
So thats it, If you have any insight please let me know.
My wife’s dream is as follows.
We were being chased by people with swords, etc., a mob. A man appeared dressed in white, white hair and beard, whose language my wife could not understand. He kept speaking and pointing to a building behind him where many calm people seemed to be standing, and then he ushered us in. We were warmly received, and the mob could not harm us. As we entered the building, shining words formed around the upper section of it in a language she could not understand. Then the white haired man entered with us. At this point my wife awoke.
My wifes other dream is as follows.
A man was trying to keep her in the house ( who he was she does not know ). She escaped the house to find earthquakes and trouble everywhere. She was then with us ( the family ). We were then in a car driving out of the city. All of a sudden we were not in the car but on a large mountain with a few others scattered here and there looking down upon the earth. Everywhere was destruction and plagues, people in pain, the earth looking as if it were being torn apart.
End of dream


FALSE DOCTRINE: Why won't Christian leaders even mention Hebrews 10:26? An IHOP example — so close and yet so far away — from full REVIVAL :(


Mike Bickle's open vision about America: A great revival is coming and disaster is coming. Tanks were coming in mass across America. "I'm convinced it's more than martial law."


  1. Jeff Fenske

    All three of these dreams seem to be very pertinent to what we may all be seeing. And your wife’s dream may indicate that she will see will see Revelation fulfilled in her lifetime.
    The first two dreams were provision *through* disasters. The last was an escape *from* what looks like the wrath of God in Revelation.
    In the first, you were able to escape what you were encountering because of your faith in God, believing in His protection despite of otherwise sure death.
    What you quoted reminded me of Daniel Rodes’ book: “I Shall Not Die: The Biblical Truth About Your Healing.”
    Daniel says this on page 19, showing how he was healed of a severe illness.
    “I was standing on the Word of God and kept confessing:
    ‘I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord.’ Psalm 118:17.”
    Daniel is the only pastor I know who teaches the truth about who goes to heaven; though, he doesn’t directly pastor a church right now. He’s more of an apostle. What a guy: He and his wife, Esther, have visited us twice. He has many Smith Wigglesworth-like stories. I miss him. He lives so far away.
    So perhaps we all (I”m definitely including myself) need to learn how to walk by faith, not by sight, in order to overcome what we’ll need to — perhaps because we may have to live through some heavy experiences. We can’t count on the pre-trib rapture to remove us at least the first part of the tribulation.
    Your wife’s first dream may be similar. You and she were sensitive enough to follow the leading of the man dressed in white (perhaps someone has some insight on whether this man was Jesus or not, and if so, why couldn’t she understand the language). God protected you through the calamity, perhaps similar to the woman being taken into the wilderness in Rev. 12. I was taught that the bride of Christ would be taken care of on earth during at least part of the tribulation. I haven’t studied this much, but I think there is something to this.
    It’s also interesting that there were others in this group, and they warmly received you. It sounds to me like you all were ONE with each other all in Christ! This is where safety lies. Jesus’ prayer for us in John 17!
    Your wife’s second dream seems to indicate a rapture from the last part of the great tribulation when the wrath of God was fully poured out so extremely that there was no place on earth that was inhabitable. You were doing your best to escape, but escape was impossible so God took your family out in what is possibly the rapture.
    But it’s definitely not the pre-tribulation rapture that so many ‘Christians’ are counting on. This was clearly way into the tribulation, at the beginning of God’s wrath being fully poured out.
    Perhaps this is a mid-trib rapture, but it’s also possible that something happened during your automobile drive away from the city…. But that wouldn’t be my first guess, especially since your wife didn’t indicate any such thing.
    If you or your wife think of any more pertinent details, let me know and I’ll add them.
    Thanks! I’m always interested in revelation from God that will help get ready and understand what is coming.
    And I think the rapture doctrine needs clarification from the Holy Spirit so the church can understand what not to expect and what to expect.
    I think the pre-trib rapture is one of the main deceptions putting the ‘church’ to sleep, currently. And so many ‘Christians’ are so pro-war. I wonder if they would be if they thought they’d experience much of the resulting destruction after they’ve started WWIII, if that’s what ends up happening as a result of their continued warmongering.
    I think it’s also interesting that neither you nor your wife knew you’d be taken out as you drove away from the city in your wife’s second dream.
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Jeff Fenske : )

  2. I had a similar understanding Jeff and it clearly shows our family ( except my eldest son was in none of her dreams – he has gone into the world unfortunately ) being seperated.
    Just to speak of faith, I had my stomach scan Satruday and all the gall bladder and liver problems have gone ! not a stone in site, no medication etc – Praise God.I thank God i was healed after presenting the hospital letters before Him.
    God bless you my brother, may he impart wisdom and years of life to you.
    ( Jeff i have a wonderful healing testimony concerning my wifes father from two weeks ago. If you would like to hear it please let me know where to post it and thank for the email advice. Best Regards )

  3. Arnie

    Google “Copy of MacDonald’s Handwritten ‘Pretrib Revelation’ is Found!” And Joe Ortiz’s “End Times Passover” blog (3/9/10) is the first to air a facsimile copy of any part of it!
    If you are looking for arguments used by pretrib rapture teachers, Google “Pretrib Rapture Secrecy.”

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