These timid trumpeters piously extol the ancient example of Daniel’s courage in rebelling against the unlawful command of his king; praise the Three Hebrew Children who would not bow to the image of Nebuchadnezzar; and commend Simon Peter for defiantly telling Jewish authorities, “We ought to obey God rather than men”–while, at the same time, quoting Romans 13 to justify their own cowardice and indifference.

From: News with Views

One would have to be a blind man to not see that America is fast losing the fundamental principles of liberty upon which our once-great country was established. And, without a doubt, the single biggest reason for this decline is the lack of concern and effort on the part of today’s Christians and pastors to resist it.

All over America, when one approaches our pastors and church leaders with the obvious decay and ruination of constitutional government and Declaration principles taking place in our land today, the response flippantly comes back: “God hasn’t called me to do that; I’m supposed to win souls and that’s it.” (Or words to that effect.) As if the call to Gospel preaching, evangelism, and missionary endeavor negates our responsibility as citizens of a free land.

Of course, this call to “win souls” doesn’t interfere with these preachers’ golf games; it doesn’t interfere with their family vacations; it doesn’t interfere with their active membership in whatever local civil organization they happen to belong to; it doesn’t interfere with their hiring of a lawyer if they are falsely accused or defrauded; it doesn’t interfere with their invitations to celebrity politicians for special church recognition on patriotic holidays; it doesn’t interfere with them going to the polls to vote; it only seems to interfere when they are personally asked to take a stand in the gap for our country’s liberties. Then, all of a sudden, they haven’t been “called,” or “God will take care of it,” or “Jesus is coming soon,” or “Religion and politics don’t mix,” ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

As a result of America’s preachers’ indifference (and that of the Christians they influence), our country is on the brink of becoming an oppressive and tyrannical state. No, let me rephrase that. America is already in the process of becoming an oppressive and tyrannical state. And it’s the preachers’ fault!

For some, it is a matter of ignorance (I think “willful ignorance” is more appropriate). For some, it is a matter of convenience. For some, it is comfort. For some, it is ambition. Whatever the reason, America’s preachers are contributing to the collapse of the greatest free country the world has ever known–all in the name of saving souls.

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