You’re faithful
You’re always good
You’re always good

Your love is the rock that I cling to.
Your name is the tower that I run into.
Your strength is what lifts my head when it’s bowed low,
And your song is the light that shines through my window.

And like the sun after all of the rain’s gone,
The morning without any clouds comes,
With a picture of Your love.

And when I think of the stars so high over me,
The moon and the stars that let everyone see,
A picture of your love.

And after the rain has fallen, and after the clouds all roll away,
The sweetest name remains, on my soul.

[youtube=]Picture of Your love, by Luke Wood

[probably from onething ’06 – ed.]

‘Cause you’re faithful, always the same.
You’re faithful. You never change
You’re faithful. You’re always good. You’re always good.

And though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I have no doubt, You’ve already gone ahead,
My fire by night, my cloud by day.

[youtube=]Picture of your love, by Luke Wood

You’re faithful, by Luke Wood. From the Onething conference December 2007, in Kansas City

And though ten thousand shall fall to my right and my left,
Under the shadow of the Most High I find rest,
My Fire by night, my Cloud by day

You’re always good. You’re always good,
At all times, At all times.
You’re the Lifter of my head, the Lifter of my head