I feel led to share this today.
I think Alex Jones is rightly saying: “We’re entering into the end-game.”
I heard two years ago: ‘Let Us Be ONE’ Prophecy Continues 10/8/08: “It’s TOO LATE to REVERSE what’s been done for MY MEN have been REJECTED … Now is the Time to OVERCOME and GET RIGHT With ALL … FREEeeeeeeeeeeeee———DOM at last … Your HEART will SWELL with LOVE and it will be EASY to REMAIN In Me when others are On The BOAT With You”
It’s all about integrity now. All of our decisions should be about doing the right thing, not letting the love of money have any influence in our lives.
We must be right with all. For those who aren’t, please watch this amazing testimony as to what happened during the Asbury Revival: Asbury Revival, 1970: “Dr. Kinlaw, I am a liar. Now what do I do?”
Revival isn’t rocket science. It’s simply doing what we already know we should be doing no matter what the cost, including monetary. It’s better to be poor with integrity…

Proverbs 19:1 — Better is the poor who walks in his integrity than he who is perverse in his lips and is a fool.

Matthew 16:26 — For what will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, and forfeits his life? Or what will a man give in exchange for his life?

Now is the time to get right with all — and stay right no matter what others are doing.
When we take what God’s word says seriously, and do what He says, walking in victory, then the fruit of the Spirit will flow in our lives. Then the world will know — and we’ll be so happy: “the joy of the Lord is our strength!”
It’s all about integrity. And the proof will be when God shows up.
Many think they can fool man (but often really don’t), acting like everything is okay. But this is a facade. We need real integrity to overcome in these last days.
Let’s live in reality, knowing we will give account for even every idle word we speak.

Matthew 12:36 — I tell you that every idle word that men speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment.

No messing around. This is serious. We can’t just do what we want….
Our standard must be absolute integrity.
Let’s overcome together!
Jeff : )