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‘CARNAL’ CHRISTIANS – Saved or Not? — The following quote from Leonard Ravenhill caused the biggest reaction yet on our Facebook page…

From: (Andrew Strom)


The following quote from Leonard Ravenhill caused the biggest
reaction yet on our Facebook page. We are now discussing it on
our new website – where ANYONE can now comment (not just
members). Here is the quote and a few replies to kick things off!-


“Get rid of this bunkum about the ‘carnal Christian’. Forget it! If
you’re carnal, you’re not saved.” – Leonard Ravenhill.


A.M – “Well the Bible is white and black, there is no gray, either
you’re with Christ or you are against Him.
“He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather
with me, scatters.””

R.B – “I have enjoyed reading through all the comments regarding
this qoute. In my opinion, and correct me if am wrong Andrew, but
I feel that the meaning of this qoute is refing to those who habitually
live in carnality. I think that every Christian falls into carnallity from
time to time, does that make them “unsaved”? I don’t think so.”

L.C – “Well I don’t agree on this one! The Bible speaks of carnal
“Christians”! In 1 Corinthians 3:1-3 Paul is speaking to the
Corinthian BELIEVERS when he tells them he couldn’t speak to
them as spiritual (one governed by the Spirit) but as carnal, mere
infants in Christ.”

A.M – “If you read 1 corinthians Paul is rebuking them for
being carnal, not condoning it.”

Olive Branch – “Without the phrase (‘Carnal Christian’) many so
called Christians have no way of justifying their sin.”

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  1. post-tribber

    People like to say being a carnal Christian means sleeping with your mother-in-law like the guy in Corinthians.
    But that’s not what Paul said. There was one guy into heavy-duty sin in Corinth, not the whole church, like we hear said all the time, that “The Corinthinans were all into a lot of sin.”
    If you read it, you’ll see that their “big” sin was arguing over their favorite Bible teacher.
    And failure to kick the man out of the church who was into sexual sin.
    Doesn’t mean the rest of the church were doing sexual sins.
    So from this we are told that if you are a flaming sinner you are a “carnal Christian.”
    Uh-uh. Paul said the Corinthians were carnal Christians because they were arguing about who was their favorite Bible teacher, and we are supposed to be following Jesus, not patting ourselves on the back and bragging about who has the best pastor or Bible teacher.
    More flaming heresies from the modern “Christian” church.

  2. achristian

    What sermon does this quote come from?
    I desperately want to know.

    • I don’t know, but I see that the links I had to Andrew’s post no longer are working, so I found and posted the new links in the article above, if perhaps that will help.

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