Drudge kicking demon butt on the naked body scanners and full body pat downs! Will we help him? What Would Jesus Do? What would Jesus have us do? Get ready for Auschwitz?? Seriously, the pastors are almost totally silent as the sheep willingly show their naked bodies to government agents.

No nakedizing radiating scanner for me.
I went for the full body pat down
at Fresno, California on 10/31.

“We have an opt out.”
And I was the only one.
Everyone else went through the nakedizer!!!

Where is your line in the sand?
Will you stand up for what is right?

Satan wants us all physically and emotionally stripped naked —
ready for the death camps.

It won’t be long
unless we all say enough is enough now!

– Jeff

Breaking The Will Of The People:
The Real Purpose Of Body Scanners

Benjamin Franklin on naked body scanners:
“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
deserve neither liberty nor safety”

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Drudge Report

He’s been hitting the scanners hard.
Now he’s going after the pat downs.


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