UPDATE: For some reason, it looks like this video was removed.
If anyone knows where it still is online please let me know.
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This is excellent!
…but just scratches the surface.
I hope there are parts 2, 3, 4, 5 … !

Daniel is the real deal!
I’ve spent significant time with Daniel and Esther.

Daniel Rodes

Some topics discussed:

Daniel’s testimony

Completely breaking addictions:

Grace doesn’t give you permission to sin.
It will help you over it.”

Having a great marriage every single day
(he and Esther TOTALLY do):

“I’d rather not be married than to get the wrong one.”

“You [husbands] have to submit to God first.”

Being filled with the Holy Spirit

A clean heart


Watch 1-Hour Video Interview Here

Apostle Daniel Rodes Interview Part 1
from Timothy Johnson on Vimeo.

An interview with Apostle Daniel Rodes that took place in Harrisonburg, VA in January of 2010.

The backstory of how Brother Rodes, who grew up in a conservative church setting, became a teacher, evangelist, pastor, prophet and apostle. Brother Rodes has travelled extensively throughout the world preaching and teaching the Word of God.


Daniel’s Website:

Truth, Light and Life Ministries International


[Photo] Daniel Rodes and Me in Alaska

Mom with Esther and Daniel Rodes

Daniel Rodes Prophecy 2/28/09: What Will Happen to Our Little Ones?

Daniel Rodes’ 2003 prophecy: The Joy of the Lord —
“I want you to warn My children
that Deuteronomy chapter 28 verses 47 and 48 are about to be fulfilled.”
“We need to repent of our lack of gratitude
and turn to the lord with a heart full of joy and gladness.”