Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

[music video] John Wimber's real-worship song "Isn't He"

John Wimber wrote “Isn’t He,”
this wonderful real-worship song!!!

Whatever happened to the
real-worship songs?

[youtube=]Isn’t [H]e by John Wimber

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Isn’t he with Lyrics …

Isn’t he beautiful?
Beautiful, isn’t he?
Prince of peace,
son of God.
Isn’t he?

Isn’t he wonderful?
Wonderful, isn’t he?
almighty God.
Isn’t he?

Yes, you are beautiful!
Beautiful, yes, you are!
Prince of Peace,
son of God.
Yes, you are!

Yes, you are wonderful!
Wonderful, yes, you are!
almighty God.
Yes, you are!


Introducing Jack Deere: Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary who was Surprised by the POWER of the Holy Spirit!


[video] John Wimber: Gifts of the Holy Spirit


  1. genius

    This is NOT John Wimber singing this song.

    • Jeff Fenske

      Are you sure? How do you know?
      He sounds to me a bit like Andy Park.
      I’ll change my wording.

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