Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

Pat Robertson's Prophecies for 2011 and 2012

I used to really enjoy watching The 700 club in the ’70s. But something then happened to where it stopped ringing true to me, spiritually.
I almost didn’t post this, because Pat doesn’t seem to be very spirit-led these days. For example, he openly called for the U. S. to assassinate a South American leader who didn’t even do anything to us (Paul’s elder’s qualifications: an overseer can’t be a striker). And he’s pro-torture. He doesn’t always tell the truth (see the links below). And he’s really, really, really into money.
But because he’s really into money, he is a shrewd businessman. He probably sees what is coming in the natural, whether he heard from God or not.
Things are looking really bad for 2012. We need to get our act together this year, then even if things don’t turn out as badly as expected we’re finally living in the Son, ONE with each other — the way we always should be anyway.
From the 1/3/11 CBN broadcast, transcribed by The Elijah List

“Your country is in grave peril. The leaders have hearkened to the demands of interest groups and have led your nation into bankruptcy. In two years will come a time of reckoning” – it’s not now, but it’s gonna be two years from now. “Your creditors will demand payment and there will not be enough to satisfy their claims. Your currency will shrink in value, your bonds will lose value, people on fixed incomes will suffer, unemployment will escalate, and there will be turmoil.” …

Well the Lord said, “My glory will shine throughout the earth. Everywhere men will be seeking solutions to their problems. Many will turn to Me, many will curse and revile Me. There’s going to be a division coming up,” – it already is, but it’ll be worse. “It will not be a time of happiness. Bitter recriminations, revolutions, increasing turmoil. …

The word was in 2012 the man who is going to be elected president, will preside over quote, “an impoverished nation” – it’s hard to believe that could happen, but it can quickly.

Entire Transcript Here
Why I don’t trust Pat Robertson:
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  1. Luverne Tidwell

    I haven’t read nothing yet, what was the prophecy? There is always some good and some bad, and another thing that
    gets me, aren’t things suppose to be bad when Jesus comes? Then why if we want HIM to come why do we question
    how things are!!!!!!!!!!! The world talks about everything bad why can’t we as christians talk about some thing about
    Jesus and Him keeping us in HIS grace. The rich ministers love to tell us how bad things are going to be, well they don’t have to tell me.
    I have my son and grandson living with me without jobs, need I say more. I would love to fky somewhere and have a vacation too.

  2. Jay

    Oh Really? What about this? In fact over 80% of what Pat has said has happened.
    If you been listening you could have avoided some of these pitfalls. Like when he said Gold would over $1900 an ounce. yeah, we got rich off of that.
    Apparently you forgot the part about “We know in part, and prophesy in part” (1 Cor 13:9) Nobody is ever 100% accurate. Not even you.
    Take everything with a grain of salt my man, Hell, even Moses listened to his father in law on how to produce a community, and his father in law wasnt even CHRISTIAN! (Ex 18: 17-23)

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