[UPDATE] Post is up: [70-minute audio] Steve Quayle on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ 9/6/11: Global Turmoil

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Steve Quayle’s appearance on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ last night was excellent! He mentioned Henry Gruver, whom I’ve met and even did a little prayer walk with here in Anchorage. He’s a real Christian whose visions should be taken seriously.

I posted some more of Henry’s information, just now, and I’ll try to post the audio for last night’s show if it’s up on YouTube.



[2-hour audio] Henry Gruver with Steve Quayle: Visions of War – Visions of Heaven

[47-minute audio] Henry Gruver: Russian Invasion of America

[4-minute video] Henry Gruver: Vision of American Cities Nuked with Map

[mp3 audio] Henry Gruver’s Vision of America being invaded by Russia

[65-minute audio – EXCELLENT!] Joel Skousen on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ 8/2/11 with George Noory: The coming attack by Russia and China — “Once the government starts to warn us that Russia and China is a threat, it will be too late. Mark my words.”

Skousen: U.S. Intentionally Vulnerable to Nuclear Attack from China/Russia

Dumitru Duduman: Wake Up America