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[video] Katy Perry Says She Sold Her Soul to the Devil — “I wanted to be like the Amy Grant of music, but it didn’t work out, so I sold my soul to the Devil”

[youtube=]Katy Perry Says She Sold Her Soul to the Devil

Uploaded by on May 17, 2010

Singer and Actress Katy Perry (Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson) Says in an interview that she Sold Her Soul to the Devil

[youtube=]Katy Perry Sold her soul?? PART 2

Uploaded by on Dec 2, 2010

thanks blackhoodie94 =-)
The first album she bought was from a band called “Incubus”Incubus-
1. an imaginary demon or evil spirit supposed to descend upon sleeping persons, esp. one fabled to have sexual intercourse with women during their sleep.
2. a nightmare.
3. something that weighs upon or oppresse…s one like a nightmare


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“Think Different’s” Other Meaning: APPLE Computer’s overt ANTI-GOD propaganda — The Macintosh logo: an Apple with A BITE TAKEN OUT OF IT – what Adam and Eve were NOT supposed to do. | The real operating system hiding under MacOS X, *Darwin* has a cartoon mascot, dressed as a devil named *Hexley* (from Thomas Huxley, known as ‘Darwin’s Bulldog’ and the word ‘hex’) | “Daemons” (how Pagans write “demon”) HIDE in the background, DOING THINGS without the user’s notice… | First Apple sold for $666.66!


  1. jessi

    Katy perry i was a big fan now u just disappointed me thought u were better.U could of made it u didn’t have to do this.Get your soul back please:( BE WITH GOD HE LOVES U KATY PERRY I DID TOO)

  2. Apostle A. Thomas

    Hi Katy, I am also in ministry and Was told about your confession of selling your soul to Satan. Do you realize to consequences of what you are talking ( and I really hope that you haven’t made a pact with the devil) that is the real deal, because my great aunt did, and she spent most of her 96 years regretting it. There was a big black dog, with fiery red eyes that chased her most of her young life, and continued to terrorize her. She started a pact and tried to get out but it caused her much pain and sorrow. As a child I lived with her for a short time, I know the truth because I saw the dog which was a demonic, and it scared me. Thank God that HE protected me, but allowed me to see and now understand what is real. Please Katy, in case you don’t realize it yet, there is a price to pay, demons are real as you know. They are not your friends!!!
    What does it profit a man if he gains the world, and lose his soul…? Is it worth your SOUL? Remember Satan has power, but Jesus is LORD, and while you still have your sound mind, please repent, right now, ask Jesus to forgive you for this tragic error. Tell the Lord you don’t want to make the mistake of the fallen angels who followed lucifer and were dispelled from heaven. I’m sure that you have been told that Jesus will soon call the born again believers out, well it won’t be much longer! You once sang to the glory of GOD….don’t be like Michael, and Whitney And others that left their first love…..GO BACK HOME….Your father is waiting to embrace you with open arms, and Jesus still loves you. I pray the Holy Spirit will draw you to this message and pierce your heart with a new understanding, that will set you free, and cause you to RUN for you life. And lastly, know that Satan is a liar and the father of all lies; so whatever he has promised you has been laced with CRACK ( whatever it takes to put you on an out of your mind trip) and you will wake up in hell…because the wages of sin is death, but the gift of GOD, is eternal life…..Written in love, Apostle A. Thomas. Email:

    • have youo heaard her song Wide awake? she says she has a stronger connection with god and tried to get rid oof both the illuminati and satan

      • Sarah,

        I hadn’t, but upon your suggestion I now have. It looks like she’s still playing the game, or at least trapped in the game. Whether she has unsold her soul, I don’t see how for this reason alone: The Low-Cut Top Epidemic: May We Be Holy

        As well as: Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way

        Carrie Underwood also sings “Jesus Take the Wheel,” and then turns on guys sexually by the way she dresses and moves. It’s one thing to say it, and….

        The Vigilant Citizen looks at this from another, very interesting perspective: Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” : A Video About Monarch Mind Control

        Katy Perry’s music video “Wide Awake” is another offering from the pop music industry that conceals references to Monarch programming within its symbolism. References to this practice occur often in mass media but are often coded using specific symbols and imagery. We’ll look at the hidden meaning of Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake”.

        • Sarah brown

          GUYS…. Just shut up and pray for her… There is nothing more powerful than prayer and the works of The Lord… There is obviously a battle going on for her soul, just pray that Katy wakes up and realizes the depths of her decision and how it will effect millions of fans.

          • Sarah,

            Yeah, “just shut up” — don’t warn anyone about what’s really going on spiritually among our pop stars, so children and adults can live above the fray, and not fall into these traps.

    • Anonymous

      I wish you could see how insane you sound!

  3. all souls are mine sayeth the lord.
    how can one sell what they do not own?

  4. Anonymous

    You may get wat u want now…but is it worth it near end.

  5. She better repent. I think other well known prophets have speculated that she really did sold her soul.

  6. cassody rayne

    and i thought you were a good person katy……… i hope you understand your actions will come back to haunt you ……………. all i can say is for your sake i hope you go back and unsell your soul and sell it to god ………………… i just cant believe it ……………………………..

  7. cassody rayne

    but wide awake is abt here makeing a stronger connection with god so i don’t think so many ppl should judge when she is truly trying to change ……….. everyone is NOT BY ANY MEANS perfect

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps not, but everyone knows not to worship the devil when demons have powers over people that can posses them beyond their control..everyone knows even doing so not to do this and there is no way it can be justified lol

  8. Anonymous

    Everyone, NO one CAN sell their soul to anyone when everything belongs to God in Spirit..the only thing people can do is sell their bodies and give their oaths….

  9. Anonymous

    I think if someone wants to be known for our sins and yet refuse GOD! than we have the right to say someone is not from God cause there is no fruit of the Holy Spirit. We can’t accept the fact that Katy perry is looking to God when she is worshiping the devil at the same time, at this God doesn’t pay atttention to those kinds of people I feel until they are willing to entirely seek for Him and choose to be filled with light..

  10. Anonymous

    By the way people is the real video…that doesn’t say she is that…

  11. shasha

    pls repent i am one of your fan and i am urging you to take ur soul bck b4 it is too late. the lord owns it and it doesn’t belong to the devil. God love you soooooooooooo muj if you would just turn to him he’ll really help you make it through… sharon j

  12. Courtney

    How’d you do it????
    I’m still your fan even if you sold your soul, cause to be truthful i want to

  13. Anonymous

    Its not possible to sell your soul lool this is a stunt to get more attention lool people are insane

    • You don’t think it’s possible? Check out Roger Morneau’s experience in the video I posted underneath the Katy Perry videos, above. “The lord of their lives….”

      • Anonymous

        Stories wrote 2000 years ago about talking snakes great floods and imaginative angel and demons make about much sense as a Disney movie of course i know its not possible

        • Yeah, we have computers now. How could there be demons?

          But you’ll find out sooner or later.

          • Anonymous

            We have whats called logic and reason that’s more important than technology 🙂

          • The Bible says to beware, that in the last days there will be *scoffers* who are *willfully* ignorant — willingly living in the Matrix — unwilling to have eyes that want to see….

            And demons are completely willing to help the deception happen — when people open the door, giving demons a place through willful sin.

          • Anonymous

            The bible also had a story of a man being told to kill his son then stopped right before hid killed his son by god! You really think there is this battle taking place over your souls by a vengeful psychotic god to prove to Satan that you will worship him. Dude that’s crazy insane mythology. Lets be serious here we live in a vast universe one that is beyond our comprehension and you think your life means so much that there is this angel demon battle field for souls. HUMANS are super egocentric(WE AREN’T THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE) Reality is that the universe already amazing and mysterious enough–do we need to make stuff up????

          • Someday you will see the God you blasphemed, and you will shudder in absolute horror when you encounter Pure Holiness face to Face — to then scream with those who will be tormented with you, 24/7, forever — unless you repent before you die.

            It’s your choice. You’re deciding your own future right now, and your judgment will be worse, because you’re leading many astray.

            This is no joke. You can scoff all you want, but God will judge us all according to what we’ve done.

      • Anonymous

        Thats what all the religions say that god will make you suffer for ever if you don’t pick their cult or system of beliefs..sorry if I pick science over an outdated religion that uses brainwashing to create followers..If god was a really a petty tyrant that has to prove to satan he his creation will worship him first what kind of god is this????..Really of all the things to pay attention to in this vast universe.. Its like this God created man and woman with original sin. Then he destroyed most of them for sinning. Then I impregnated a woman with himself as her child, so that he could be born,later to kill himself as a sacrifice to himself to save all you from the sin he gave you in the first place…US YOUR BRAIN DUDE..its far better to grasp the universe as it is then it is to persist in blind delusion.

  14. michael

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  15. Anonymous

    once you sell your soul u can never get it back. you are bound by chains.

  16. Hai katty GOD loves you get your soul back and we will pray for you a devil is a lie

  17. Anonymous

    It’s totally a fake video, you can even see that the audio doesn’t even match up to the video. Not even the first fake one out there.

    • It’s possible you’re right. If anyone has proof that Katy didn’t say this here and in the second video in this post too, please let me know, and I will post a correction..

      Because of your comment, I just now did some research. There is another video which has the same audio, but that one is clearly faked, because the original video shows she was saying something else.

      I’m not a voice reader, so I can’t tell what she’s saying here. The audio does sound like Katy’s voice.

      Some of the comments I read point out the upside down cross earrings on the interviewer, incidentally.

      If anyone has conclusive info, please let me know.


  18. Anonymous

    Katy I,m a Muslim and I agree with everyone who are commenting and I also say that you should get your soul back while you can and return to your father and I will also pray for you and hope you get on the right path

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