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Vision Of The Coming Martial Law / Sent In From Reader

I heard you mention the vision of Brother Bob the other night on Omega Man, which I had read in the past and have since re-read. This is perhaps one of the most, if not THE most, chilling visions/dreams I have ever read and I believe it to be true. I heard you say that you too have seen horrific things the LORD has shown you and also similar things that were revealed to you (like the red and blue lists). I wanted to pass something along I found for your discernment. It is not mine, and it is not as detailed as brother bob’s but it definitely gives brother bob’s even more credibility. more


Program Note: Did you catch Steve’s Dec. 29 interview with John B. Wells on Coast To Coast AM? He covered timely topics under the broad umbrella of: Earth Changes & Alien Bases. If you had to catch some zzzz’s or want to hear it again, here you go: Hour 1, Hour 2, Hour 3, Hour 4.

Guillotine Display Stuns Rothschild’s ‘Tent City’ A guillotine, the symbol of the French Revolution, has been placed Wednesday in the center of Tel Aviv’s “tent city,” turning into one of the biggest attractions in this ongoing social protest. The surprising display arrived in Rothschild Boulevard following another long night of protests across the country, this time focusing on contractor conditions. Demonstrators in five different cities participated in rallies Wednesday night against working conditions, wearing white masks and chanting: “Contractor companies are organized crime.” more

Eruption Update: New Etna Eruption, Kilauea Anniversary, Busy Indonesia, Zubair Video and Callaqui in Chile: After taking the holidays off, Italy’s Etna decided to start off 2012 with another paroxysm, this one producing an impressive eruptive plume after some smaller explosions. The eruption itself (see image above) was very similar to the paroxysms of 2011, with a mix of lava fountaining and flows – you can see it all in the timelapses of the eruption (put together by Eruptions readers) but this time we had the added bonus of significant snow on the volcano adding to the explosivity of the eruption. more

Former SS Boss Proposes Global Email Fusion Center: Ronald Noble – the former head of the Secret Service, the BATF, and secretary general of Interpol – wants to create a fusion center with the ability to track and trace your email. Noble says that although there is no known threat posed against the Olympics planned for 2012 in London, the state needs a fusion center to make sure. “A smart terrorist would know that if the world’s attention is focused on something and they commit a terrorist act it will help them create the kind of fear that would make people want to leave London,” Noble told The Independent before visiting Scotland Yard to discuss arrangements for the Games. more

Strength Through Appeasement… Obama to Share US Missile Secrets With Russia: Despite giving away nuclear secrets and implementing a policy of appeasement, the Russians announced in November that they will deploy new missiles aimed at U.S. missile defense sites.But that didn’t divert President Obama from his mission of appeasement. President Obama signaled Congress this week that he is planning on providing Moscow with US missile defense secrets. The Washington Times reported: more

Spiritual Conflict – Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – SQ NOTE: This is the single most important tape series I have ever listened to! go to archives


Jan 6
Look Out Below – The Nightmarish Decline Of The Euro Has Begun
Ann Barnhardt: The Financial System House of Cards Is Ready to Topple Living on Borrowed Time – audio
Why Iran Could Start The Next Global Recession
No Warrant Needed for GPS Monitoring, Judge Rules
DHS Officers Armed With Semiautomatics Set Up Unannounced ID Checkpoint
Savage: Here’s What America Will Look Like If Obama Wins
Laughing In The Face Of Goliath: The Virtue Of Fighting Back
Strength Through Appeasement… Obama to Share US Missile Secrets With Russia
Sheriff Joe to Eric Holder: ‘Prove it!’
Former SS Boss Proposes Global Email Fusion Center
Spiritual Conflict – Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – SQ NOTE: This is the single most important tape series I have ever listened to!
Judge Napolitano Endorses Ron Paul; Slaughters Romney and Santorum
Getting Out Before the Gates Slam Shut on the U.S. Police State
How The Federal Government Is Chasing Millions Of Good Doctors Out Of The Medical Profession
Radiation Doctor Says TSA Naked Body Scanners Can Cause Cancer
Eruption Update: New Etna Eruption, Kilauea Anniversary, Busy Indonesia, Zubair Video and Callaqui in Chile
Guillotine Display Stuns Rothschild’s ‘Tent City’
Violence Explodes In Iraq … Again
Wave Of Shootings Baffle Swedish Police
Israeli Drone Over Turkish-Syrian Border
First Mixed-Embryo Monkeys Are Born in US
Army’s Leaping ‘Bots Grow Lizard Tails
The “Black Hole” of Britain – Top Secret Military Base Experimentation Causing Strange Effects?
Giant Foot Print 200 Million Yrs Old – South Africa
Obama’s New Defense Plan: Drones, Spec Ops and Cyber War
Mayan Ruins in Georgia? Archaeologist Objects
Scripture of the Day

Jan 5
34 Shocking Facts About U.S. Debt That Should Set America On Fire With Anger
8 Analysts See Gold Going to $3,000 – $10,000 in 2012
Air Force Will Lose Hundreds of Planes in New Pentagon Plan
Is College Worth The Money And Debt?
Silver Sales Up As Supply Slips
Gold Jumps As Citi Says Gold Sell Off Over, Reiterates $2400 Target
‘Resign Now’ Protest Against Sheriff Joe Fizzles
Bill Of Rights Is No More
Totalitarian State Mind Control Wars
Establishment GOP Insider Admitted to Plan to Subvert Iowa Caucus In Order to Prevent Ron Pauls Win
Obama Fundraising E-Mail Expresses Fear Over “Tea Party Extremists”
Obama Launches Bureau Of Counterterrorism
Unknown Magma Pool Causing Ground Uplift In Oregon
Private: Scientists Secretly Evacuating Mexican Port Town Of Ensenada Due To Impending Cataclysm
Sakurajima Hits 996-Eruption High
Panic Grips People As Rumors Of “People Turning Into Stone Statues” Floated
Saudis, Gulf States On War Alert For Early US-Iran Clash
What is an Emergency Action Message or EAM? – flashback
Vision Of The Coming Martial Law / Sent In From Reader
Faith And Mystery, Interwoven
Catholic Takes On Anti-Christian ‘Art’
Cahokia: America’s Lost City
Pentagon-Backed ‘Time Cloak’ Stops The Clock
Pentagon’s Non-Lethal Weapon Projects Leaked – Including A Laser Beam That ‘Steers Enemy Planes’

Jan 4
NDAA Follow-up and Further Treasonous Acts
Happy New Year: Don’t Bother Asking for an Attorney When You’re Detained
Former CIA Head Of Bin Laden Unit: Iowans Should Vote Paul For Safer America
Meet the Mainstream Press
White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars
The Tea Parties and the Jealous Power and Money
The Outlook for the New Year
When Times Get Tough, The Tough Get A Backbone
Lady Gaga Accused of Performing Satanic Ritual in Hotel Room
The Possibility of $1,000 Silver Before Hyperinflation
World’s Biggest Economies Face $7.6 Trillion Bond Tab as Rally Seen Fading
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: 2012 Could Be The Year Germany Lets The Euro Die
US Economic Forecast for 2012 and the Election Year Cycle
Foreign Central Banks Cut US Treasuries
The Gold Panic And Whatto Expect In 2012
Dream of Universal Currency Just Won’t Die
Psychopaths Caused the Financial Crisis … And They Will Do It Again and Again Unless They Are Removed From Power
Sakurajima Hits 996-Eruption High
2012: The Year of Fear is Here!
2011 Medication Shortages Set New Record at 267
35 Terror Training Camps Now Operating Inside U.S.
Barak: Assad Will Be Toppled Within Weeks
Pentagon Sends US Troops to Israel. Iran is the Unspoken Target
The End of Free Will?
Scripture of the Day

Jan 3
Senior Obama Admin Official: “We Are Going to Kill the Dollar”
New Asian Union Means The Fall Of The Dollar
2011 – Catch-22 Year In Review
Chinese Central Banker Declares That ‘Gold Is The Only Safe Haven Left’
Jim Rogers Isn’t Too Optimistic About Stock Markets In 2012, Sees Longer Term Systemic Collapse
The Iowa Caucus – Ron Paul Win or a GOP Heist?
R.I.P. Bill of Rights 1789 – 2011
New Nationwide FEMA Camps Should Raise Eyebrows
Never Surrender–A Resolution for 2012 And Beyond
JohnGaltFLA.com Predictions for 2012
South Island Of New Zealand Rattled By Unending Spasm Of Earthquakes
20 Tons Of Dead Fish Wash Up On Norway Beaches- Cause Of Massive Fishkill Unknown
Increased Seismic Activity Seen At Dangerous Santorini Caldera
Unusual Geological Event In Germany
10 Things To Do to Survive 2012
Iran Warns US Over Aircraft Carrier, ‘we Insist That This Warship Not Return…and We Warn Only Once’
Safety and Preparedness
Thousands of Bird Mysteriously Fall from Sky in Arkansas Town
Hong Kong Avian Outbreak – Kickoff to the Diabolic Globalist Agenda?
The Quest to be Gods
When Really Big Human Giants Left Their Imprints On the World; There Were Giants in The Earth in Those Days
Etruscan Mural Depicting a Giant
Child Sacrificed, Liver Offered To Gods: Indian Police
Derek Prince – Do You Realise How Valuable You Are?
Scripture of the Day

Dec 30
Financial Crises and Narcissism
The Number One Catastrophic Event That Americans Worry About: Economic Collapse
JPMorgan Swaps Occupying Cassino Prove Curse Like World War II Destruction
American’s Comfortably Numb on the Highway to Economic Collapse
Iran Announces Long-Range Missile Test Amid Strait Of Hormuz Row With U.S.
Arab Spring: The Revolution Has Only Just Begun
Kahlili: The Coming War With Iran
US Commander Visits Israel To Finalize Missile Drill
Alaska’s Cleveland Volcano Erupts By Unleashing 15,000 Ft. Ash Cloud
What’s Erupting? – List Of Volcanoes Erupting At Present
Will 2012 Be A Record Disaster Year?
Two Four Star Generals Write New York Times Op-ed Against NDAA and Indefinite Detention of Americans
The Next Step
Oath Keepers Launches Effort to Recall Members of Congress
The Phony Rightwing: Ron Paul
Video: U.S. Special Ops Team Crosses the Border into Mexico; Escorted by Mexican Military
Will We Soon Be Able to Fire Laser Beams From Our Eyes?
Vatican’s Official Newspaper Says Science Cannot Explain Turin Shroud
North Korea: Giant Man Spotted At Kim Jong Il Funeral Procession
Mysterious Mass Sacrifice Found Near Ancient Peru Pyramid
Barna: 8 Out Of 10 Young Christians Can’t Apply Their Faith To Everyday Life
The Only Hope In The Coming Storm