I just wrote this as a comment to this video (below) posted on Facebook (my Facebook page). It appears very good, but something isn’t quite right. Here is my take.

The warning part is VERY good, and sadly RARE these days; however, some of this seems misleading. Most theologians are making it way too complicated, trying to fit their doctrine into one of two mathematical formulas, instead of Christianity just being a right relationship which comes from truly abiding in the Son.

Who goes to heaven is simple. We need to be forgiven, because we’ve all sinned. And then by God’s grace (Holy Spirit enablement/empowerment) we must overcome sin so our consciences are clear before God and men, now, so when we see Him face to face we’ll be right with Him to enter, then. “Without holiness no one will see God.”

But today, there are these two, disinfo, once-saved-always-saved, misleading doctrines.

Most are teaching that we don’t actually have to be right with men to be right with God — because “it’s all about what Jesus did.” We can be holy *legally* without being holy *experientially.* Which is the main doctrine destroying America, in my opinion.

And then there is John Calvin’s “perseverance of the saints” doctrine, which seems to be what Paul Washer is talking about here. They believe that those who are truly born-again will persevere to never lose their salvation, and that those who don’t persevere were never truly born-again. So in their way of thinking, even when these truly born-againers willfully sin they’ll overcome in the long run so even if they died while willfully lusting/lying/hating they’d go to heaven?!!! This is a direct contradiction to what the Bible really teaches, which I prove here…:

Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God? [I’m planning on pulling my $6,000 offer today, as this has been up for a year. I’ve proven my point.]

Real Christianity is resting in God, confident that we’re right with God and people because we really, experientially are — and if we’re not right, we better get right so we can rest in Christ again, assured of our salvation, having clean consciences —abiding in the Vine, living in the Son.

And when a group of us are doing this we’ll be in unity — or what Jesus called ‘ONE’ (John 17). Then the world will know, because He’ll give us His glory, like He has so many times before in the many revivals, which I think is just basic Christianity that didn’t last, because they didn’t realize that they needed to stay holy to be real going-to-heaven Christians.

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oETpvvFOwZc]Paul Washer Sermon Jam – The True Christian

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A sermon by Paul Washer, put to some music, with a small slide show.


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