“We can fool ourselves:
‘You know what? At least we’re doing something,
and something is always better than nothing.’

But I would challenge that,
because I look in scripture and
there are times when the church was just missing it,

and God says:
‘It would be better to not just do anything than to do that.'”

– Francis Chan 

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

* * *

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxFdvFZ6GhQ]BASIC.Communion Trailer

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Why was the first Communion an intimate gathering with Jesus’ twelve disciples, instead of the multitudes following Him? Why did early believers go from home to home for the Lord’s Supper? Because biblical church is about true community; it’s an intimate, full-time commitment with fellow believers to fear, follow, be filled, fellowship, teach, pray, and remember. Together. Because we are church. The seventh and final film in the BASICseries.