Rebellion is as witchcraft. Unbelief has kept us from true holiness. Here unbelief will be defeated and you will leave with a new confidence to walk in the holiness [God] called you to and enable[d] you in.

The Call To HOLINESS / Believe unto Holiness without which no man shall see God

by Gary Gray

Jesus Christ, the one who is God in the flesh, Shed His Blood on the cross that we would be made clean, through: belief in Him as Lord and Savior, His death and resurrection, His ascension and imminent return, even by His atonement; His blood having made us clean, has thereby made us able to receive in us the presence of the Holy Spirit and by this, having been born again of God, we have been equipped with the ability to cleanse ourselves of all wickedness through the Power of The Holy Spirit; for those who believe and receive the light that the world rejected, He has given power to become the sons of God.

Therefore since God has required that we be Holy even as He is Holy, it is not something of which we should be discouraged nor should it be despised, for God is just, righteous, and true, desiring beyond our comprehension that we become one with Him, even as He is one with the Son Jesus Christ, so much so, that we should consider the command to be Holy as evidence that He has made us able also to perform it.

Let us avoid the powerful grip of wickedness which results from unbelief, for if we do not believe we can be Holy, we have given ourselves to wickedness and offended the Holy and precious gift of God toward us despising the holy sacrifice of The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the living Son of God who left Glory to secure our place in the Heavenly and divine creation to come.

If God left Glory to suffer the death on the cross for us, then how important do we think it is to Him to also finish in us the work He started; and if we entered in to this life with Him through faith and believing and by the Power of the Holy Spirit, then how else shall we continue on into the holiness to which we are called and without which no man shall see God?

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