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“If we go back 50 years, we had that famous TV show,
Father Knows Best.” And now it’s “father knows less.”

– John Gray

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From: Coast to Coast AM —

Celebrating Fathers
In honor of Father’s Day, first hour guest Dr. John Gray celebrated dads, the nobility of fatherhood, and the importance of their role in the family. According to Gray, the quest for equality among the sexes has left men devalued in many progressive countries around the world. “There’s a slant pushing men down,” he said.

Gray presented some research showing how fathers benefit the family unit, and children in particular. Children are better adjusted when parents stay together or, if divorced, they have shared time with the father, he revealed, adding that instances of ADD/ADHD and other challenges are greatly reduced when a father is around. Studies also show that dopamine (a motivating brain chemical) levels rise in children in the presence of a father, Gray noted. “Children need that masculine energy—it’s a protective energy, which is calm, it’s present, it’s decisive, it doesn’t tend to get upset about things easily,” he continued.

Gray encouraged listeners to foster an appreciation of men and learn to value the wonderful qualities of masculinity.

Starts at minute-5:45[youtube=]16.6.2012 – 1/4 – Catastrophic Events

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