Simon Adahl, St Matthew and Prophetic Enemy Love

Simon picked up his Bible again. He expected a new revelation that would make him rich and famous. Instead he got chocked when he read “Love your enemies” in Matthew 5:44. “How could I love the idiot that is stalking us?” he shouted to God. But still he started to bless his enemy one minute a day. At first it was just empty words.  After a while though, he actually started to have compassion with this man. After five months, he sincerely blessed him and prayed for his protection and happiness.

Then Simon found him on the street. The man got scared, but Simon hugged him and invited him to dinner. …

See what happens when you love your enemies? Simon could not stop emphasizing the importance of forgiveness when accessing the gifts of the Spirit. We need love and compassion for miracles to abound. And it doesn’t hurt to be a conscientious objector as well.

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