Gene’s son had the dream about me prophesying and writing books, which I discuss here: Intro: “Let Us Be ONE”

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God says because you turned your face away from me the judgment of God is near, even at the door.
And God says, another people, another nation that your fathers knew not will come and destroy says God. 
They will destroy your little ones, they will rape your women, they will come unto you and be your neighbors and they will say we are your friends.

But at that time, at the appointed time, they will come upon you and they will fight against you and they will prevail, even from within your nation says God.

The war will be won within your nation says God.
And I shall take another, another nation shall be joined unto it.
And I will use other nations to come in and destroy you says God.
Some of you who speak the truth, prophets and preachers and teachers that speak the truth.
In that day, some of you will be put in prison, some of you will be beheaded, some of you will be killed because you speak for my name.
And God says, I’m looking for men in this nation.
I am looking for Christian leaders that will stand up for my word.
Where are the men in the nation?
Who will speak for my word?
Who will speak the word of God?

God says, I am searching for them but I find them not.
And God says, they care more for their political careers
than about doing the will of God.

But God says, I’m going to take some in your government and they’re going to stand up for my name.
They’re going to hear my voice and it will cost them everything.
They will realize it will cost them their political career.
It may cost them their lives but they will stand up says God.

And I’m raising up a people in this nation that are standing for my word.
And God says, I’m raising up strong women in this nation who will speak the truth without fear.
Who will speak the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and they shall not be afraid.
And they will not deny the fact that they are believers in Christ.

God says, I’ll give you rest for a season my people.
I’ll give you rest for a season and during that time I’m saying to you, know me.
Know my word, draw near unto me, for the wolves are coming in among the sheep that are of God and are even now says God.
And no one is speaking against them says God.

But I’m raising up holy prophets who will stand in your midst and will expose them as wolves in sheep’s clothing.
So the wolves clothing will be torn off and pulled away and they will be exposed for what they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

And they will come as ministers of light.
And they preach partly the word of God, just enough to pull my people in to deceive them, my people are being defrauded by wolves that are in sheep’s clothing.

God says, I say unto my prophets, stand up, arise and stand up and prophesy against those false shepards.
Prophesy against the false priest, prophesy against those ministers who speak profanely my name.

Holy men of God, stand up and speak the truth.
Apostles of Christ, stand up and speak the truth.

God says, I’m raising up apostles and prophets even now that are not nationally known, that have been through the fire in the earth, purified seven times the furnace of the earth, the furnace of affliction, the furnace of trouble.

I‘m raising up these men of God, hear them, hear their voice as they speak my word,
as they speak my truth.

Come close unto me, draw near unto me lest you be ensnared by the world, by the teaching of the world.
For the enemy has set traps for you says God.
The devils using false doctrine, false ways, seducing spirits to draw you away from me. 
And God says, the end is very near, very near.
This nation that once held the wealth of the world, that lent unto many and borrowed from none.
I have taken away the wealth of this nation, I’ve taken it away because this nation has turned it’s back on me and turned away from me.

But God says, there is hope for my people.
There’s hope in prayer, there’s hope in my word says God.
There’s hope in knowing my word.
And I’m saying to my church rise up and be holy.
Be holy says God, for the end is very near and the days of destruction are even at the door.

Other nations shall gather round about you and even those within you will destroy you.
This nation has turned away from me, forsaken my word and forsaken my ways.

Let the church rise up so the gates of hell won’t be able to stand against her.

Rise up oh church with truth! Preach the gospel in the streets, in the market place!
Don’t be ashamed of me, don’t be ashamed of my word!

God says, I’ll give you boldness to preach the gospel and many will be changed as the gospel is preached.
And God says, the reason many are not saved today is because the gospel is not being preached. I tell you my people, preach the gospel so that people might be rescued from hell and the lake of fire!

And upon those that hear my word my blessing will come says God.

And upon this congregation, this people, the glory of God will be seen and many will be drawn unto this place because it is a place of truth, a place of trial and a place of tribulation and suffering.
And my apostle in this place has suffered and has endured.
He has endured so that he might speak to you that you must endure till the end.

I’m saying to you people, my people here in this congregation right now.

If you fail to hear the word of the Lord, if you fail, if you walk away and believe not the word of the Lord, then I shall take away that which you have says God.

And if you believe [you’re] sitting on high, but yet you turn away from my word.
I will take which you have says God so that you might know me.
I will humble you, I will bring you down so that you might know me.

Hear oh my people, let the men of God arise!
Let the men of God be strong and not weak!
Men of God, know my word! Study my word!
Give your lives to it and I will make you strong and I will make my church strong!

And those of you who will obey my word my blessing will be upon you. 
But if you depart from the word the curse of the enemy will be upon you.
So God says I’m saying to every one of you make your choice, make the choice as to what you will do.

God says I will speak to my people all over this nation and they’re going to be in the valley of decision, have a decision to make whether to turn to me with everything or to turn away for the things of the world.

And I’m saying I will revive the dry bones, I will revive my people, them that are hurting, them that have been abused, them that have been falsely accused.
I will heal them says the Lord, I will heal them and they will know me.

Hearken unto the word of the Lord as it is preached and taught in this place.

Hearken unto it says God and you will prosper, and you will be well.

But know my people that the enemy is within your nation, even now and more shall come.
And other nations shall join in with them and at the appointed time they will attack America.

Remember what I said, some will be imprisoned, some will be beheaded, some will be killed for the gospels sake.

But in that day the glory of God will rest upon you, for you will know my glory says God.

You seek for my glory now but in that day you will know my glory says God.


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