Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

(video) Benny Hinn James-3-Curses Critics: “I place a curse on every man and every woman that will stretch his hand against this anointing. I curse that man who dares to speak a word against this ministry”

[youtube=]Benny Hinn Curses Critics, Brings Jesus on Stage

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Uploaded on Jan 8, 2012

Reverend David Wilkerson criticizes Benny Hinn because Hinn prays a curse upon his critics, and, in another crusade meeting, Hinn claims to bring Jesus onto his stage!

“BLESS those who persecute you; BLESS and DO NOT CURSE.” [Romans 12:4]

Transcript from Praise The Lord, Trinity Broadcasting Network, September 10, 1999″

Benny Hinn: “In that service [Denver, Colorado] the Lord had me place blessings and cursing – you remember that.”

Paul Crouch: “I was there.”

Paul Crouch: “Because they were attributing your works to the devil.”

Benny Hinn: “To the devil, exactly.”

Benny Hinn: You see, the second they attribute the work of God to Satan, we as believers step into – legally step into a place where we can ask God to stop them.

[Shows video from Denver]

Benny Hinn: “Yes, Lord, I’ll do it. I place a curse on every man and every woman that will stretch his hand against this anointing. I curse that man who dares to speak a word against this ministry. But any man and any woman that raises his or her hand in blessing towards this ministry, I bless that man. I bless that home! I bless that family.

…Benny Hinn: Under this anointing, the words I speak cannot fall to the ground. Under this anointing, everything I say, happens.”

(Praise The Lord, Trinity Broadcasting Network, September 10, 1999)


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[WordPOWER!] James — Demons WITHIN drive ‘Christians’ to curse people. “If you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition IN YOUR HEART” you’re probably a James-3 curser. If so, “don’t lie against the truth.” Instead, be a PEACEMAKER, “for they shall be called children of God.” – Jesus

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(audio) Joel Skousen on ‘Coast’ 9/9/13: Syria & Geopolitics — Attacking Syria would certify our reputation as the bully of the world” — Russia/China invasion of US at least 8-10 years out — “It’s a magical conflict creation scenario, could have been written only by the Devil himself, so diabolical, so long term in its vision”| Also, Stewart Rodes of Oathkeepers on Defending the Constitution & Community Preparation


Pastor Chuck Baldwin: “9/11 was a tyrant’s dream. The America that honored the Constitution, that believed in the Bill of Rights, that revered the Declaration of Independence, that believed in State sovereignty, that believed in personal liberty and limited government died on 9/11/01”

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