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Because so few ‘Christians’ are daily praying in the Spirit, those of us who do have to pray more — and it isn’t enough. In the big picture, Satan’s kingdom is moving stronger than God’s, and America is falling into a trap, history repeating itself, again.

Christianity isn’t that hard, but we must do what the Bible says to be free, which also includes holding as a goal and implementing Ephesians 4:11-16, by the way.

American churches have substituted slick, “seeker friendly” presentations and man-made programs for what God clearly says to do.

We need to be like little children, doing the simple things we’re called to do that make the profound difference.

God has given us these gifts to be used here on Earth, now. In heaven, they won’t be needed (1 Cor. 13).

What are we waiting for?

Too sophisticated?

We need to be like children…


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One reason for praying in the Spirit

The Lord has purposely limited Himself to only acting in the earth in response to what we PRAY and what we SAY [with rare exceptions – jeff]. We know this because Jesus taught us to pray: “Thy Will be done on earth as it is IN HEAVEN.” So if we DO NOT pray, His Will DOES NOT occur.

Now, the Lord has infinite abilities, Jesus told us that with God, ALL THINGS are possible. But we come to God so often and PRAY very small prayers. And because He only responds to what we PRAY and SAY in FAITH, He will answer those very small prayers, though He is capable of FAR EXCEEDING anything that we ask or think. And that is ONE MAJOR REASON He has given us the Gift of Praying in Tongues, because it REMOVES the limits off of our prayers, by praying according to HIS PERFECT WILL.

So as the Church begins to seek after God, and pray in the Spirit, rather than only with understanding, we will see Him do MORE AND MORE than we ever thought possible.

The Father says: “I am capable of doing SO MUCH MORE than My People ask. They ask for a piece of bread when I am willing to give them a thousand fields of wheat. They ask for a penny when I have billions upon billions at My disposal. They ask for their city block while I am willing to give them a Nation. You limit me by praying small prayers. I am capable of doing infinitely beyond your ability to imagine. So pray in the Spirit daily, more and more, and you will see JUST HOW BIG A GOD I AM.”


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