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Joel believes the US is being set up by the globalists for an EMP & nuclear attack by Russia and China, which is at least 8-10 years out — which is even more reason why we need to get our spiritual act together now. This agrees with Dumitru Duduman and Henry Gruver’s spiritual visions, which are linked here.

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You will notice an almost total absence of coverage or concern for Russian military growth. It’s like it doesn’t exist in the US media, even when the Russians openly publish it in Russian sources. Here’s an example that should concern us all, as it confirms my estimates of timing relative to when Russia will be ready for a future strike on the West:

(RIA Novosti) – Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) will be fully equipped with fifth-generation missile systems by 2021, a Defense Ministry spokesman said Wednesday. The proportion of modern missiles in the RVSN will reach around 60 percent by 2016 and 98 percent by 2021, Col. Igor Yegorov said.

In addition to the fifth-generation Yars and Topol-M missiles, new command and control centers are being built and new communications, security and other systems put in place, he said. Russia’s missile forces are being modernized in a bid to enable them to penetrate the anti-missile defense systems being fielded by NATO and the United States, Russian officials have said previously.

And, unlike US systems which are purposefully encumbered by humans transmitting codes before launch, the Russians are automating theirs so that human factors won’t be able to block a nuclear launch once initiated:

Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces will use a new-generation automated command and control system from 2016, the Defense Ministry said Thursday. The new system, based on the digital transmission of operations orders bypassing intermediary levels straight to the launch pad, allows the prompt targeting and retargeting of missiles and ensures the effective command and control of all units and subunits, Defense Ministry spokesman Dmitry Andreyev said.

The fifth-generation system will use wire, radio and satellite communication channels that are well protected from jamming and other forms of interference, he added. The system is compact and reliable and boasts low energy consumption, secure information transmission and imperviousness to external impacts, the spokesman said.

Compare this rapidly increasing readiness with the static nuclear silo based defenses the US has, and which are vulnerable to both human errors and external attack. The US missile forces have received a lot of negative publicity of late due to the sacking of its top military commander for gambling and ethics charges. Now, a leak has revealed that a couple of missileer officers have been reassigned for leaving a blast security door open while one was asleep.

The following AP article talks about this technical violation of the rules and promotes some disinformation about the launch of US missiles:

— Air Force officers entrusted with the launch keys to long-range nuclear missiles have been caught twice this year leaving open a blast door that is intended to help prevent a terrorist or other intruder from entering their underground command post, Air Force officials said.

The blast doors are never to be left open if one of the crew members inside is asleep – as was the case in both these instances – out of concern for the trouble an intruder could cause, including the compromising of secret launch codes... The officers, known as missileers, are custodians of keys that could launch nuclear hell.

The last part is only partly true. The missileers have only half the launch codes. They must receive the other part from the “nuclear suitcase” which always accompanies the President. Without getting these launch codes from the president, no missiles can be launched. So this is hype about the silos being in danger of a terror attack.

In fact, even the blast door is not the door to the outside. An unauthorized intruder would have to get past other heavy duty steel doors and get down the secure-code elevator even to approach the blast doors. Entry to that elevator is controlled from an above-ground building where the officers initially enter and have their passes checked. All are secured with armed guards and cameras. All of this security before the blast door is what gives the watch officers some feeling of complacency about the need to keep this door closed if one is sleeping (allowable on a 24 hour shift).

What the article is talking about is the underground launch center, known as a capsule for its pill-like shape, buried in the ground. Each capsule operates 10 Minuteman-3 missiles (3 warheads per missile). The missiles are also underground in reinforced concrete silos with blast doors on top which open for launch.

The real weakness of our system is that we have fixed silos, easily and precisely targeted, while the Russians use mobile launchers which are always being moved around—very hard to find and hit. That is why the US must rely on “Launch on warning,” meaning that once Russian or Chinese missiles are detected by our satellites and on the way, all our missiles must be launched to avoid being hit by the first salvo of incoming warheads. No surface blast door covering the silos is going to withstand a full nuclear ground blast.

That is also why Clinton’s order (PDD-60) in 1997 to the missile forces to “not rely on Launch on Warning” but to “prepare to retaliate afterward” is suicide. This order is still secret and has never been made public, except in synopsis form by Arms Control Today, which helped draft the new nuclear policy.

Our missile forces are still on alert and they still think they are going to launch on warning, but their ability to do so depends on getting the codes from the president. All the globalist handlers of the president have to do to ensure we absorb a nuclear first strike is to not release the launch codes or create some pretense of technical difficulty.

Other evidence of Russia emerging from the phony “fall of the Soviet Union” is that she is starting to actively export military equipment to foreign clients: Space Daily.com reports from Baghdad (UPI):

As Iraq’s government grapples with a rising al-Qaida insurgency in which thousands have been killed, officials say the military has started taking delivery of Russian arms as part of a landmark $4.3 billion contract signed in October 2012… 30 of the all-weather Night Hunter helicopter gunships and 50 Pantsyr S-1 gun-missile short-range air-defense systems.

The 2012 contract marked Russia’s return to a major Middle Eastern market it had dominated during the Soviet era. During Saddam Hussein’s rule, that ended in April 2003, Moscow was Iraq’s main arms supplier.


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