The Q&A is especially good — minute-45!

Perhaps this is the main reason the majority are willing to step outside the box, the prepared cage to see what’s really going on and live in reality.

Transcriptions by me.

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K.P. Yohannan said to Francis:

“God could do great things through you if you are willing to be lonely, if you are willing to be misunderstood. But the moment you’re not willing to stand alone, the moment you’re not willing to be lonely is the moment that you will be of no use to God.”

The desire to be liked…

“Focus on the kingdom, not the family” — and then the family and marriage will work out.

“I want to hear Your voice, because the majority is always going to be wrong.”

“If I say what’s popular I’m probably going to be wrong.”

– Francis Chan

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Q&A starts at minute-45[youtube=]Coffee Talk with Francis Chan