I watched this on PBS in Anchorage, Alaska. I was already riveted, but my jaw dropped when they said on public TV that only intelligent design could explain these technically advanced features that all have to work together to make flight possible.

This video also covers the incredible migrations of Arctic Terns, one of my favorite birds, especially to photograph. They migrate from the arctic to Antarctica, flying many times further than the distance to the moon and back in their ~30-year lifespans!

So why can’t intelligent design be taught in public schools; though, the myth of macro-evolution is taught as fact?

God bless!


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Illustra Media Illustra Media | Published on Sep 16, 2013

FLIGHT: THE GENIUS OF BIRDS is the first episode in Illustra Media’s new series THE DESIGN OF LIFE. This remarkable documentary explores the evidence for intelligent design as revealed through the biological systems and mechanisms that make avian flight possible. Photographed in North America, England, Peru, Greenland, and Antarctica FLIGHT celebrates birds and the miracle of life in the skies.
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