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Published on Mar 26, 2014

This video is entitled “Archaeology Confirms The Bible”. It was recorded in approximately 1991 during a trip to the Middle East with Ron Wyatt as the tour guide, along with Stan Johnson, of the Prophecy Club narrating. Ron and Stan show us the real remnants of Noah’s Ark, House, Sacrificial Altar, Sodom & Gomorrah, The Tomb of Jesus + much more.


(video) Ron Wyatt’s Last Interview — “The ARK OF THE COVENANT, the mercy seat, was set in a manner UNDER THE CRACK that came down, that extended down from the CRUCIFIXION sight above, so that the BLOOD WENT ON the TOP of the MERCY SEAT • “When the MARK OF THE BEAST LAW was in force” to be shown to the world!

(video) Revealing God’s Treasure: Noah’s Ark Found by the Late Ron Wyatt

(video) Revealing God’s Treasure: Red Sea Crossing — See chariot parts and people parts in the sea where the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea on dry ground!

(video) Revealing God’s Treasure: Mt. Sinai — See the blackened, burned peak, the split rock which Moses struck, and the altar which the golden calf was placed!

(video) Revealing God’s Treasure – Ark of the Covenant — North of Jerusalem, hidden in a cave, rests the Ark of the Covenant, found by Ron Wyatt thru the Lord’s leading!

(video) Ron Wyatt – January 1999: Ark of the Covenant Discovery

(video) The crucifixion site of Christ: Ron Wyatt’s AMAZING Ark of the Covenant discovery! — Jesus’ blood travelled down the crack in the rock to fall on the MERCY SEAT on the ark!

(video) Kent Hovind: Did Ron Wyatt Find the Ark of the Covenant?

[ audio ] Ron Wyatt Blood of Christ

(video) The Physical Ashen Remains of Sodom & Gomorrah – Discovered by Ron Wyatt

Ron was no “con man”— Satan is hard at work to attack the truth

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