I wish Bev could have seen the Third Great Awakening/’ONE’ happening in Anchorage — “that the world will know!” (John 17) — what this site is all about.

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Dick Strutz speaks at his wife Bev’s memorial service, at Anchorage City Church on 12/28/14.

What a fabulous woman of God who impacted Anchorage and Alaska in such a tremendously beautiful and substantial way!!!

Thank you for serving Jesus, Bev!

Bev Strutz memorial

Their son, Jim Strutz is seated behind Dick


Audio of the funeral, posted by Jim Strutz. Many great stories!

Obituary — Beverly Strutz (1932 – 2014)

When we heard angels literally sing in Anchorage, Alaska (At ACC in ’92, during the Rodney Howard-Browne revival meetings!)

Anchorage City Church (ACC — originally Anchorage Christian Center)