America is becoming a reverse-Christian nation, with many of the ‘Christians’ being led by FOX News, instead of the HOLY Spirit.

Bill O’Reilly on FOX News just played some of this interview, and attempted to crucify Jesse for having the guts to actually tell the truth — unlike O’Reilly, who is presstitute paid $millions to continue to spin a reverse-Christian, immoral war into something honorable.

O’Reilly tries to mock Jesse for being a ‘9/11 truther,’ which Jesse is. O’Reilly, on the other hand is a ‘9/11 liar’ — a man without honor.

Many links related to Bill O’Reilly, FOX News, Chris Kyle and 9/11 prove these points, below.

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VENTURA: A hero should have honor. A hero is not how many people you’ve killed. You know he’s obviously a great sniper. He’s obviously a great shot. He obviously did his job correctly. Alan let me fire this one at you: Do you think the Nazis have heroes?
COLMES: Well, obviously the Nazis were fighting for a cause we can’t condone.
VENTURA: Wait Wait Wait. When they invaded a country, when they invaded Poland, when they invaded France, and if a Nazi soldier killed a hundred people that had lived there, would he be classified a hero in Germany?
COLMES: But are you comparing what the Nazi mission was versus what our mission is in war as a country?
VENTURA: Well what I’m stating is we invaded Iraq, we were not asked in. We invaded a country, we overthrew its government, and then we killed people that lived there.
COLMES: Are we analogous to the Nazis?
VENTURA: Well, and the Communists, yeah. (source)

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[youtube=]Jesse Ventura on People Calling Chris Kyle a Hero: ‘The Nazis Have Heroes’ Too


Published on Feb 3, 2015

Jesse Ventura, the former Minnesota governor and Navy SEAL, continued going after Chris Kyle by saying it’s not much to call him a hero because the Nazis had heroes too. Ventura successfully sued Kyle’s estate last year for defamation over Kyle claiming in his book that Ventura badmouthed the military and he punched him as a result.

Ventura said last week Kyle is a liar and shouldn’t be considered a “hero.”

Tonight, in a conversation with Alan Colmes on his radio show, Ventura doubled down. Colmes asked him about the controversy Michael Moore started about whether Kyle and other snipers are heroes.

Ventura asked, “Do you think the Nazis have heroes?”

Colmes said, “Well, obviously the Nazis were fighting for a cause we can’t condone.”

Ventura continued his argument and said that Nazi soldiers who killed hundreds would be considered heroes in Germany. Colmes pressed Ventura on whether this means he actually thinks America is “analogous to the Nazis” and you can hear Ventura’s answer to that in the audio segment

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