Clint’s heart stopped after a skiing accident when his ski pole punctured his heart. The still, small Voice had warned him….

– –

“I should have paid attention to the warning. And I can tell you right now that when the Voice says something to me now, I listen. I pay attention.”

– Clint Walker

* * *

[youtube=]US actor Clint Walker Interview


Uploaded on Jul 11, 2009

Clint Walker is interviewed for the Extraordinary TV series, which includes an inspirational true life event. Clint has always been one of my favourite US actors. I particularly enjoyed his performance as Samson Posey in The Dirty Dozen, alongside Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson, and Sam Whiskey with Burt Reynolds. I am so pleased posting this interview with Clint has been enjoyed and been so inspirational for many of you.


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