Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from this video:

“The acceleration really more is the fact that there is less resistance anymore, because of the dumbing down of the people.”

“We’re losing the battle in large part, because even our conservatives are trying to work by rules rather than tap into the spiritual Source that can direct us more specifically. … Things are so much more complex than just ‘restore the Constitution.'”

“These are glitzy, social networks with attractive, talking head women and presenters. But they’ll never talk about conspiracy — not one mention. In fact, FOX News has Hannity and O’Reilly who will literally excoriate a person who even hints that he believes in conspiracy.”

“I was a pretty good violator of conscience, relative to homework when I was growing up — always being prompted to do my homework before I went out and played. I was always violating it, got some bad grades because of it, until I learned: hey, this signal is here to help. And when I finally buckled down and started really listening, I realized: boy, this God is trying to really make you better, and He’s after you all the time.

But the more you listen, and the more you use self-control to obey, the greater the blessings come, the better things work out in life. I can hear to tell you, pushing almost 70 years, nobody is a success in life; nobody makes good decisions about children, about getting married, any of those things, unless they tie into the voice of the Lord, that still, small voice inside your mind.”

– Joel Skousen


“Undoubtedly, when we get in the quiet, still place of the Most High, which I can’t hardly stand to do….”

– Alex Jones

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[youtube=]The Spiritual Evil Force Behind Violence


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