I put this together for ToBeFree, but decided to also post it on my spiritual freedom site too, because James is a real Christian who says here how real Christians must live in truth as truth tellers to be right with God, as shown in some of my quotes below.

What a treat! I’m a subscriber to Caravan to Midnight, so I watched this online, hoping and actually praying John would post this on YouTube, so the world could also see!

In 2 hours, James Perloff, whom I consider the greatest living historian, proves beyond the shadow of doubt what really happened, and how the Pearl Harbor false flag is just one of *many* in US history, including recently.

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“The victims of American foreign policy are being made to be the ‘bad guys.’”

“Roosevelt had unsuccessfully tried to duplicate the success of the Lusitania [WWI false flag – ed.]. The Germans weren’t biting. They weren’t going to sink an American ship. ‘Sorry, no sail.’ So they turned their attention to Japan. So a plan of provocation was reached.”

“There was a truth movement that came out of Pearl Harbor. There were people in our own military who tried to tell people the truth. And the response they get is: ‘phhh! Our own government would never do that to us.’ Isn’t that the exact same thing that 9/11 truthers heard?”

“Telling people the truth is always the right thing to do.”

Those involved in the coverup were promoted in rank. Those who told the truth were not, but they had “righteousness in God’s site.” … That’s kind of the way it’s been throughout history is that men are faced with these choices. That’s why we get the quality of leaders we see now. They’re the guys who took the bribe.”

“Playing along with this game is like winning a hand on the deck of the Titanic before it sank. Some temporary payoff is not worth it. It’s much better to fight for the good guys, to fight for truth and to put yourself right with God.”

– James Perloff

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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Great intro until minute-4. John’s father was on the U.S.S. Maryland in the harbor during the attack. News headlines from minute-4 – 27:30, when James Perloff takes us on this real-history adventure into the truth![youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVWIncTfdmc]Caravan To Midnight – The Truth About Pearl Harbor

John B. Wells

John B. Wells

Published on Dec 8, 2015

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Caravan To Midnight – The Truth About Pearl Harbor

Episode 428 – In today’s edition we observe seventy-four years since the attack on Pearl Harbor with researcher and author James Perloff, as startling details arise regarding that infamous day.But first, James Corbett joins us from Japan for an “oil-igarchy” update and to disclose new information about the global warming fraud, smart grid structure and more.

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