(video) Dave Fleming: “I Surrender” – IHOP Onething 2015 – 12/30/15 7pm

GREAT song at 32:30 — “I Surrender”

This is the only song that really impressed me from 2015 ONEthing.

Watch it before IHOP bans it. They’re being terrible in this way.

About the worship leader:

“His name is Dave Fleming. He is also a teacher at the International House of Prayer University. He leads a few sets here and there but he mostly plays with Laura Hackett.”

• • •

“I Surrender” starts @ 32:30!!![youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FyOn1bTedE]IHOP Onething 2015 * Laura Hackett Park * 12/30/15 7pm

Rogier Abbink

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